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ADULTERY-4/Eden/The Woman, Marriage, and Adultery


1 : Forming “The Woman”


“And YHVH ELoKiM said,
it is not good that Adam should be alone,
I’ll make him a help to match him…

And YHVH EloKiM caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept
And He took one of his SIDE and closed up the flesh in its place

And YHVH ELKM built a woman out of the SIDE which He had taken from Adam
And He brought her to Adam, and Adam said:

This is now a bone from my bones, a flesh of my flesh
She shall be called a Woman for she was taken from Man” (Genesis 2: 21-23


The  Heavenly PARENT – YHVH ELKM- saw that Adam was lonely. Adam at that stage in Eden resembles a young man at puberty.  The science that used to fascinate him, is inadequate anymore. He longs to – not be alone. His libido is changing direction.


A woman from his side
Adam’s PARENT, YHVH ELKM, understood Adam’s need.  They FORMED for him a ‘woman’ from Adam’s side as a ‘helper against him.’
The Hebrew word selected here for Adam’s side, tzelah, is often translated as ‘a rib’.   Indeed, a rib is our chest’s side.   But it  can be Adam’s “half.”  Tradition says  that Adam was “split” in order to form the Woman.  This could be done easily in the virtual world called Eden. Today we would say that Adam’s original genome, XY, was ‘split’ into the female XX.

Hence the PARENTS YHVH ELKM flying side – by -side, FORMED the Woman so that she would live with Adam side by side – PROVIDED THEY ARE MARRIED.

The text says that, as follows






Immediately after FORMING the woman, the verse says

“Therefore, Man leaves his father
and his mother
and cleaves to his wife
and they become one flesh (Genesis 2:24)


“Therefore- ” because of the Heavenly example – “ Man leaves his father and mother, cleaves to his wife and they. become One flesh.” In other words, Man clings to his Woman and they become One Flesh, Married.  The One CREATOR connects them into a family.

Marriage is MORE than a social, legal agreement  between a woman and a man.    Marriage is a sacred institution, sanctified by YHVH ELKM.   The purpose of Marriage is to create for the couple Eden on Earth.  .

But with the advent of Marriage, comes the opposite – ADULTERY.  You see that in the next verse-


3:ADULTERY:  The Seven Forbidden Sexual Relationships


The verse says that  “Therefore Man should (sexually) leave…”
1. “His father” and his father’s wives (even if she is not your mother)
2. “And his mother (and her mother and sisters)
3. And his sisters (from his mother)
4. And his daughters (and her daughters and so on)
5. “And cleaves to his wife,” not to someone else’ wife)
6. ““So that they become one flesh,” (Marriage produces new Flesh. No homosexuality)

7. “One flesh,” (no bestiality.


 ADULTERY becomes relevant to Eden

With the advent of the Woman, a second Commandment became relevant to Eden- ADULTERY.

Henceforth Adam and his Wife should  abide in Eden by two Commandments- IDOLATRY and ADULTERY.

They could violate IDOLATRY by disobeying their FATHER-KING’S Command , eating the Forbidden Fruit

They could violate ADULTERY if the married Woman engages in sexual relationship with someone else.

To make this possible, the CREATOR is introducing the Ultimate seducer – the Serpent.



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