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Rabbi Dr Zvi Aviner


ELKM Consulted YHVH and Made Adam For the IDOLATRY Trial 






We’ve already learned that to make Adam,

ELKM consulted the Merciful Attribute YHVH.

Today we’ll focus on the implication of this

awesome consultation on IDOLATRY.


For if we define the false idols as the entities

With whom ELKM consulted at Adam creation,

It comes out that this consultation with YHVH

did also open a door for IDOLATRY.

Is this true?


In fact, we shouldn’t be surprised to hear

that ELKM’s consultation with the Merciful YHVH

has opened the door for the greatest form of IDOLATRY

mankind has ever known!


For who wouldn’t prefer worshipping the Merciful Attribute

over the Attribute of Judgment?

Who wouldn’t pray in awe, burst in crying, chant hymns

to our Loving “Mother in Heavens” rather than to the harsh ELKM?


It all started, says the Book of Genesis, with Noah’s generations.

On Enosh, Adam’s grandson, it is said:

“It was then that they began calling in YHVH’s Name.” (Genesis 4: 26)


You can’t see that in the English translation, but the Hebrew word

for “began,” huchal, also means “profaned.”

How did Enosh profane YHVH’s name by ‘calling’ – praying – to Her?

The answer is: by calling Her only, while neglecting ELKM.


Enosh, say the commentaries – saw YHVH everywhere,

believing She is coming now into the world, bringing

with Her the Eternal Sabbath.

If so, said Enosh, all sins are soon to be forgiven,

all sickness are soon to disappear,

and all the laws of ELKM are abrogated.


Moreover, says the RaMBaM, Enosh ‘began’ the

downfall of Mankind into IDOLATRY.

First he prayed to YHVH only, then to YHVH’s putative councilors,

Like the sun and the moon and the celestial bodies.


Soon humanity forgot YHVH, forgot ELKM,

and prayed to the celestial bodies only,

starting the cascade of IDOLATRY in the world.


As it turns out, another fraction of humanity in Noah’s time

did the opposite – worshipped ELKM while forgetting YHVH!

Hence their name: “Children of ELKM.” (Genesis 6: 2)


These two camps degenerated into BLOODSHED,

fighting each other to the death!


Thus, humanity in Noah’s time split into two rival camps

along the Attributes.

One worshipping MERCY, the other worshipping ELKM.

No different than our own generation!


We’ll focus on those camps in due course,

as we’ll learn about Noah and BLOODSHED.


The remedy: Oneness
The only remedy against the split of our generation

along the two Attributes – a sort of IDOLATRY that

is bound to end with terrible BLOODSHED,

is to follow Noah and believe in YHVH ELKM’s Oneness.