Rabbi Dr Zvi Aviner

Jan 2022


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IDOLATRY- 9/ELHM Consulted YHVH to Make Adam    







1:  Could Adam Win





At the End of the Sixth Day, the End of Days,

ELHM will Judge Adam whether or not he has become

Very Good in His eyes.


If Adam wins, ELHM would “finish” – end- His work,

And enter the Eternal Sabbath, along with CREATION


If Adam fails, ELHM would “finish” – terminate with wrath

Everything that He had done, including Adam

And return the world to nothingness.


Could Adam meet ELHM’s expectations?

Could Adam – with his Free Will – avoid sinning?


Would ELHM, the harsh Attribute of Judgment,

who ruled the Six Days with the upper hand

“awesomely alone,” as a Dictator,

tolerate Adam’s sins for long?




Does Adam have a chance to win his trial,

under such intolerant reign of ELHM?



According to the Midrash (Rashi) ELHM knew all that,

and decided to make several concessions towards Adam,

increasing Adam’s chance to win and be Very Good,

and see the next Day





2:  ELHM’s Concessions Towards Adam





Thus, as the Sixth Day of CREATION dawned,

It seemed like any other Day.

ELHM continued to create, like ever before,

by giving orders, that no one rejected.




ELHM said “let there be Cattle,”

and the giant Cattle-like creatures of Pangea came to life.


ELHM said “let there be Beasts,”

and they came on board, including the giant Dinosaurs


ELHM said let there be social creatures crawling on the ground

like Ants, Bees, even snakes, and they came and ruled the Earth







3:  Midday Trial




Then, Moses says, at the ‘Middle’ of the Sixth Day,

while the Day was still in progress,

ELHM passed a premature Judgment

on the creatures He had just created.


Such a Midday Trial had happened only once,

at the middle of the Third Day. Then, while the Day was in progress,

before seeding Life on Earth, ELHM passes a judgment.


Earth stood at that [point  on a major crossroad:

would it see Life on it, or not?

Luckily for us, ELHM said that it was good,

and He seeded life on Earth.


Now again, at the Middle of the Sixth Day, before making Adam,

ELHM passed another pre-mature,  Midday judgment.

Earth stood again on a crossroad- would it see Man, or not?



The ‘problem’ was, Moses says, that Adam, equipped with Free Will,

might not be able to live long under such “awesome rule” of ELHM, the ‘Dictator’

who would not tolerate any rejection of His rules!



Moreover, ELKM, as a BUILDER, knew that Adam

would not be able to live Side by side

with the giant creatures of Pangea.

This should be changed!





4. ELHM Prepared the World for Adam




Moses says, that ELHM’s verdict,

in this pre-mature Judgment,

was in favor of binging Adam

and He said “It was good.”


This verdict means, as we’ve learned

that the ground was ready for Adam to arrive,

and that all obstacles were removed.




This Midday Judgment can fit the meteoric catastrophe

that hit Earth 70 M years ago and wiped out

all the giant creatures of Pangea

allowing smaller creatures like mammals

to proliferate and grow, leading to Man






5:  ELHM Stepped Down




 Another concession that ELHM made towards Adam

was to change the way He rules.

Knowing that Adam would not survive His harsh scrutiny,

He “softened” it.



Thus, instead to commanding “Let there be Adam!”

He spoke the first time ever in plural, saying:

Let Us Make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image”


His tone changed.

He consulted someone, inviting someone(s)

to join Him in making Adam.   In other words,

 He was a Dictator no more.



As a concession to Adam,

ELHM descended from His High Pedestal as

a Supreme JUDGRE, as a Dictator, and spoke in plural

as a KING Who Consults His Councilors ,

as a ‘Democratic’ KING



Henceforth, He would tolerate opposition.

He would listen to opinions of others

though the final verdict ‘belongs’ to Him only.


Adam, with his Free Will, would be able to live longer

under such a Democratic KING,

without suffering immediate retributions for his sins





6: ELHM Invited the Attribute of MERCY, YHVH




According to Rashi, based on the Midrash,

ELHM then made another, greater concession to Adam.



To farther increase Adam’s chances to win his trial

ELHM turned to another Attribute of the Infinite CREATOR,

the Attribute of Hessed, Grace, Mercy and Compassion, called YHVH

and invited Her to share with Him the new Heavenly Court

and in making Adam.



YHVH is an Acronym that stands in Hebrew for

“He is, He was,  He will be.”


It should be pronounced as an Acronym, letter by letter

As you would read CBS, NBC. No vowels between the Consonants


YHVH is the Attribute of the Infinite, nameless CREATOR.

YHVH  reigns alone over the Sabbath Day,

the next Day of CREATION.


When ELHM would enter the Eternal Sabbath Day

and abstain from creating and judging any more,

YHVH would reign over our World alone.


ELHM , the All Mighty JUDGE, consulted YHVH

because  Her advent in the new Heavenly Court

would sweeten ELHM’s verdicts,

offering  Adam a greater chance to win.


YHVH’s presence in the Heavenly Court

would offer Adam a chance

to repent, ask forgiveness, and start all over again.


