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Genesis Vs Evolution:

How did Moses know so much?


Class 2: The CREATOR



As a prelude for our comparison between Moses’ Genesis and Science, we need to pay attention to the Name that Moses uses here for GOD


The CREATOR As Perceived By Moses


We are all familiar with the two Names that appear throughout the Bible for the CREATOR- GOD and LORD

What’s the difference between them?


GOD – The All mighty JUDGE

The title GOD is the English translation of the Hebrew term EeLoHiM (written shortly as ELKM, without  vowels and by changing the H to K, to avoid mentioning His Name in vain.)

Ee-Lo-KiM refers to a “Powerful JUDGE,” even to a human judge (Deuteronomy .) Hence ELKM is a descriptive Attribute rather than a genuine Name.  It means that he CREATOR set, at that point of time, on the Throne of Justice and Judged the world.

Note that the English term GOD does express reverence yet lacks the specific connotation of a JUDGE associated with the term EeLoKiM.



In contrast, the title LORD refers to the CREATOR as He wears a mantle of LOVE, that is filtered into MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS.

LORD too is therefore a descriptive Attribute for the CREATOR at a certain point in time. The English LORD , in fact, is the translation of the Hebrew word for “My Master,” or  “My Landlord” or “My Owner, “ Aa-Do-Nai   As such, LORD is only a substitute for the real Name of the Attribute of MERCY, the four letters acronym Y*H*V*H which stands for “He was, He is, He will Be” (Like CNN, NBC, USA).  It is pronounced as an acronym, letter by letter.

The Names GOD and LORD interchange throughout the Bible, according to the context.   Whenever the CREATOR Judges the world, He is named GOD (ELKM).  Whenever the CREATOR wears the mantle of MERCY, He is referred to as The LORD (Y*H*V*H).  When reading the Bible texts, one must always pay attention to the proper Names, GOD or LORD.

As a rule:

EeLoHiM is always translated in English as GOD, never as LORD.
Y*H*V*H is always translated in English as LORD, never as GOD


The two Attributes are presented differently

In the story of Genesis, which is the focus of our discussion, the Name GOD (ELKM) appears 32 during the Six Days, the densest fashion in the entire Bible! For instance-

GOD (ELKM) said let it be light
GOD (ELKM( said behold, it was good, One Day (was over)
GOD (ELKM) said let the water accumulate on the ground
GOD (ELKM) said  let the earth grow grass…
GOD said let the luminaries be seen on Earth…
and so on

In contrast, the Name LORD (Y*H*V*H) appears in the story of Genesis only once, and only at the end of Chapter One along with the creation of Adam.

In our comparison between Genesis and Science, we would encounter first the Name GOD (ELKM) 32 times, and only then, with the creation of Adam, we would encounter also the Name LORD.

So let’s ask first, how does  GOD (ELKM) rule the world?



As shown in Genesis


The following material is based on the Talmud and ancient Jewish tradition expressed in our daily prayer books customs, some old enough to be practiced at the Holy Temple of Jerusalem before its destruction


  1. GOD (ELKM) is the ultimate, sole power in this world. There is no other real power but Him
  2. GOD (ELKM) appears in Genesis as a BUILDER of a Six Floors Building- Nature. Each Day of CREATION constitutes a Floor
  3. GOD (ELKM) also appears in Genesis as a JUDGE.  At the end of each Floor, or each Day, He judges the passing Day whether or not it was good.
  4. GOD (ELKM) the BUILDER has built the six Floors House of Nature by a Plan. Being good meant that the Passing Day did fit the Plan.  Being good also meant that the passing Day was viable, strong enough to support another Day on top.
  5. The BUILDER’S Plan was to finish the Six Floors and enter the Seventh, the Sabbath.
  6. A good verdict meant that the passing Day could enter the next Day, the next Floor. A Not Good verdict meant that the Passing Day would not fit the next Floor and would have to be terminated.
  7. .GOD (ELKM,) the Powerful Attribute of Justice, rules by Absolute Justice. He seeks only the Absolute Truth. His “Nickname” and “Signature” is Truth, emeth,
  8. GOD (ELKM) pays back “measure for measure” in precise fashion and Absolute Truth and Justice. He follows the rule of “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” (written in the Torah by the “Finger of ELKM”.) Under Him, creatures eat other creatures because they too would soon be eaten.  Creatures inflict pains on other creatures because they too would soon suffer pains. No one can escape GOD (ELKM) cycle of retributions.
  9. During the Six Days of CREATION, He ruled the world awesomely alone. Only before making Adam the CREATOR wore also a mantle of Love, Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness expressed in the Name LORD.
  10. GOD (ELKM) created the world by Wisdom. His Wisdom is reflected in the Laws of Nature.
  11. GOD (ELKM) is Kind. He is the Ultimate Provider, who creates and takes care of His creatures. He has Provided each creature with the necessary talents and tools to thrive in their habitat.  Thus,

1.He gave the vegetation the talent of photo-synthesis
2. He gave the fish the gills and fins to thrive in the waters
3. He gave the birds the wings, the crocodiles to escape inland, the cattle to feed on plants, the beasts to prey on the cattle, and to man a mind that can unravel all the mysteries of the Universe.

13: GOD (ELKM)’s judgment is even to all, like water. As it is said and the Spirit of GOD (ELKM) was hovering over the waters (Genesis 1:2)


Now let’s  try to match Genesis with the History of the World according to Science?