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Is Genesis compatible with Science?


ELKM, the Attribute of Judgment who created the world (Genesis 1:1) stands for the Absolute Truth. His Signature is Truth (emeth).  His Name appears 32 times in the Story of CREATION. Hence the Story must be true. If not, it would discredit His Name.

Well,   the only way to verify whether or not the Story of Genesis is “true”, is to match it with our Scientific knowledge (assuming that Science tells the objective truth).

Now the task of verifying God’s words is not an act of heresy.  On the contrary, as we’ve learned, the First of the Ten Commandments that says “I Am Lord (YHVH) your God (ELKM) who took you out of Egypt Land” obliges us to do our best to “Believing in Him” and to “Know Him” (Maimonides)  These goals present two tasks.  “To Believe” infers that we still may have doubts.  “To Know” infers that we are sure.   (For instance: I believe that the table is here means that I still have some doubts.  Whereas saying I know that the table is here” means I know for sure since I can tough it or move it.) The First Commandment on the Tablets – that pertain to Israelites and Noahides – obliges us to ascend from belief to knowledge about GOD  existence. Is it possible? The RaMBaM (Maimonides) says yes: By studying Nature and its wisdom; and by studying Torah and her wisdom.  Combining the two paths would lead  to Believe and hopefully to Know that God exists. And he means- Know iit for sure!

The Story of Genesis is a good place to study both Nature and Torah – as the RaMBaM suggest .  Here we can compare the two.    We can match our Scientific knowledge about the History of the world, with the words of the Torah.   Do they concur?

As we’ve said, the stakes are high. If we’ve found Moses’ words untrue, not supported by science, then we’ve also discredited his entire revelation!

But if we’ve found Moses’ words credible, matching Science, then wow! We would stand in awe wondering who told Moses such a credible story 3500 years ago?  , No one else in his time said anything close to a story that CAN be match with our Science!

 But the Scientific knowledge  about the history is vast. whereas the Torah story takes only a few verses.  How can we compare the two? 

 Luckily for us, the History Channel (HC) has recently issued a wonderful video series named “How the Earth Was Made.”  The series presents everything that  Science tells us about the history of the Universe using Archeology, Biology, Astronomy, Geology, Anthropology and other brunches of modern science.   We will use that series, and other similar works, as a platform for our matching Genesis with Science.

The beauty of the HC series lies in the editors’  ability to condense the huge data into logical phases , without indulging in minute details .  The editors also brag about their  oblevience to the Bible story.  It is an objective narrative based on solid scientific findings and measurements.   In fact, Moses’ story of Genesis is also condensed , skipping minute details.

So, let’s BEGIN!







The Scientific Account

According to the HC, the world began with a Big Bang 13.7 Billion human years ago. That number was calculated ‘backwards’ by observing the rate by which the galaxies are moving away from each other. (Modern  calculations suggests  many Big Bangs of other Alternative Universes, like numerous bubbles floating without touch.  Quantum Mechanics adds the role of consciousness.)

Then, Science says, Entropy began to decline; Energy (electromagnetic, strong , weak  and gravitational forces) was formed. Gravity separated first, then the Strong and Weak and the Universe expanded fast. Matter and Antimatter clashed, atoms bereaved of electrons were formed creating dark plasma .  When the atoms caught electrons , they released photons.  Space  became  transparent yet pierced by Light rays.   Energy continued to be   converted to Matter   according to Einstein’s formula.  The scientists can describe what happened next by the fraction of a second.     Gas clouds consolidated in a chaotic way ,  then cooled off form primitive molecules such as Helium , Hydrogen, Lithium, then Water. Higher molecules were backed in exploding Nova.

