The theme you’ve chosen for your Bar Mizva is the sky full of galaxies. That is not incidental. Everyone knows how much you love and are  passionate about science. But not everyone knows how much you know science. So let me l share a story  about you with our guests.

When you were about 7-8, years old, I saw you playing with plastic Dinosaurs, like children do. So I said to you: Do you know, Doran, that Man, Homo Sapience,Mankind,  appeared on Earth about 400,000 years ago But last Dinosaurs died 75 M years ago, that is Millions, with M.  But you were unimpressed.

So  I said:  you know, the first Dinosaurs appeared 200 M years ago!  They ruled Earth for  135 M years, longer than any species! But you were  still playing, unimpressed  So I said: But the Universe is much older,  14 B years old! That is Billions, with B!

So you said: Not true! So I said :Why not?The Torah speaks of Six Days, but kabbalah says that each Day lasted 2 B. So you said : Not true! It is not 14 B, it is 13.8 B years.

This  and other  occasions showed me how much you know about Earth history and science. So I know that my words would be meaningful to you.

so  today you enter a new realm of moral obligations,for from hereon you will stand on  a trial, on a judgment. What judgment? Adam was born to withstand a judgment.  ELKM said “let us make an Adam in our form and our image” , and immediately afterwards it says  that ELKM, the Judge, saw everything that He had done and behold it was very good.  So Adam was born for a trial to be Very Good.  He is either Very Good, or as Reish Lakish says, Very Bad.   .

But the verse should have said that ELKM saw Adam, why “Everything He Had done?”

To tells us that when He judges us, He looks at the entire Road He took to bring us here, the entire Six Days, the whole 13.8 B years.  Like in RH.

And it tells us that to understand our trial we should do the same: We should also look at the 13.8 B years for our judgment.

Well, ELKM is  a harsh Judge, but also fair. He would not place us in a trial without telling us its terms and how to win it. So it says that when He judged Adam, He saw not only ADAM but rather Everything that He had done, the entire Six Days, the entire 13.8 B years.  To understand our judgment we too must  look at the entire history of Earth.

So It  took 10 B years to see in space  a round burning glob, full of melting lava  called Earth. There was only darkness and chaos. And ELKM said that at it was good, and the first Day was over.

Then it took a half a B years for Earth to cool of and form a crust,, then accumulate water on it. The water came from space as endless rain and from the cooling rocks.  Earth became completely covered by water. Water World The Second Day was over. . .

Then it took another half a B years for the first continent to appear from the Sea.  As the Torah says that at the Third Day dawned, ELKm separated the Dry Land from the Ocean,

Then the first mono cellular  life form, sort of Algae, appeared  at the shores.  It was equipped with DNA, the same DNA that you Doran has learned to split in Dr Yaffe’s Lab.  Then for the next B years it produced Oxygen (by Photosynthesis )0 and changed the Earth Atmosphere to blue.  As the Super Continent Rodenia was formed Vegetation apeared, first grass, then shrubs then Trees. No mobile Life.  And the Torah agrees,  ELKM seeded Life, then Grass then shrubs then trees.  And He said that it was good and the Third Day was over.

Then Science says that it took 60 M years for the Earth’s axis to stabilize, so that  night and days were seen regularly  as well as the year’s seasons.   The Torah agrees and says that when the Fourth Day arrived ELKM made the luminaries seen regularly from Earth so that  the year calendar could be set up.

Then it took 300M years to develop mobile life in the Oceans and shores: Cambrian Period. First fish, then Birds then amphibians.  The Torah agrees and says that as the Fifth Day arrived ELKM made Fish, Birds and Crocodiles.

Next, science says, life crawled on land due to the protection of enough Ozone.   Earth saw  Super continent Pangea, with its Zoriatic Park creatures: Big Cattle like, then big Beasts like the Dinosaurs. then by huge Snakes, The Torah agrees and says that as the Sixth Day arrived ELKM created Cattle, Beasts and Crawling creatures.

Then ELKM said Let Us Make an Adam.  He did not say let it be an Adam, but let us, me and you, make an ideal Adam, a Very Good Adam.   ELKM had an Image and Form of an idea Adam on His mind, and He would help Adam to become very Good by giving us His Torah.  .

So this is your trial.  You can look at the 13.8 B years and say All I am is a homo sapience, a smart Adam. All I need to do is enjoy  the Universe because everything is made for me.  If you do that,or me, for my pleasures.  If you say that you’ve failed your trial. , .

Or you can say thanks you HasheM for giving me such a truthful Torah that concurs so well with science. Let me grab your hand ELKM and walk in your Torah. Let me cling to you by my Tefilin, so that I would grow and become Very Good.  The choice is yours. . .


ank you Hashem for giving me a true Torah wich has no contradiction with science. Let me grab your hand HaSheM and cling to you by my Tephilin, so that with your guidanceI will become Very Good.