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Rabbi Dr Zvi Aviner


 How Long is a Day of CREATION?  

Know your CREATOR, know YOURSELF and know the Difference




How long was a Day of CREATION?



1: How Old is CREATION? 


Kabbalah’s Calculat



As we all know,

 science says that the Universe is 13.7 billion years old, starting with a Big Bang.

The ancient Greeks said the age is Infinite.

What does Moses say?


According to the Torah,

the murder of Abel by Cain occurred 5782 years ago,

a number that is often used as the Universe’ age.


But in fact, the number 5782 does not cover Chapter One,

that describes the Six Days.


Kabbalah says, that Chapter One should be counted separately.

An ancient Kabbalah, recorded by Rabbi H. Abulafia (13th century AD)

the age of the World is calculated from Psalm 90, as follows:


Composed by Moses, rather than David, Psalm 90 says:


“For our thousand years

are like one day in your eyes.” 


Hence “One Day of the CREATOR” equals 1,000 our years,

and One Year of the CREATOR equals 350,000 our years (350× 1,000)


Since another Kabbalah source teaches that

6,000 CREATOR’S Years equal One Day of CREATION,

it comes out that

a Day of CREATION Equals 6,000×350,000=2.1 billion human years!

And six Days OF CREATION equal 2.1 x 6 = 12.6 billion human years!


Another Kabbalah calculation comes out with 15 billion human years.

Hence the average age of the Universe is 13-14 billion years,

very close to the age, according to science. 










2. The Length of a Day 

Supported by the Text




The Torah’s text itself suggests, that a Day of CREATION is a STAGE  

in the history of the World. How?

  At the end of the First Day, it says:


“And ELoHiM saw that it is good, and

it was evening and it was morning, one Day.” 


The Torah calls the first Day – “One Day,” instead of ‘Day One,’

Indicating that a Day is the time that took CREATION to advance

from   the Beginning till the time it saw in it Matter and Water.

 That stage could last a long time. Kabbala says: 2.1 B years on the average.



the verse says “it was evening and it was morning, One Day.”

It calls it a Day despite the fact that the Sun and the Moon

would appear regularly later, on the Fourth Day.


Thus, a Day of CREATION refers to an era, a phase in World’s history.

On the average, it lasted 2.1 billion human years. Certainly, it was NOT our one day.


As we see so far, Moses’ Story CAN match our science,

something you can’t do with any of the myths of his time

Can we also match the rest of Genesis with Science?