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End of Days Judgment





Since Moses words about the Six Days are credible,

So should his words about Adam be credible.

After all, Moses’ goal is NOT to tell us about nature

as much as about ourselves, and our relation with G-d



Moses says, that on the sixth Day, before the Sabbath,

ELHM announced the creation of Adam.

And as we know, ELHM, the All-Mighty JUDGE

Creates things for JUDGMENT.

What then is Adam’s JUDGMENT?



You see that Judgment in the Text.

On the Sixth Day, before making Adam,

ELHM Judged all the creatures He had created earlier on that  Day

And He said that “It was good.”


Then, after making Adam, at the End of the Sixth Day

He passed a new judgment on all the Six Days,

to see whether or not they are Very Good


as it says:


And ELHM saw everything that He had done

And behold, it was Very Good.

and it was evening, and it was morning, Day Six (Genesis 1: 31)



Hence, the advent of Adam in the world should

Elevate CREATION from ‘good’ to ‘very good’

In ELHM’s eyes.

Since CREATION can’t elevate itself,

It is up to Adam to accomplish that remarkable task.

It is Adam who should become Very Good in ELKM’s eyes



What should Adam do to be deemed Very Good?

The answer is: Since all previous creatures were judged

at the end of their Days, if they would or would not

support the next Day. So should Adam do –

support the next Day.


Adam would be judged, at the End of the Sixth Day,

whether or not he could supports the next Day,

In Adam’s case – support the Eternal Sabbath


Note that in Genesis Chapter One, a Day is an era,

and the Seventh Day is also an era, in the future.

Our week, our Sabbath, is only  a “memorial”,

set up by G-d to  commemorate the coming of

the Cosmic Sabbath, the “Sabbath To Come”

.as we chant at our Sabbath table every week.


Thus, at the End of Time, the End of the Sixth Day

ELKM, the CREATOR, will Judge Adam whether or not

he has become Very Good, ready to enter the Sabbath.



What would happen if Adam wins?  

ELHM would “finish’ – end – His work, abstain from doing more work

and enter the Sabbath, along with Adam and the entire Six Days

The very word “sabbath” means “abstained”.



As it says at the End of the Sixth Day:


“And ELHM finished on the Seventh Day

all the work that He had done,

 and He abstained on the Seventh Day

from all the work that He had done” (Genesis 2: 2-3)


What would happen if Adam has failed to be Very Good?

You see that too in the same text. It can be read as:


ELHM would ‘end, FINISH” terminate with wrath – all the work

that He had done, the entire Six Floor Building, Including Man


Thus, according to Moses, Adam carries an enormous task

on our tiny shoulders. The fate of the Universe is pending

On our behavior. Pretentious? Well, we’ve seen how credible

Moses is, when it comes to the World’s history!


What then should Adam do to win?

Can Mankind, flesh and blood creatures,

Living in such harsh world,

Accomplish that task, to be deemed Very Good in ELHM’s eyes?


On that, we’ll learn next class