Nine Billion years  forward, about 4.5 Billion years ago, and Planet Earth was  consolidated by Gravity.  At first, Earth appeared as a red, volcanic Planet.   Our Moon too was formed about that time either by a collision of earth with another passing planet or by another process. Melted, streaming lava covered the Earth’s surface with a temperature of 8000 F,  kept high by radioactive decay of  Earth’s core elements. Our Planet had no atmosphere and no life. The HC calls THE MOLTEN ROCK  RED PLANET 


Moses’ account

Moses’ description of the FIRST DAY of CREATION seems to concur with the above description. The Universe has a “Beginning” (unlike the Greek who said that the Universe existed forever) first as singular point then expanded (RaMBaN, 12th century AD.)  Time scale began.   Tradition (Rashi) says that ELKM had built and destroyed many other Worlds before. (Kabbalah   speaks about paralleled worlds each built by a different Attribute of One CREATOR. This world was created by ELKM.)

Earth was chaotic, “tohu and bohu.” (Genesis 1:2) This  fits  the melted, streaming lava.   The verse also mentions “Darkness over the teom,  Deep” which CAN allude to Deep Space.  Moses mentions Light and Darkness, which fits the scientific story of Space. THE STROT. He also mentions Matter such as Water.

Then, Moses says, ELKM saw that it was good, and there was evening and there was morning, ONE DAY.”   This couldn’t be our day since the Luminaries would be seen regularly much later, on the Fourth Day.  The verse therefore defines  ONE DAY-as the time it took CREATION to advance from the Beginning to see in it Light, Matter and Water.  Hence a Day of CREATION is a stage in the World’s history.  A Day could last many Billions of human years.

Thus, so far, the Story of Genesis CAN be matched with  our Scientific narrative. Something you can’t say about the ancient myths.  Who then told Moses the story , 3500 years ago?

How extraordinary it is that Moses’ account of the Beginning does NOT involve any rivalry, jealousy. sexual perversion or violence between gods.  How different is his story from the myths told  in his time! How can any scholar count Genesis among the Bronze age myths?

But Moses  adds information that Science would never say – that the Universe was created by a CREATOR Who Set on The Throne of Judgment.  Yes, the World was created to withstand a trial.

Moses also says that at the End of the Day, ELKM  the JUDGE-BUILDER passed a judgment on the passing Day and saw that it was good.  His Judgment is always harsh and merciless yet just. He creates and He destroys as necessary in His eyes, according to His Plan. We don’t know the details, but some elements were deemed ‘not good anymore’ in His eyes and were eliminated.  Other elements were deemed ‘good,’ viable, capable to support the next Day so they remained.  We’ll see that shortly.




The Scientific Account

Next, the HC says, about 4.4 Billion years ago, the Earth’s temperature cooled off.  The radioactivity that had kept it hot declined, so that a rocky crust was formed on its surface. This step was crucial for bringing water onto the Planet’s surface.

Then, from 4.4 Billion years ago to 4.1 Billion years ago (300 Million years span) water accumulated on the rocky crust. Earth became Water World, completely covered by Ocean.

Where did the Water come from? The HC suggests that some waters came out from the cooling rocks “bellow” that spewed water and CO2.  Dense clouds of CO2 mixed with water arose to cover Earth.  But most water came from ‘above’, from Space.  Scientists think that Earth passed through an area in Space full of icy comets. This segment in Space is seen today. For 300 million years, Earth was bombarded with icy comets containing water. Thus some water came from Below, and some from Above, from Space.

On January 30, 1908 a huge icy comet – containing 30,000 tones of water- hit Siberia.  it caused devastation  equal to an  explosion of 12 mega tones nuclear bomb.  And that comet was just a tiny fraction of a bigger one (called Encke) with million tons of water


Once Earth escaped the Sea of Comets in Space, the watery shower ceased. Around 4.1 Billion years ago, Earth was completely covered by gushing, green-red waters (red came from iron.)  Rain continued endlessly. “Earth would never see so much rain again” says the HC.  The temperature on Earth surface was still high (200 F) and the atmospheric pressures too oppressive to allow any life on Earth.  The volcanic rocks (“pillow shaped”) did not withstand the ferocious winds and strong waves, therefore no island was stable enough to remain above the water.