Yet, on the other hands,

Adam would have to find face ALSO  in Her Eyes,

In addition to ELHM’s eyes!


Thus the balance of Adam’s trial remains FAIR




7:  Inviting YHVH to the Heavenly Court




ELHM turned to YHVH and asked Her- so to speak –

Would you come over into my world

and share it with me?



Here, ELHM made a major concession towards Adam,

By farther relinquishing His Sole Power,

Offering to share His Power with another awesome power –

another Attribute of the Infinite CREATOR,

the Attribute of MERCY.



They say that  hearing ELKM’s plea, so to speak,

YHVH entered our world from Her Sabbath  Day.

‘She’ entered it like a thin Ray of Light,

like a Shy Dove,  a Beautiful Cherub.


Entering our Sixth Day, She observed it, scrutinized it,

not unlike as a Bride entering her Broom’s home for the first time,

wondering whether or not She would be comfortable in it,

whether or not She would DWELL in Her new Palace



You see that in the text. At the End of the Sixth Day,

the Acronym YHVH is seen to enter our world from the Sabbath,

part of it – YH – is in our Sixth Day, the VH is still in the Sabbath



And ELoHiM made the animals…cattle…and everything creeping
And ELoHiM saw that is was good…
And ELoHim said let us make Adam

in our form and our image…
And ELoHiM blessed them saying be fruitful and multiply…
And EloHiM said behold, I have given you all the grass…
And ELoHiM saw everything that He had done and behold, it was

Very good (Tov Meod) And it was evening, and it was morning,

 om  (Day)
a Shishi, (Sixth) (Genesis 1:31)

………………………… The Sabbath Day ………………………………………

V  aYechulu (and they ended)
  aShamyim (the Heaves)And the Earth, VeHaaretz, and all their hosts,

And ELoHiM finished all the work he had done,
ELoHiM finished on the Seventh Day His work which He had done,
And He abstained on the Seventh Day from all His work which He had done

And ELKM blessed the


You can notice that

the Acronym YHVH lies like a bridge over the “gape” between

The Sixth and the Seventh Days


YHVH is the Bridge between the Sixth and the Seventh Days

YHVH is like a Lighthouse directing our world ‘s journey

into the Sabbath


The Y-H

Dwells in our Word, and is called “Dweller” – Shechinah


While YHVH can’t be uttered as a Name, only as an Acronym

The part Y-H in our World can be uttered as YaH

Hence the Biblical names IsaYaH, JeremiYaH, NetanYaH and the like




8: Creating Adam by the Two Attributes





As YHVH – the Attribute of MERCY- entered our World

She OBSERVED it, SCRUTINIZED it, from Her point of view,

from Her set of moral values



Although no one was there to record Her wards,

we can imagine Her ensuing dialogue with ELHM.


YHVH said to ELHM, so to speak –

How can I share with you the rule over your world

where I see no one who COULD  know me?

Where I see no place to rest my Wing?


Note, that YHVH seeks to REST in our world.

ELHM, in contrast, never rests.

Even when ELKM enters the Sabbath ,

He would ABSTAIN,  not REST!


Indeed, YHVH seems to be right.

There is no creature in our world, in Nature

who could know MERCY.


Yes, there is an iota sense of compassion

In mothers towards their offspring,

but only as a limited reflex, to preserve the species


ELHM then said to Her – so to speak,

Let Us Make and Adam in Our Form and Our Image.


Adam would be able to know You and Me.

In Adam’s heart you could dwell,

If he lets you in.


I will make Adam like me, and in his heart

I will carve out a room ready for you

to enter, dwell and rest,

if he invites you inside.


ELHM would not plant MERCY in our heart, as a natural reflex,

Since MERCY is none of His features.

But ELHM would prepare our heart to have MERCY in it,

pending on our Free Will.


Isn’t it amazing that Adam, flesh and blood creature

could do what ELKM would never do,




Like a GROOM preparing His Home for the BRIDE to dwell in,

So did ELHM prepare our heart to host YHVH in it.




ELHM said:

We would inform Adam that to be Very Good

he should invite and host You, YHVH,  in his heart

and at the same time also walk in My Laws.

Our ONENESS would allow him to see the next Day!




9: Consolidating the World in Oneness




 YHVH agreed,

and the two Attributes, like two cherubs,

flew over CREATION, wing holding Wing,

and together they consolidated the world

by their Oneness. As it says


On the Day that YHVH ELHM 

re-created Earth and Heavens (Genesis 2: 2)


Here YHVH’s Name appears, the first time in the text,

In the open, yet side by side with ELHM

As two Cherubs “In Love.”


Henceforth the world would proceed to the sabbath

And it would not falter


You see that in the Psalm song

that the Levite Choir chanted every Friday

before the Sabbath:


YHVH has garbed Himself with grandeur…

The World was consolidated,

It would not falter…


We chant  it too, at the time when our  sixth day of the week

enters our Sabbath.


 What exactly should Adam do

to be b Very Good in YHVH ELKM’s eyes? 

On that we’ll learn next class