ELKM Consulted Seeking Power and Made Adam



At the same time, ELKM also consulted another entity

mentioned in the same verse as Procreation, saying:


“Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the Earth and conquer it

and rule over the fish…”  (Genesis 1: 25)



ELKM consulted the Drive to Rule Over, to Wield Power,

And planted it in Adam’s mind and heart.


It was a great precious gift from ELKM, driving Adam forwards

to create, to lead others, to move society forwards.

But at the same time, it might serve as another powerful drive

Of idol worshipping, where Adam worships himself over others.

Or – Adam worships his own power instead of recognizing

the CREATOR’S power,




Amazingly, the philosophers have identified these two drives,

The Sex Drive and the Drive to Power,

As the two foremost Drives that dominate our lives.


Which Drive is the stronger? You might say

that the strongest horse is placed up in the front of the chariot.


Hence, according to the Torah,

The strongest drive in our heart, that motivate us to create and be successful,

Is the Drive to wield Power!



Note that these two drives are intertwined also in nature,

as you can see in males competing for the female.

But as strong as these two are in the animnal kingdom,

they pale in comparison of what is happening in Man’s heart.