Thus, 4.1 Billion years ago, Earth was a Watery World with a peculiar look. With heavy clouds of CO2 mixed with water, and toxic fumes coming from bellow, Earth looked like an oven with an endless red-green ocean. No life could exist on it yet.


Moses Account

As the end of the First Day, ELKM said that it was good.  Conditions on earth were ripe for the next Day.  This fits well the formation of crusty surface on Earth, capable of supporting water.

And as the Second Day of CREATION dawned, ELKM “separated the Water Above from the Water Bellow.”  No Dry Land was seen yet, and no life. Not  even vegetation. You see this in the verses  that  say

(1:6) And ELoHiM said Let it be a firmament in the midst of the Waters,
And let it divide Water from Water,

(1:7) And ELoHiM made the firmament, and He separated the Waters which were underneath the firmament, from the Waters which are above the firmament, and it was so.

(1: 8) And ELoHIM called the firmament Sky, Sham-mayim (“there are the waters”.)
And there was evening and there was morning, Day Two.

Can you find a better match between Moses and Science?

Now, how in the world could Moses tell that story?!




The Scientific Account

The Watery World phase, HC says, ended 4.1 Billion years ago by volcanic eruptions at the ocean bed.  A new rock, Granite, appeared the first time.  The Granite, unlike the older rocks,  could stand  the insult of the ferocious winds and waves.  Granite is also lighter than the old rocks. therefore it formed ISLANDS of Dry Land that resisted erosion.

The Granite Islands gradually condensed to form the first Super Continent Rodenia (Mother of all continents, 1.5 Billion years ago).  Its shores can be traced today by blackish rocks that are found along shores like in South Africa.  Some of those blackish rocks are 4.0 to 3.5 Billion years old.  They lack any fossil of life, not even bacteria. Those rocks were part of the Islands that later formed Rodenia.  Earth became the GRANITE PLANET.


 Moses Account of the first part of the Third Day

As the Third Day of CREATION dawned, Moses says,

 (1:9) “And  ELoHiM said Let the Water under the Sky be gathered together into one place and let the dry land appear, and it was so.

(1:10) “And ELoHiM called the dry land ground, and to the Water Gathering He called Seas, and ELoKiM saw that it was good “

Amazingly, Moses fully concurs with Science, saying that after the stage when waters covered Earth, God separated the Dry Land from the Sea. This matches perfectly well  the appearance of Granite Islands then the Super Continent.   How insightful it is, that Moses  mentions no life yet!

We know what other peoples in Moses time told about CREATION. No one mentions the Dry Land popping up after the Earth had been covered with water.  Who then told him this story?


 Seeding Life on our planet according to Science  

The Granite Islands, says the HC, had another important feature: gentle, sloping shores. .  Those shores allowed tiny mono cellular, algae like creatures – Stromatolites – to settle on the shallow waters. The Stromatolites  appeared 3.5 Billion years ago, and are still seen today on remote beaches like in Australia.

The HC skips the many theories about the formation of the first living cell.  Was it a ribosom on which nucleic acids could be assembled? Was it a virus-like creature? Was it formed by chance from minerals?

The fact is that we don’t know from where and how the Stromatolites came. We only know that they were the right creatures at the right time.  They harbored all the elements of life, like a nucleus, DNA , RNA  breathing organelles and digestive system.  But they had one enormously important talent – they could perform photosynthesis.   This means they used  the abundant sunlight in the shallow waters to grab CO2 and split it to Carbon and oxygen. The carbon they used for their colonies, and the oxygen they released to the shallow waters. After 2 Million years – tween 3.5 to 1.5 Billion years ago – they released so much oxygen that it changed the atmosphere. Earth acquired the Blue sky we see today.

The oxygen released by the Stromatolites also changed the ocean.   It oxygenated the water causing iron to be deposited along the shores. The oceans too became blue.  Earth became The BLUE PLANET.

