© 2017 by Rabbi Zvi Aviner

IDOLATRY-18/Adam’s Birthday Holiday


Know your CREATOR, know yourself and know the difference
A Holiday that summarizes everything we’ve learned

Like on any other birthday, we would like to recall, on Adam birthday,
The events surrounding our birth.
Who are our parents?
What were the circumstances around which we were born?
Was there any purpose of our birth?
Did our parents bring us into this world accidentally, or on purpose, or for a purpose?
What are our parent’s expectations from us, if any?
What should we do to meet their expectations, if any?

As it happened, we have already a day in the year, set up by tradition
As the Annual Birthday of Adam (and Eve)
Which is also considered the New Year Holiday, Rosh Hashanah (“head of the year”)
Which is not a ‘Jewish’ holiday, but Mankind’s Holiday.
And it carries all the elements surrounding Adam creation
As shown in the verse “Let Us Make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image.”

Thus, it is a day that incorporates the following themes:
(1) It is a day of Universal Judgment, when ELoKiM ascends on the Throne and judges the entire Universe. Has it become Very Good?
(2) It is a day of YHVH ELKM Kingship
(3) It is a day marking the end of Idolatry
(4) It is a day celebrating the demise of evil which has burned like dry grass
(5) It is a day when the world is moving towards YHVH’s  reign
(6) It is a day when the Heavenly Court is open for repentance and forgiveness
(7) It is a day when 

Let’s elaborate:

(1) Is Adam Very Good?

At the End of the Sixth Day, the End of Time, ELoKiM will judge CREATION, including Adam, whether or not it has become Very Good.

Adam was born to withstand that Judgment.  ELKM has made Adam with an ideal  “Image and Form” of him on His Mind,
He Longs to see Adam becoming Very Good so that He, ELoKiM, would  ‘cease’ His Work, cease His Judgment, and enter the Sabbath along with the entire Universe.

ELoKiM did not make Adam readily “Very Good.”  He gave Adam the tools to reach that spiritual level on his own. He would also give Man the Torah as a guidance to become Very Good. “Let Us Make Adam,” can be read as Let Me and you, Adam, make an Ideal Adam together.  Walk with me, ELKM says, take my hand and together we will walk towards the Queen of the Sabbath.
Hence to be “Very Good,” Adam should walk in ELoKiM Laws and ALSO ‘find face’ in YHVH eyes, like Noah.
In other wards, Adam should unite ELKM’s Absolute justice with YHVH’s Absolute MERCY, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS and HOLINESS.  A great and tough challenge indeed.

ELoKiM therefore first made Adam in “His Image,” (Genesis 1: 27) endowing him with all the necessary talents to thrive in his habitat, earth. He blessed Adam to be fruitful and multiply, conquer the world and rule over it. He gave Adam a strong Self Consciousness, a Free Will and a Wise Mind capable of deciphering the Universe’ mysteries.
ELoKiM then also  prepared a room in Adam’s heart capable of perceiving the Merciful YHVH, something He had never done with any creature before.

Moreover, like a FATHER helping his child to stand up and take the first walk,
so did ELoKiM show Adam how to rule with modesty, and how to identify and overcome the idols.
ELKM also showed Adam how to emulate Him and invite and attract YHVH into his heart.
He showed Adam to identify the false bides and chase  then away from hie heart.

ELoKiM does not wait for the End of Times to conduct Adam’s Judgment.
Every year, on the Annual Anniversary of Adam’s creation, the Rosh Hashanah,
ELoKiM assesses Adam whether or no he has made any progress towards becoming Very Good.

On each Rosh Hashanah, the ‘head of the year,’
ELoKiM ascends again on His Throne of Absolute Justice, as in Genesis,
and Judges Adam with the entire world.
All creatures pass before His Throne, like sheep before the shepherd,
And He REMEMBERS each one, EXAMINES each one and DECIDES its fate for the next year.

(2) A day of YHVH ELKM Kingship

At Adam creation, ELKM descended from His High Throne of ruling Awesomely Alone and became a King WHo Consults with YHVH.  “To consult”  in Hebrew is the same as “to be enthroned.” Hence Adam was born when YHVH and ELKM consulted each other.

In Kabalah they say that Adam was born under Aba and Ima, the Heavenly Parent.  Remember that we speak of Attributes rather than Gods.  (Genesis Chapters 2-3 show it more starkly.)

You can say that on Rosh Hashanah ELKM first ascends on His Throne.  It is as if the USA Government was given to the Supreme Court for one day.  Who wouldn’t tremble before the Supreme Court? No lobby, no politics can affect the Court but the Law.

But then, the the USA citizen plea that the Government would return to the Congress.  Being made of (at least ) two parties the Congress would be more attentive to the needs of the citizen.  Similarly, on Rosh Hashanah we pray that the Kingship return to YHVH ELKM.

This is why the Roah Hashanah is dedicated to the Coronation of YHVH ELKM.

We blow two Silver Trumpets (in the Holy Temple) to designate the ascent of ELKM on His Throne
Accompanied by a Ram blowing to designate the ascent of the Merciful YHVH. These blowing must be done together (in the Holy Temple ground) to Enthrone YHVH ELKM on us.

As we blow the silver trumpets and the ram horn we recite the following verse from Psalms:

ELoKiM has ascended by trumpet’s blows,

YHVH by the voice of horns…”

It is better for us to be under the yoke of YHVH ELKM Kingship,
Rather than under the scrutiny of ELKM alone.

(3) The End of IDOLATRY

IDOLATRY is not just one commandment of many. As we’ve learned, Adam was made to withstand IDOLATRY.  When ELKM spoke in plural saying Let Us, He opened the door for IDOLATRY to exist.  Yes, by speaking in plural He gave us a precious gift of a Free Will, and a Self Consciousness, yet at the same time He set up the foundation of our life long trial of IDOLATRY.  It is a trial of fascinations, of being attracted, of longing.  it is the most fascinating trial of our life.

No wonder then that on Rosh Hashanah, the Anniversary of Adam creation, we remind ourselves the fact that we stand on the IDOLATRY TRIAL and we pray to see the day when IDOLATRY is demised.  We would rather accept  the yoke of YHVH ELK Kingship on us than the rule of the idols on us.

(4) The End of Evil

Adam was born to be either Very Good, or Very Bad,meaning Evil in YHVH eyes. Adam’s evilness would impede the progress of our Universe towards the Sabbath.Adam’s evilness would cause YHVH to sadden, to be angry, or to be disgusted and fly away from us, leaving us at the harsh Hands of ELKM.  Adam evilness can even break the Wing of YHVH and split Her Name to YH and VH.

(5) The Entrance to the Kingdom of Mercy

The Longing for another , better world , the Kingdom of Mercy, has affected the human history like no other longing. As we’ll learn, Enosh’s disciples thought that  YHVH’s reign  has already come.  Later in history other faiths have been ppreaching the same.

On Rosh Hashanah we pray that as our Evilness will demise, our world would progress and enter the next Day, the Sabbath, the Kingdom of Mercy.  It is a goal, a lighthouse towards which our Universe travels.

(6) A Day of Repentance

By inviting YHVH into the Heavenly Court, ELKM   gave us the option to repent, ask forgiveness and pledge for a better future; things unknown under His sole rule.

No wonder then that Rosh Hashanah opens up a period of ten days when the Heavenly Court is specifically attentive to our repentance.  It culminates in Yom Kippur, the Day Of Atonement, when our sins are wiped out and we are given a chance to start all over again.

As you see, Rosh Hashanah is not a Jewish Holiday but rather Mankind’s High Holiday, like no other Biblical Holiday.