ELKM Consulted Procreation and Made Adam’s Sex Drive

Know Your Creator, Know Yourself, and Know the Difference




So far, we’ve discussed “councilors” who appear

In Chapter One BEFORE Adam.

Like the Six Days, His Wisdom, His Spirit of Art, His Self.


But to drive Adam forwards, to motivate him to create and

Struggle to move forwards in history to the Sabbath,

ELKM consulted also entities   in Chapter One that appear in the text

after Adam.  Those entities would drive Adam forwards like

powerful horses place in front of a wagon.


First and foremost, is the Drive to Procreate, our Sex Drive.

After mentioning Adam, it is said that ELKM blessed them saying

“Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the Earth…”  (Genesis 1: 25)


Thus, while planning Adam, ELKM turned to “be fruitful and multiply,”

The Drive to Procreate, and said:

Let Us make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image.”

He then consulted the Sex Drive and made Adam accordingly.


By this, ELKM made our Sex Drive stronger than it is in other creatures.

it would drive Man all year long, dominating our lives.


By this, ELKM gave Adam a precious gift,

that would enrich and motivate our lives,

but at the same time, it would become a magic fascination in our heart and mind,

so much that we might err and worship it, instead of our CREATOR.