The HC skips again the different cellular lines that brought the evolution.  There were tiny cells with and without nucleus,  with and without cellular membranes, with or without genetic material, with or without breathing organelles. Regardless the variety, all scientists agree that life appeared on Earth at that time as a cellular creature. Those creatures began the entire Evolution. They were our “fathers and mothers,” as the HC says.


Vegetation on Earth

The Stromatolites evolved into multi-cellular creatures. This took place as symbiosis (where each cell provides the other with whatever it lacks)  or as asexual and sexual growth.  Gradually the Kingdom of Vegetation appeared  on Earth.   Most scientists agree that for the time being the vast Super Continent Rodenia remained a barren, dry land under a Blue sky. Vegetation could grow only along the shores.  The scientists are not sure to what extend this Vegetation evolved.  Some say it was limited to “sponges” and other tiny multi-cellular creatures, other talk about limited grass, shrubs and trees.  .

About 0.9 Billion years ago (900 M)  Rodenia  split into smaller subcontinents by intensive tectonic activity.  This actually promoted the Vegetation.  No mobile life existed yet either on the Dry Land or in the waters. The Vegetation fertilized itself by the wind.


Moses words on the rest of the Third Day

After separating the Dry Land from the Sea, Moses says, ELKM ‘paused’ and passed an unusual Judgment on the items hings He had created earlier.  Our Planet stood on a crossroad. Would it see life on it, or not? – The details of that crucial “Midday judgment” are given in Genesis Chapters 2-5 (The story of Eden). We’ll learn about it later in due course.

Any trial has two options: good and bad.  To our luck, this Midday Trial of the Third Day ended up with a “good” verdict, as it is said “And ELKM saw that it was good” (Genesis1: 10.)   This meant that ELKM – the BUILDER- found the conditions on Earth ready to proceed with His Plan.  A good verdict, we’ve said, meant that the Day was viable, capable to support the next Phase.  Indeed, the verse say-

 (1:11) “And ELoHiM said let the Earth bring forth grass, herb yielding SEED and fruit trees yielding fruits after its kind whose SEEDS is in itself, upon the Earth, and it was so.

(1:12) “And the Earth brought forth grass, herb yielding SEEDS after its kind, and trees yielding fruits whose SEEDS was in itself after its kinds. And ELoHiM saw that it was good.

(1:13) And there was evening and there was morning, Day Three.

Once the decision to procced was done, ELKM seeded Life on Earth: first Grass, then Shrubs then Trees, exactly as Science says about Rodenia.


How did the era end?

Let’s go back to the HC story.  As Vegetation began to proliferate along the shores of  Rodenia, Earth was struck by a major catastrophe. A devastating Ice Age hit Earth.  This happened 700 Million years ago (0.7 Billion years ago) and lasted 50 Million years. It decimated all Vegetation on Dry Land, but left the Vegetation in the Sea intact.

The Scientists say that the Ice came because Rodenia had become so big that it blocked the warm currents in the oceans.  Other theories blame the Ice Age to a change in the Earth’s axis. The freezing began at the poles then spread over the Continents.  Earth turned into a SNOW BALL.

Though the Vegetation on Dry Land disappeared, the one in the waters remained. This would turn crucial for the next Stage – mobile life in the Waters.


Moses account of the End of the Third Day

At the end of the Third Day, ELKM passed a judgment on all that He had created earlier on that Day.  ELKM’s Judgment is harsh yet just.  He builds and He destroys as He deems necessary, according to His Plan. He gives life, and He can take life away. Creatures that do not fit the coming Day, the next Floor, He would terminate with no Mercy. Creatures that would fit and support the next Day, He would allow to stay on or adapt.

