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Genesis Vs Evolution

Class 5/What Would Make Adam Very Good?




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The Seventh Consultation to Make Adam



Knowing that Adam, equipped with  a Free Will and driven by strong Passions, would most likely fail to be Very Good and win his trial, GOD (ELKM) made several concessions ed towards him.  First He “stepped down” from His high pedestal as a Supreme Dictator and said in plural and modesty- ” Let Us Make an Adam.” .

Hence before making Adam, GOD (ELKM) revealed Himself to the world as a KING Who Consults, Who Listens  to the pleas of His subjects, before deciding a a verdict.  Adam would have a better chance to survive GOD (ELKM) harsh scrutiny.  .

But relinquishing of GOD (ELKM) ‘s authority came with a price.  It opened the door for possible sinning, especially IDOLATRY.  The new Court would be more tolerant to Adam’s sinning.  The gift of Free Will came to Adam coupled with increased risk of sinning. Adam would have a hard time to be Very Good in GOD (ELKM) eyes. .

GOD (ELKM) gave Adam more gifts, summarized by the six consultations that we’ve discussed. Each gift made Adam more capable of ruling over our habitat, yet they also made Adam trial increasingly more difficult to win. Having exhausted all the items mentioned in Chapter One, the Angels realized that Adam would most likely loose.  Who would withstand the Absolute Justice of GOD (ELKM) and win? .

The Angles worried about that, since if Adam would loose his trial and GOD (ELKM) would “finish” – khalah- terminate the world with wrath, they would be terminated too.

What could save Adam from extinction? What could save the world from the Very Bad fate of numerous other Universes before ours?


Consulting the Attribute of Mercy, LORD (YHVH)

GOD (ELKM) in His KINDNESS  then made another, second concession towards Adam.  He would add MERCY and FORGIVENESS to the Heavenly court.

Turning to another Attribute of the Infinite CREATOR- the Attribute of MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS – whose Acronym Name is  LORD (Y*H*V*H), GOD (ELKM) said

“Would you join me in ruling this World?” (Rashi, Midrash)

His tone was softer then ever before and full of longing – not unlike the longing of a Groom to see his Bride, the khalah, coming over and dwell  in His home (Midrash, kabbala)

The Attribute of MERCY, YHVH Reigns over the “Eternal Sabbath To Come,” which is the next Day of CREATION.  As we’ve learned, the Sabbath is not another Day on top of the Sixth, but rather a new environment that would wrap the entire Six Floors BUILDING, the whole world. it is a Day when YHVH would Reign over our world ALONE.

Hearing the Invitation, LORD (Y*H*V*H) entered our world from Her  Sabbath – as a

  • Thin Ray of Light, or
  • A modest, shy Dove, or
  • A beautiful Cherub.

Imagine Her Light penetrating the anti-matter surrounding our Universe, then passing through  billion galaxies and black holes and exploding Novas, than entering our tiny solar system and searching our tiny planet.

You can see Her entry depicted in the verses:

GOD (ELKM) said let us make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image

GOD (ELKM ) saw Everything He Had Done and behold  it was Very Good.

Y-om  (Day)
H ashssi (Sixth) (was over)
………………...The Sabbath begins…………….
V–   ayekhulu (they ended)
H-ashamayim and the Earth (the Heavens and the Earth

And all their hosts, and on the Seventh Dy GOD (ELKM) finished His work that He had done

And He abstained from all His work that He had done……


Here GOD (ELKM)’S world is colored red

The LORD (YHVH)’s Sabbath is colored blue

 The front prat of the Acronym YHVH – the YH- Dwells in our world

The back  part of YHVH- the VH– still Reigns over Her Original Domain,  the Sabbath.

The YH (pronounced YaH) represents YHVH’S Dwelling in our world.   In Hebrew, the Dweller is called Sh-khi-naH. The YaH appears in many Biblical names, such as  Jeremiah (Jerema-Yah) Isiah (isai-Yah) or NathanYah and more.

Heavenly Dialogue

Observing our World  not unlike a BRIDE observing  her Groom’s home for the first time- She said –

How can I rule your world, ELKM, where there is no room to rest my Wing, no heart in which to Dwell, no creature that could comprehend me and spread my virtues…”

Indeed, would the volcano, Spider, Crocodile or the Serpents perceive MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS? Even if given millions more years to evolve, these creatures would never ever be able to comprehend YHVH and Her values! For they  were created by GOD (ELKM) when He set on His Throne alone, creating with Absolute Justice yet with no MERCY!

