2022 by Rabbi Dr. Zvi Aviner





  From Eden to Earth and Back





 1. The Verdicts 




Having failed their Eden trial,

the Court’s verdict was given to each of the participant –


And to the woman He said,

I will greatly multiply the pains of thy childbearing,

In sorrow you shall bring forth children,

and yet your desire shall be to your husband
And he shall rule over you…” (Genesis 3: 16)


And to Adam He said:

Because you listened to the voice of your wife,

and ate of the tree about which I commanded you

saying You shall not eat of it,

a cursed is the ground because of you,

through suffering shall you eat oof it all the days of your life

By the sweat of your brow shall you eat bread until you return to the ground…


And YHVH ELKM said to the Serpent:

Because you’ve done this, accursed are you beyond

all the cattle and beyond all the beasts of the field,

upon your belly shall you go, and dust shall you eat

all the days of your life, I’ll put an enmity between you

and the woman and between your offspring and her

offspring, He shall pound your head and you will bite

his heels…”


The Serpent, as a virtual creature, was condemned to disappear.

On Earth it would develop into a regular snake.

Some say, however, that the Serpent has entered Man’s heart

as an eternal driving force fo




 2.  The Miraculous Coats  



Miraculous Dresses
The harsh Verdict was given and sealed.

Adam and his wife would be driven out of Eden to live on Earth,

but not without a gift. 

The Parent, YHVH ELoKIM, made them miraculous  coats,

as the verse says:


“And YHVH ELoKiM made for Adam and Eve Coats of skin
and He clothed them.” (Genesis 3:21)


The Talmud debates the nature of the coats.

They were coats of ‘aur,’ which can be
1. Coats of skin, ‘aur’
2. Coats of light, ‘aur.’


These coats, according to tradition, endowed whoever wears them

with the talent to ‘converse with the animals.’


Since Adam is destined to “rule over” the animals,

as it says in Genesis Chapter One,

the coats would help him to be a ‘king who consults,”

who comprehends the animal’s languages and needs.


Since everything in Eden is virtual,

the coats represent a special gift given to Mankind

from our CREATOR, to sustain our life on Earth.


The coats in history:


Adam bequeathed the coats to Cain as he went to exile in the woods.


Noah and his wife Naama inherited the coats after Cain was accidentally killed by

Naana’s father, Lemech, the accident- prone fool. The coats helped Naama and Noah to cater for the animals in their Ark.


King Nimrod inherited the coats as a gift from his grandparents, Naama and Noah. The coats allowed him to understand the animals, thereby becoming their” king.”


People used to see the young Nimrod riding on lions’ back and flying high on eagle’s wing. Seeing Earth from above prompted him later to build the Tower of Babylon. The master orator, Nimrod, ended with people speaking different languages.


Esau, Isaac’s son, Esau, took the coat from Nimrod.  This is how he could hunt animals “by his “mouth.”




 3.  The Tree of Life’s Brunch




 There were other gifts.  As Adam and his Wife were driven out of Eden, the verse says


“And YHVH ELoKiM said, Behold,

Adam has become like one of us,

knowing good and evil.  

And now, what if he put forth his hands

and take also from the Tree of Life
and eating it shall live forever?” (Genesis 3:22)


The verse has been ridiculed by Bible critics as if it shows G-d speaking with Jealousy. But tradition explains that YHVH ELKM answered His angels’ plea not to send the humans away. Sin is infectious, G-d said, and Adam would be definitely tempted to eat also from the Tree of Life.


The Gift of the Tree of Life

But tradition adds something missing here – that YHVH ELKM did give

Adam and his wife a BRUNCH OF THE TREE OF LIFE

to take with them down to Earth.

“Whoever owns the BRUNCH shall live forever,” YHVH ELKM said.



What happened to the branch?

Because of that BRUNCH, Adam and his Wife (now called Eve) lived a long life, almost a thousand years.

Shet, their beloved son, inherited the BRUNCH and he too lived almost a thousand years

Enosh, Shet’s giant, charismatic orator inherited the BRUNCH and he too live close to a thousand years

Noah, seven generations after Enosh and his disciple, inherited the BRUNCH.  He too lived almost a thousand years and saw Abraham.

 Shem, Noah’s son, inherited the BRUNCH and he bequeathed it to –

Abraham who bequeathed it to Isaac and he to Jacob and he to –

Moses, who carved a handle from the Brunch for the Torah Scroll he wrote. And Moses gave it to

Israel, who therefore live forever as long they observe the Torah.




4.  The Tunnel from Eden to Earth





The Trial of the virtual Eden – in the land of FORMING- was over on the THIRD Day.

As it says in Genesis Chapter One, ELKM then said that “it was good” and He seeded Life on Earth.

The process we call “Evolution” began, ending with the MAKING of Mankind on real Earth towards the end of the Sixth Day.


On the passage between the virtual Eden and real Earth the verse says:


 “And He, YHVH ELoKiM sent him from the Garden of Eden
to till the ground from which he was taken, and He chased out the Adam,
And He placed in East of Eden the Cherubs
And the Glowing, Revolving Sword to guard
the Way to the Tree of Life. (Genesis 3:23-24)


…………………Eden’s Gates…


“And Adam knew his wife Eve and she conceived
and she bore Cain and she said,
I have bought a man with YHVH….”



Eden’s’ gates
The section comprises of two portions:

Life above Eden’s Gate is in Virtual Eden,
Life bellow Eden’s Gate is on real Earth.


There are two putative Gates of virtual Eden to real Earth
One into Mt. Moriah, where King Solomon would place the Holy Ark

and the two Golden Cherubs, mentioned here.


Second one Into the Tomb of Patriarch’s Cave in the city of Hebron,

where four couple are buried: Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah.








  1. Our Souls’ Passes from Eden to Earth



The verses mention the road from Eden to Earth. They say that each person’s soul passes that road from the CREATOR to get into our bodies as we are born.  Here is the road-

(1) The road begins up at YHVH ELKM’S throne in Eden.
(2) The road goes down as the Way of the Tree of Life.

(3) Then Passes by the “Cherubs”.
(4) And by the Glowing, Revolving Sword.
(5) Then it ends at the Gate, East of Eden.
(6) Ending on Mt. Moriah where the Holy Ark used to stand.


As our soul travels down to Earth via that road, it passes by the Two Cherubs then by the Hot, Revolving Sword that reminds our soul that at the end of the journey on Earth it would return to the same road and be judged.

If the verdict is Very Good, our soul would ascend and sit by the Throne.

If the verdict is Very Bad, then – khalah! Annihilation! (see our closes on IDOLATRY)



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