Rabbi  Dr Zvi Aviner


Jan 2022


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   Seeking The CREATOR in Nature



Like a CEO making a robot,

ELHM turned to the Six Days

To provide for Adam’s body


ELHM said to each Day:

“Let Us Make Adam in Our Form and Our Image.”

Each Day agreed, and ELHM consulted it

Like a Builder consulting his master plan

and made a layer in Adam accordingly.

Each Day providing a dimension in Adam’s body and soul



Thus –

He consulted the First Day and made Adam.

Adam is made of stuff that stars are made of.


He Consulted the Second Day’s Water 

and made another layer in Adam.

Our body   constitutes mostly of waters.


He Consulted the Third Day’s Vegetation 

and made another layer in Adam;

giving our eyes the ability to perform photosynthesis

and to our blood vessels to brunch out like trees.


He Consulted the Fourth Day’s Luminaries

and made another layer in Adam accordingly.

This is why we have in us a biologic clock

that knows days from nights,

something crucial for our nervous system


He Consulted the Fifth Days’ fish, birds and crocodiles

and made another layer in Adam


He Consulted the Sixth Days’ Cattle, Beasts and Crawling creatures

and made another layer in Adam.


Adam is therefore the summary of everything created before him. 




1. Is the Story Supported by Science?



You can see the story being played out

in the way the human embryo develops

in the mother’s womb.


We all start as a single cell, that divides and grows

into multi-cellular ball, then evolves into phases that

resemble Fish, Bird, Lizard and so on.


The scientists say:  

Onto-genesis repeats Phyllo-genesis.


Hence, Moses’ story is fully supported by our science

Something you can’t say about any of the myths of his time,

Thereby establishing Moses’ credibility.


Now, Moses adds something that Science can’t say:

that Man was born to withstand the IDOLATRY trial



By speaking to the councilors in plural,

ELHM made each councilor a potential idol.

For people would regard it as a Partner with ELHM.


As if ELHM, by the consultation,

rendered each councilor a magical status in Man’s eyes

So much, that Man would be tempted to worship it





2. Predicting the Course

Of IDOLATRY in History



As it turns out, Moses actually predicts here the path

Of IDOLATRY, that Mankind would take in history


Has this prediction come true?

Indeed, Man’s history has followed the path dictated here by Moses


Let’s see How.


After the expulsion from Eden, G-d keeps calling:

“Adam! Where are you? Come to me! “

Adam hears that call, yet G-d is hiding from our eyes


Adam, living in the Sixth Day, hears G-d’s calling,

and he looks for Him in the creatures around him,

Made with him on the Sixth Day:  cattle, beast and “snakes”


And they seem to him so powerful, so magical, so fascinating

that he is tempted to worship then, as his CREATOR


He worships holy cow, as the Egyptians did

He worships powerful beasts, as all ancient civilizations did

He worships the snakes and Dragons, as the Greeks and Chinese did

And he worships even Fly, as the Philistines did


But soon Adam becomes wiser and he realizes

that those creatures are in fact not so powerful.

But since he keeps hearing G-d calling him

“Adam, where are you? Come to me!”

he searches for God deeper in Nature,

In creatures made on the Fifth Day


Adam is now impressed by Great Fish, Birds and Crocodiles,

So much, that he worships them as if they are his creator


Indeed, the ancient Egyptians depicted their gods

With faces of fish, birds, and crocodiles;

And so did other ancient civilizations


But soon Man becomes wiser and he realizes

that those creatures are not so powerful.


Yet, hearing God calling him,

Adam, where are you? Come to me!”

Adam seeks G-d in creatures deeper in Nature,

made on the Forth Day, namely the Luminaries,

the Sun, Moon and Stars, and he worships them

as the Babylonians did when they introduced Astrology


But soon Man discovers the fallacy of these celestial idols

and he looks for G-d deeper in Nature

in creatures made on the Third day,

Vegetation, seeding life and Fertility


And he worships them, as the Canaanites did

who worshiped gods of fertility, the Baal and Ashtoreth,

with sacred prostitution



Other nations looked even deeply in Nature,

into the Waters that covered Earth on the Second Day

worshipping the Sea, like the Greeks who worshipped Poseidon


And nowadays, Man still hears G-d’s call

Adam, where are you? Come to me!

And we look for Him deeper in Nature,

In the most primordial elements of CREATION

Like in the Big Bang, thinking that our origin lies there!


But soon, let’s pray and hope,

That Mankind would recognize

the true CREATOR, who

Created the world

Created the Six Days,

Created Mankind



Hence, since Moses’ account of ELHM consulting the Six Day

To make Adam, is supported by the development

Of each embryo in the uterus,


And since his prediction of the course of IDOLATRY in history

Is supported  by observing history,


Hence, he should be also credible

With his moral message that

Man is born to withstand the IDOLATRY Trial.



A note:

Why did ELHM consult the Six Days to make Adam?

By consulting the Six Days

Adam became the summary of  everything created before

And a member of Nature. Adam is not an alien here.

Adam can therefore rule over Nature

As a King Who Consults.


For by his consultation, Adam is capable

Of identifying and sympathizing with each creature

and comprehend its needs , and lead it  forwards


A King who Consults, says Moses (Deuteronomy)

should be elected only from among

his subjects, as it is said

“From among your brothers, you should elect a king.”

The King can’t be an alien

Now with who else did ELHM consult to make Adam?