Heavenly Plan to make Adam

 Hearing Her reservations, GOD ()LKM) said in plural

“Let Us make Adam in Our Form and Our Image.”

He meant: Let us make Adam together, so that our child Adam would

  • 1. comprehend You and Me.
  • 2. In his heart, I’ll carve out a room for you, capable of perceiving You and your features
  • 3. In his heart You could Dwell– if he admits Yo4. u in
  • 4.   In his Sabbath You could rest – if he observes it
  • 5. In his mind and heart he would unite us,  Justice and  Mercy  .
  • 6. He would spread your Light of MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS into my world – if he accepts my advice.
  • 7.If he does all that, I would deem him Very Good, so that I would enter Your Domain, the Sabbath.


Note that while GOD (ELKM) “abstains” from doing more work on the Sabbath

The LORD (YHVH)rests” on the Sabbath (see the Ten Commandments )


Making Adam in Oneness

Y*H*V*H agreed, and the two Attributes flew together over CREATION, holding Wing against Wing like two Cherubs in Love, the way Moses depicted them on the Holy Ark. (These golden cherubs had a face of a boy and a girl looking at each other with Heavenly Love.)

Together, YHVH ELKM CONSOLIDATED CREATION by their Oneness and Mutual Love. As it is said immediately afterwards-

“The Day that LORD GOD (YHVH ELKM) made Earth and the Havens (Genesis 2:2)

Only then the Attributes formed the Adam in Eden as it is said immediately afterwards 

“And the LORD (YHVH) GOD (ELKM) Formed the Adam from the dust of the ground” (Genesis 2: 3)

On one hand the Angels relaxed. The presence of the Merciful LORD (YHVH) in the Court would offer Adam a chance to REPENT.  ask FORGIVENESS and start all over again.  Adam would have a better chance to become Very Good and see the Sabbath.

Yet on the other hand, the advent of MERCY in the Court has also increased Adam’s liability.  In order to become Very Good, Adam would have to comply with both – GOD (ELKM)’S Laws and  YHVH’s expectations.  In addition of complying with GOD (ELKM) Laws, Adam would have so exhibit Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness above the Laws.

Would Adam fail?

Noah’s generations did fail.  On Noah himself it is said that “With GOD (ELKM) did Noah walk,” and “Noah found face in the LORD (YHVH) eyes” (Genesis 6: 10-11)

Noah and his rainbow Covenant would show that it is possible to be Very Good in the LORD GOD’s eyes.


Some reflections

Science  sees our mind as our special ingredient that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. We are  Homo Sapience, Wise Man.

In Moses’s eyes, Man’s wisdom is not what sets us apart.  Given more years, other social creatures like the Spiders and the Ants might develop their own smart colonies. They might even develop their own I Phones, Computers and Space ships.  Man only won the race.

But Moses teaches us that the ingredient that sets us really apart is our ability to comprehend and perform mercy, compassion and forgiveness.   Unlike all other creatures that were made by GOD (ELKM) when He ruled awesomely alone, Adam was made by YHVH ELKM ruling in Oneness.  This fact separates us from the rest of the Universe.

GOD (ELKM) by definition would NOT plant in our hearts Mercy and Compassion as natural reflexes.  But He did prepare in Adam the room to accommodate these values – pending on Adam’s Free Will. .

The midday trial of the Sixth Day annihilated all the giant creatures of Pangea, yet it promoted the growth of mammals.  The mammals are distinguished by their unique ability to exhibit compassion and protection to their offspring.  it comes along with the mother’s milk production.

You can say that this motherly mercy and compassion are the “room” which GOD (ELKM) carved our in the mammals heart, CAPABLE wjhivh \ nehir r saused thertAfterBut GOD (ELKM) did carve out a room in Adam’s heart CAPABLE of perceiving the LORD (YHVH) and Her features. This natural room would grow into the big and more sophisticated room in Adam’s  heart, into which Adam would have to invite and incorporate the values of YHVH AS A LEARNING PROCESS. .

Note that in Hebrew, the word for Mercy – “ra-cha-mim” – is derived from “re-chem,’  a WOMB.


The History Chanel Video ends with a bad prediction for the end of our world.  We need to be smart enough, it says, to prevent the next huge catastrophe. But in fact, Quantum Physics has recognized he role of Consciousness in the existence of our Universe.  And Consciousness dictates Morality.   Thus Moses concurs with Science also about the end of times- it depends on us, on whether we would become Very Good in our CREATOR’S eyes. .