Thus, at the end of the Third Day, ELKM passed a judgment on all the creatures that were created, namely the Vegetation.  Would they fit His Plan for the next Day? In His Wisdom, He eliminated the Vegetation on Dry Land – they had already fulfilled their task.  He allowed, however, the Vegetation in the Waters to stay on, since they would provide and support the next, Fourth and Fifth Days.

Remember- ELKM is harsh yet KIND.  As a BILDER, if He eliminate creatures, it is only for the introduction of higher creatures on the ladder of the Evolution.

The Ice Age wiped out all life on the Dry Land of Rodenia, yet left the Vegetation under the Sea as a base for the future.

Who told this to Moses?





The Scientific Account

The HC says that the long Ice Age, that took place 700 to 650 Million years ago, ended by enormous volcanic activity all over the world that caused the Ice to melt.  Rodenia broke to smaller subcontinents that move away from each other.  The Ocean grew wider and warmer. More shallow shores were created.

Some say that the Ice ended by a change in the tilt of Earth’s Axis.  It stabilized. The annual seasons appeared more regularly. The Moon’s rotation around Earth stabilized too, causing regular tides.  The length of days and nights were fixed.  All these changes would be crucial for the next Day.


Moses’ Account    

What does Moses say about the FOURTH Day of CREATION?
Again, Moses concurs with the above. After the Third Day trial was over ELKM said that it was good.  The stage is ready for the next Day.

Then ELKM ordered the Luminaries to be SEEN on earth in a regular fashion so that a calendar could be established by them, as it says:

“(1:14) And ELoHiM said let there be luminaries in the firmament of the Sky to divide the day from the night. And let them be for signs and for seasons and for the days and years.
(1:15) And let them be for lights in the firmament of the sky to give light upon the Earth, and it was so.
(1:16) And ELoHiM made the two great luminaries, the Greater luminary to rule the day, and the smaller luminary to rule the night, and the stars also.
(1:17) And ELoHiM placed them in the firmament of the Sky to give light upon Earth.
(1:18) And to rule over the day, and over the night, and to divide the Light from the Darkness. And ELoHiM saw that it was Good.
(1:19) And it was evening and it was morning, a Fourth Day.

ELKM caused the seasons to be regular, as well as the length of days and night. Can you find a better match between Moses and Science?

How remarkable it is that Moses does not mention any mobile life yet on Earth.  This would wait for the next Day. Who told him such an accurate story 3500 years ago?





The Scientific Account

The Ice Age ended  650 Million years ago (0.650 Billion) by extensive volcanic eruptions all over the world.  Tectonic activities split the old Super Continent into many sub continents  that moved away from each other (the cycle of condensing then separating the continents would repeat in history several times) .  The Oceans warmed up.  The volcanic eruption spewed nutrients. All these changes and more promoted Mobile Life to appear the first time and boast in the Oceans (Cambrian Period.)   .  Warms, then Fish to its kinds appeared in abundance. .

The scientists try to explain how this happened.  Many of the changes that had occurred on the Fourth Day helped to develop the mobile life in the water.  The regularity of days and nights caused the Vegetation in the water to adapt and develop a daily circadian cycle.  They learned to shut down their activities at night and open up at daylight.  This was a crucial step for the next step- developing a nervous system for Mobile life.  Any nervous system needs that ability to switch from being sleep to being awake. .

And water, of course, is more conducive for Mobile Life than a Dry Land.  In the water, nutrients are more readily available. .  The temperature is more stable.

By 500 Million years ago, the ocean “exploded” with many species of creatures. “The Earth would never see so many species in the waters,” says the HC.  First came small warms that consumed vegetation, then came small fish that fed on the warms, then big  Fish that preyed on the smaller ones. The struggle for life began in the water.  “Fish” evolved into creatures with weird shapes we don;t see today.  Creatures developed the ability to mascaraed and fool the predators and fool their own prey. They first smell, ear, teeth, skeleton developed the first time.  The Animal Kingdom came to Earth in the sea “ says the HC.

