What is ‘Good’ in ELHM’S Eyes?   

Know your CREATOR, know Yourself and know the Difference



Before we compare Genesis to science, it is important to recdall

that Genesis Chapter One presents the CREATOR, ELKM,

as a BUILDER of a six Floors building, nature,

and that at the end of each Day, each Floor,

He checked to see whether or not the Floor was “good”.


If the Floor was deemed “good,” He allowed it to continue

and support another Floor on top.

If the verdict was “not good” anymore,

The Floor or its creatures were terminated and discarded

Like a scaffold that is no more needed.


Let’s note that here the term “good” or “not good”

are seen from the BUILDER’S eyes, with no moral connotation.

What indeed constitutes “good” in ELKM’s eyes?











  1: What is ‘good’ in ELHM’s eyes?



1: ‘Good’ means ‘feeling good’ 

“Good” may simply mean ‘feeling good,’

that ELKM was pleased.

In the eyes of kabbala, though, G-d created the world

To derive from it a good feeling, nahat-ruach



2: ‘Good’ meant “as planned.

Saying that the Floor was ‘good’ meant that

it matched the BUILDER’S Plan.

Like a contractor who match the project on the ground,

with the architect’s plan.

Hence, the world was created along a plan, to reach a goal.



3: ‘Good’ means ‘winning the trial.’

Since ELKM is not only a BUILDER, but also a JUDGE,

The terms “good” and “not good” are VERDICTS.


 Here is the proper vocabulary used through the Bible.

A person who stands under ELK’s judgment

is called “RIGHTEOUS” – Tzadik – when he has won the trial,

and h is called a “SINNER” or “WICKED” – ra-sha- when he has lost the trial (RMBM).



4: ‘Good’ means: viable, durable.

If the Floor was deemed viable, strong, capable of

supporting the next Floor on top, it was “good”,

and be allowed to continue living.

If the Floor was “not good,” it was terminated

without MERCY.


For example:  The Dinosaurs were terminated since they could not

support the next stage of CREATION – proliferation of mammals, including Man.


5: “Good’ implies capability to live in the next Day

Each creature’s trial depends on its position on the ladder of CREATION.

The Vegetation on the Third Day were “good’ since they supported

mobile life in the oceans, appearing on the Fifth Day.


And the Fish of the Fifth Day were “good” since they supported

the beasts of the Sixth Day.


It comes out that Mankind would be deemed ‘good’ (very good)

If we support the coming, Seventh Day of CREATION which is

also called “the Eternal Sabbath Day.”



Now , since ELKM stands for the Absolute Truth,

and His Name appears 32 times in the Six Days as a stamp of truthfulness,

let’s ask, is the story of Genesis true?  Does it match our scientific knowledge?



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