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BLOODSHED-4/Enosh and Noah



Last class we saw how before the Flood,

The Heavenly Court judged Noah and his generation


YHVH found the generation evil, and that their thoughts

Were about doing evil all day long, so that She was saddened

and regrated making Adam


Evil means cruel, merciless and lacking compassion.


On the other hand, ELKM found the generation “corrupt” (not evil)

Meaning they corrupted by IDOLATRY and ugly form of ADULTERY,

So that all flesh corrupted their ways.

And in addition, that the generation corrupted with hamas,

Wich is a deadly mixture of  terrible BLOODSDHED AND THEFT.


ELKM therefore deemed them to be washed away by the Flood

As it is said “and the spirit of ELKM is hovering over the waters.”

His retributions come through waters, that He uses water as His Whip


Then we saw that After the Flood Noah worried that f he starts civilization again

the sins of the past  would return and so would the Flood return. Why then

should he procreate?

He then offered to G-d the first Burnt Offering ever, on Mt Moriah, where

He poured out his heart and tribulation before G-d.



Today we’ll focus on what were the sins of his generation that Noah was so worried about?



Was he right by assuming that they would return?





For that, the Torah devotes several chapters covering the period

Between Cain and Abel till the Flood. We’ll focus on the main events

Leading to the various sins.



The sin of IDOLATRY


In Noah’s time, his generation split into two main camps:

The camp of Enosh, who worshipped the Merciful Attribute YHVH,

and neglected   the Attribute of Judgment ELKM,


And the camps of Cain’s descendants who did the opposite:

They worshipped ELKM and neglected YHVH.


Each camp started pious in its own way,

yet each degenerated later into terrible corruption.



And there was a third, perhaps smaller camp of Enosh’s disciples

who degenerated into worshipping the Sun and the Moon,

and other idols to their kind, as the RMBM describes in details.


So who was Enosh?

Let’s pay attention to Enosh since Noah came seven generations after him.

Although he was much older than Noah, yet he raised Noah as his own son

wishing that Noah would take over one day  his place as the spiritual leader of Mankind




After the killing of Abel by Cain, Adam and Eve were so saddened that they

Refrained from bringing more children to the world.

One hundred and thirty years later, however, Adsam “knew his wife Eve” with passion,

And their youngest son was born.  They named him Shet, foundation,

Since they  believed that he would be the new spiritual foundation of Mankind.



Indeed, the Torah says that Shet was born

“in Adam’s image and form” (Genesis 5: 3.)

Since Adam himself was made “in the image and form of ELoKiM,

it comes out that also Sheth was made “in the Image and form of ELoKiM,”

the highest praise a human may receive.


Sheth indeed grew upto become  a righteous man, a pillar of faith for his generation



Adam and Eve lived a long and fruitful life,

due to the brunch of the Tree of Life they had brought with them from Eden.


When they felt their time arrived, they bequeathed that brunch to Sheth ,

So that he too live a long and fruitful life.

Sheth begot many children; among them was Enosh, on whom it says:



”And to Sheth, to him too was born a son
and he named him Enosh.
It was then that they began
calling in the name of YHVH.” 
(Genesis 4:25)



Enosh was raised on the laps of Adam and Eve,

which gave him a great status among his temporaries.

He  learned Torah from Adam and Eve, as well as from his own father Sheth.

He knew well the foundation of the Torah,  yet he made fatal errors



On Enosh it is said that “In his time they began calling in the name of YHVH.”

If you interpret “calling in the name of YHVH” as simply “praying to YHVH,”

then Enosh did the right thing.   He taught his disciples to PRAY to YHVH in wards, rather than by sacrifices. He was merciful and compassionate and he did not want any BLOODSHED.

Hence Enosh did the right thing


But unfortunately, the Hebrew word for ‘began,’ hu-chal,

can also be read as ‘PROFANED!
Hence Enosh did something bad: He ‘profaned’ YHVH name, by ‘calling’ Her

and by praying to Her.
The question is: How could this be? What did he do?



Enosh’s errors
Rashi and RaMBaM (Maimonides) explain:
Enosh preached several unwarranted ideas:

  1. He ‘called,’ or prayedto YHVH only, ignoring ELoKiM
  2. He ‘called,’ or namedeverything as YHVH (Rashi) –

the sun and the moon and the leaves on the trees

  1. He ‘called’ or encouragedYHVH to ‘come out’ into our world


Describing Enosh
Enosh, according to the sources, was a giant of body and spirit, a miracle of nature never to be repeated. At an advanced age close to a thousand years, his body was still fresh and vital as of a young man of thirty.
He was a beautiful, muscular person who had many wives and concubines, and his seed filled the Earth. He was blessed with a sharp mind and a perfect logic, and his rich voice roared over vast distances. He was probably the greatest orator Mankind has ever known.

People revered and loved him   passionately.


character. As a grandson of Adam and Eve, he wielded an absolute command on his generation, that is, apart from his nemesis: the Children of Cain, do called  Children of ELoKiM.