In sharp contrast, life on Dry Land was prohibited by heavy, lethal UV Sunlight radiation. But that changed too.  Around 500 M years ago, the sky developed enough Ozone layer that shielded the Dry Land and allowed Vegetation then Mobile Life to move out of the water onto  the Dry Land.

First moved Vegetation on land and formed huge swamps surrounded with tall trees.  Most of our coal comes from that era (Carboniferous Period). Next appeared huge Lizards and Insects to their kinds, that helped to spread the Vegetation.

The tides that developed earlier on the Fourth Day turned to be a spring board for life on shores. According to the Discovery Chanel, the regular tides brought fish onto the shores.  Over the next many million years, those “fish on shores” developed wings to fly back over the water and catch other fish. Soon Earth was ruled by giant Birds that hovered over mighty water to catch  giant Fish. 

The tides helped life to develop also in another direction. Some “Fish on shore” escaped inland from the Birds and became amphibians.  These primordial creatures evolved  into giant alligators and crocodiles that fooled the Birds and preyed on them.

By 300 Million years ago, the remnants of Rodeinia such as the North America shores comprised of large  swamp rich with Vegetation, full of giant insects,  birds, lizards and  crocodiles to their kinds (Ordovician Period.)


Moses’ Account of the FIFTH DAY

At the end of the Fourth Day ELKM passed a judgment on the Day.  Any judgment has two options: good and bad.  By saying that it was good, ELKM gave the “green light” permission for CREATION to move on.  ELKM’s Judgment is harsh yet He is KIND.  He is the ultimate Provider. In His eyes, conditions were ripe for life to continue evolving.

Thus, as the Fifth Day dawned, ELKM said:

“(1:20) And ELoHiM said, let the water swarm abundantly with moving creatures that have life, and let birds fly above the Earth in the firmament of the sky. And ELoKiM created the great Crocodiles…”

ELKM created Fish to its kinds.  Multiple species of them. He even blessed the Fish to be fruitful and multiply.  Indeed, the Earth would never see so many kinds of fish ever again. .

Then ELKM created Birds and then Crocodiles.  By this, Moses concurs perfectly well with the Scientific narrative. (As the Discovery Chanel says- the fish on shores developed wings, then learned to invade the inland and evolve into amphibians!)

Since Moses did not learn modern science, who in the world could tell him the story?


The end of the (fifth) Day according to science

The era of swamps and insects and crocodiles could have continued, says HC, had not Earth been hit by a major catastrophe that eliminated 90 percent of living creatures.  It happened 250 million years ago.  A chain of fiery explosions exploded all over Earth and killed the vegetation as well as the animals.  For a moment, the Earth looked as it was doomed and return to primordial chaos.

What caused the fiery explosions? – No one knows for sure. It seems that gas bubbles came out from under the tectonic plated and exploded in the air.  Such bubbles have been seen also recently in India and Siberia.

Most living creatures were gone.  Yet this catastrophe opened up an opportunity for higher forms of life to develop – as soon as the ashes fell down.


What does Moses say about the end of the Fifth Day?

After creating abandon Fish, Birds and Crocodiles and “everything that flies” meaning insects, ELKM passes another harsh judgment on everything He had created earlier on the Day.  Would they be deemed useless and terminated, or “good” and be allowed to enter the next, Sixth Day?

As before, ELKM – the BUILDER- passed His judgment.  Those creatures He deemed ‘not good anymore” He eliminated.  This CAN fit the fiery explosions that decimated almost all living creatures.  Those He deemed ‘good’ were allowed to stay alive and adapt into the new Day.

Hence again Moses CAN be matched with our Scientific knowledge, something you can’t ever say about the myth of his time. How did he know the true story?





The Scientific Narrative

The fiery explosions that happened 250 Million years ago caused Earth to enter a new phase.  The surviving creatures actually blossomed. The remnants of Rodeniah consolidated again and formed the last Super Continent, Pangaea.

