ELKM Consulted His Spirit and Made  Artistic Talent  

Know the CREATOR, Know Yourself, and Know the Difference




Having consulted with the Six Days to make Adam’s body,

And His Wisdom and Science to make Adam Wise Man, a homo Sapience,

ELHM continued to build another layer in Adam’s body and mind.


Turning to an entity mentioned in Verse 2, where it says

“The Spirit of ELHM was hovering over the Water,

He Consulted “His Spirit” saying:

“Let Us Make and Adam in our Form and Our Image.”

He then consulted His Spirit like a builder consulting his plan

and made Adam’s heart and mind accordingly.



What is ELHM’s Spirit?

The Torah says about Bezalel, the artist who made the holy vessels

for Moses’ Tabernacle, that he was filled with endowed with

“Wisdom, Insight, and knowledge,” Chochma, Tevuna and Daat”

abbreviated ChaBaD, referring to his intellectual abilities,

and also, with “The Spirit of ELHM,” referring to his artistic talent.


Hence, at Adam’s creation, ELHM consulted the Artistic aspects

by which He created the world, and made Adam’s heart and mind accordingly.


By this, ELKM gave Adam the precious gift of being fascinated

with Art and Beauty.  It has enriched our lives and gave it a meaning,

but it’s very success would serve as an IDOLATRY trap,

when people subject their lives to the art they produce and enjoy,

forgetting ELHM who has given us the talent to make and enjoy Art.


The story about Abraham

Tradition says that Abraham, born into an idolatrous home,

discovered G-d by observing the beauty of Nature.

Since Nature looks like a beautiful castle, he said,

It must have an architect, a builder who also owns it

by the right of the artist to own the things he produces.


Abraham was therefore the first person ever to call G-d

by the new name, AaDoNai, which means my OWNER,

who Owns the Heavens and the Earth, (Genesis 14: 19).

by the virtue of creating it.


In fact, the Torah praises here Mankind not only for our intellect,

For being a Homo Sapience, but also for our artistic mind,

for our ability to appreciate and produce Art, Music, Poetry, and so on.


The Torah only wants us to remember that as much as we adore

Art and Music, we should never forget the CREATOR, ELKM,

who has planted it in our  mind and heart.