We can imagine Enosh’s fiery sermons about the forthcoming of YHVH to rule our world in the open. He believed that the Sabbath is around the corner, and that the Kingdom of Mercy is about to enter or world.



We can imagine Enosh delivering his fiery sermons to his huge audience.

We can see him  on a high pulpit, his rich, harmonic voice roaring above the audience heads to far away.

We can imagine his beautiful, majestic body towering over the people who drank his message with happiness. laughter, and joy.
We can imagine the enormous impact of his preaching: If the father of humanity was speaking, if Adam and Eve’s grandson was speaking, who wouldn’t listen?

We can imagine the sheer ecstasy of the audience, hearing

that YHVH was coming to forgive all their sins with endless Love!
How thrilled they were to hear that YHVH would soon appear in the open

and burn Evil forever!

But we also know that his fiery sermons had terrible consequences.

That his disciples degenerated into heinous crimes,

Since they feared  ELKM no more,

and since they believed that their sins would be soon forgiven

they committed ADULTERY, BLOODSHED and THEFT with no hinderance.




Moreover, Enosh was YHVH inside everything in Nature.

He called or prayed to YHVH everywhere, speaking to Her through

The leaves on the tree, the Sun and the Moon and all the celestial bodies.


To his many disciples Ensoh explained that it is OK to pray

To the Sun and the Moon as the KING’s Councilors,

That is actually preferred to pray to them rather than disturbing G-d, th eKING


His intentions might be pure, yet his disciples took it the wrong way.

For not too long they forgot the KING, G-d, and they prayed to the Sun and the Moon themselves, as well to the Trees and the Leaves by themsepves as the RMBM writes:




In the days of Enosh the Children of Adam made a great  error,


And even the greatest wise people of the generation made a folish mistake

And Enosh himself participated

And this was their mistake

They said that since ELKM created the Sun and  the Moon and the Stars

To rule and lead the Earth thereby giving therm a great honor

And they are His servants and councilors , therefore it is

Appreopriate to serve rthem and to praise them and that is in fat His Will that we should do so,


And that was the essence of tgeir idolatrous ways


Thart they kew that G-d is trhe KING yet they thought that this is His wish that Mankind would honor His servants


And in time, false prophets appeared and taght peole to make  statues and images of those celstail bodies and worship them as well as natural forces and Trees and mountains ….and to offer them sacrifices and bult for thenm temples and palces of idol worshipping…


Forgetting the true G-d altogether…”


Hence we’ve mentioned so far two groups

Enosh’s disciples who believed in YHVH alone and forgot ELKM

Enosh’s  disciples who degenerated into foolish idol worshipping

Both groups ended up with AFULTERY, BLOOSHED and THEFT, hamas,

Regardless of their original faith

Cause Noah to wonder whether Mankind’s bloodthirsty heart would tske over

Regardless of your particular faith.











Let’s talk about Noah



Noah was born seven generation after Enosh, ten generations after Adam and  Eve.

The line of his ansesters if studded with ritheous people like


Hanoch, who never died, because “he walked with ELKM” and kept his Laws (Genesis 5: 22; ) and because “ELKM took him away” (Genesis 5: 24).

Metushelach, who lived longer than anyone else (Genesis 27).


On Noah’s birth it is said:


“And he (his father, Lemech ) named him Noah saying:
This one shall comfort us for all our work
and the toil of our hands
For the curse which YHVH has cursed…” (Ge
nesis 5: 29)



Reverse Adam curse, become a new Adam

The name Noah means comfortable. He was an easy going person, who rebuked no one.

Miraculously, the name of his wife, Naama, implies the same that she too was an accommodating person.


But Noah also means a phyisical comfort.
his parents hoped that since Adam was cursed to eat bread by the sweat of his forehead,
their child Noah would  ease that curse,

And make  the farmer’s life easier.


Indeed, trsadition says legend says he introduced the first metal plough to farming.

He converted the weapons of his brother in law Tubal Cain into metal ploughs

A thing that the prophet of Israel would later foresee in the future


Tradition holds that when Noah was still a young boy his mother passed away, leaving him to his  father Lemech.   When his father married another woman, he asked his own father, Metushelach, to raise the child yet the very old man could not develop any meaningful connection with young Noah.


The news came somehow to Enosh,  seven generations older than Noah.   What prompted his interest in young Noah was the fact that Noah was born naturally  circumcised, a very unusual phenomenon. As it is said

“Noah was a complete, righteous man,”

A phrase which resembles the words of G-d to Abraham before giving him the order to circumcise himself:  “Go before me and be completely righteous”.


While Noah was born circumcised, Abraham had to circumcise himself



So while the people in town saw that las a weird congenital defect, something to hide

Enosh saw that as a mirsacle.  Hknew that Adam too was born circumcised, and he    took that as a sign

that Noah would turn to be a NEW ADAM, a new father of humanity.