Pangaea is the classical world of the huge pre-historic creatures that roamed the Earth (Triassic and Jurassic Periods). The air was rich with nutrients that the volcanic activity spewed all over the world. The temperature was tropical. That caused the Vegetation to grow taller and thicker. The Ozone layer thickened, providing a shield from the Sun’s radiation. Animals could grow unlimited path.

Life of all kinds exploded on Land and Sea.  Large leaf-eaters, Cattle-like creatures grew in the swamps, their fat bellies and short legs supported by the shallow warm waters. They could not run fast.

Soon came beasts like predators that did ran fast and could feed on the Cattle-like.  Among them the Dinosaurs, some as tall as “seven stories building.”

This would end by another catastrophe.


Moses’ story

As the Sixth Day dawned, ELKM continued to create like ever before. Thus-

“(1:24) And ELoHiM said let the Earth bring forth living creatures after their kind,
Cattle and Creeping things and Beast of the Earth after their kind,
and everything that Creeps on Earth after their kind, and it was so.

(1:25) And ELoHiM made the Beasts of the landto its kind, and theCattleafter their kind,
and everything thatcreepson the Earth after their kind.

And ELoHiM saw that it was good

Moses mentions Cattle-like, Beast-like, then Creeping things.  This concurs well with Science.  But what about the Creeping creatures? Had they not been created before? We’ll return to that question soon.

Then, Moses says, ELKM passed a premature, Midday Judgment.  Usually He had conducted His Judgment only at the End of a Day.  A Midday Judgment meant an urgent, crucial judgment. Hence Earth stood on a crossroad.  Would it see Adam on it, or not? (Such an urgent crucial judgment was done on the Third Day before seeding life on Earth.)

To our luck, ELKM said that it was good. The road was opened to enter the next phase – creating Adam


What does Science say about the demise of the Dinosaurs?

The proliferation of Cattle- Like and Beast-Like creatures on Pangea came to an end by a major catastrophe that hit again our planet.   This happened around 75 million years ago.  Some say that aa huge meteor plunged into the sea near Mexico and arose so much ashes and radiation that suffocated large and small creatures.  Other say that a series of gas explosions killed the animals. As devastating as it was, it opened up an opportunity for other creatures to grow. Anomg them Mammals, including Mankind.   


The Midday Judgment of the Sixth Day according to Moses

ELKM judgment is always harsh yet just.  He gives life, and He takes life away as He deems  necessary according to His Plane. As He passed the Midday Judgment of the Sixth Day, He eliminated the huge Cattle-like and  Beast-like.  This concurs well with what Science says. ELKM is also Kind. He Provides.  Eliminating some animals opened up the room for higher creatures to come on board, like Adam.

But what about the Crawling Creatures? Moses mentions them among the giant creatures that once ruled Pangea.

For a while I was puzzled. Then came the Time Magazine and saved my faith in Moses.  How? The magazine published a picture of a snake’s skeleton that was recently discovered. So large is the skeleton that is can accommodate “two Greyhound busses side by side” inside. And this was a skeleton of a young snake!

The Time magazine explains that after the demise of the Dinosaurs, the room opened up for snakes to grow.  For million years they crawled all over Earth and consumed everything on their path with no hinderance.  After the dinosaurs the snakes ruled Earth, as Moses says.  Some snakes lived in caves side by side with humans, giving the legends about Dragons.



We could not make the above comparison without the notion of the CREATOR as a BUILDER-JUDGE who gives life and takes it away with no mercy, yet in absolute justice and truth.  If you’ve  replaced the Hebrew ELKM with GOD, the message is gone.

Now what about the creation of Adam?








Moses’ Account of the Sixth Day, before the creation of Adam


What does Moses say about the SIXTH DAY of CREATION?
At the end of the Fifth Day, ELKM eliminated creatures that were not good anymore. This CAN correlate  with the fiery explosions that wiped out most of the Fifth Days’ creatures at Sea, and on the Ground.  The fate of Life on Earth seemed doomed.  Yet ELKM said that it was good, and He allowed the survivors to enter and excel in the new, Sixth Day.

Then, Moses says, prior to  making Adam, ELKM passed a midday judgment on everything He had created earlier on that  Day. Such a  Midday  trial had happened only once before, on the Third Day, before seeding life on Earth. Now again, before making Adam, Earth stood on a crossroad again. Would it see Adam, or not?

ELKM’s Judgment is harsh yet just.  At the Midday Trial, the creatures that would not adapt or sustain life in the rest of the Day were eliminated right there and then WITHOUT MERCY.  Those He deemed Good survived. This midday judgment before Adam CAN fit the meteoric catastrophe. It eliminated the old world yet allowed Mammals and Man to evolve.  We wouldn’t be  here without this crucial Midday trial.

Who told this to Moses?

it sounds funny,  but Moses’ account actually HELPS to pup an order to the  apparently chaotic events told by science on the History of Earth. Thus,

  • The Molten Rock red Planet, 4.5 B -4.4 B, fits the First Day 
  • The Water World, 4.4 B – 4.1 B, fits the  Second Day


  • 3-1  The first Granite Super Continent 41.B – 3.5 B, fits the first part of the Third Day
  • 3-2   Planting Life on Earth, Stomitolites 3.1B, fits the second part of the Third Day
  • 3-3  Production of Oxygen by Stromolites 3.1B -1.5 B, still the Third Day
  • 3-4   Rodenia, Dry Blue Planet,  1.3 B,   the Third Day
  • 3-5  Rodenia, Vegetation  1.0 B,  the  Third Day
  • Earth rotation stabilizes
  • Ice Age, 0.7 B  End of the Third Day.
  • ice melt,0.6 B, Earth axis stabilizes,  Seasons, tides, days and nights, Fourth Day
  • Mobile Life in the seas 
  • 6-1 Rodenia  split. 0.5  B, Mobile Life explodes in the water.  Swamps. Fish, Birds, Crocodiles, The Fifth Day 
  • 6-2 Series of fiery explosions terminate 90% of earth inhabitants 250 Millions years ago
  • 7-1 Pangeae 115-70 Millions years ago. Large swamps, thick Ozone, Cattle, Beasts, Crawling Snakes. The fist part of the Sixth Day 7-2 Pangeae, Meteoric Catastrophe 75 Million years ago, Midday Trial of the Sixth Day, before making Adam.
  • 7-3: Pangeae split into five continents. Mammals proliferate, Apes, Adam.

As you see, most of Earth history (from 4.1 B years ago to 1.4 B years ago) was taken to accumulate water, seed Life, make Oxygen and grow Vegetation.  It was relatively late,  about 500 Millions years ago, that mobile life appeared first in the ocean then on Land.   .


The Torah is a living miracle

Rather than be embarrassed by the story of Genesis, we should use it as a flag, as a sign of the truthfulness of the Torah.  Moses’ Torah is the only living miracle in our hands, that we can prove of it  today.  No wonder Moses placed the story at the front of his Five Books. he knew that when you validate it, you’d validate the rest of his messages,

It is as if Moses foresaw  that a  day would come and people would doubt his revelation.  He therefore placed a truthful account of CREATION at the very front of his five books, hoping that the new generations would be able to validate his words by their science. In fact, it seems  as if Moses wrote it for us.

Obviously, Moses’ goal was not to tell us merely about the creation of the world, but rather about the creation of us, of Adam. He wished to tell us Who made us, How and for what purpose. Since his words about CREATION are true, so should be his words about ELKM and Adam .

So why did ELKM provid a new environment for the Mammals to grow ? Why not to the spiders? 

What is special about Adam?

What is our Trial? .

And since ELKM has always destroyed the old and created a better, higher creatures, would He build another creature after us? Who could this be?   What does Moses say about that?