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Rabbi Dr Zvi Aviner


Cain’s Infamous Children of ELHM




We are learning about Breaching Oneness as a high form of IDOLATRY.

Let’s recall that the cry of Monotheism is:

One G-d,

 G-d is One.


The first cry is numerical, saying that G-d has no equal or superior or inferior powers,

such as putative family members – a son, a wife, a father,

nor does He have partners pr other G-ds besides Him.


The second cry is a mental declaration that G-d Himself is complete and undivided.

Thus, in Moses’ Shema, the focus is on G-d’s Attributes, YHVH and ELHM, declaring

that He and His Attributes are One.


Thus, the Shema says:

Hear Oh Israel,


YHVH is One


 What prompt Moses to issue such a declaration?

The need for such a declaration comes from Man’s inclination

to separate those Attributes and see them as different gods.


After all, watching nature, and our own lives, we are forever tempted to think

that the world, with its calamities and suffering and death,

is run by a “bad god”

and that the “good god” is either ‘arrested in prison’ by the bad god

or that it died and have to be resurrected.


Such a belief was extremely popular in ancient civilizations,

as in ancient Persia and later in Rome, at the time of Jesus.


In the Torah’s eyes, however, nature is controlled not be a bad god

but rather by the Attribute of JUSTICE, ELHM, whereas the peaceful,

idealistic and ‘warm’ world exists only in the Eternal Sabbath ruled by YHVH

and that both YHVH and ELHM are Attributes of THE SAME, ONE G-D.


Again, the cycle of eat and be eaten that we see in Nature is not “evil’

but rather an expression of ELHM’s Absolute JUSTICE.


It seems that Moses is aware, that Mankind would always be tempted

to separate the Attributes YHVH and ELHM, hence his Shema.

Indeed, why does he expect Mankind to forever ‘split’   the Attributes?


This split is predicted by the Torah

For in Genesis Chapter One, before making Adam, ELHM announced in plural

“Let Us Make an Adam in Our Form and our Image.”

Here, speaking in plural, ELHM opened the door for idolaters to think

that there is more than One creator (numerical aspect.)


Since the same verse that opens the door for IDOLATRY, is the same

that announces the creation of Adam, it comes out that Mankind

is made SPECIFICALLY to withstand the challenge of IDOLATRY.


Who might be the idols, according to the verse?

The answer is: Whoever ELHM consulted with at Adam’s creation

is a potential idol engraved in our psyche.


Why would the ‘good god’ place Adam into such an awesome trial?

The answer is, as we’ve said, that Adam was not born by “a good god”

But rather by ELHM, the All Mighty JUDGE, who creates things to withstand a trial.


Now, since ELHM consulted YHVH to make us, it comes out that

the idolaters would forever be tempted to regard ELHM and YHVH

as separate PARNERS. Falling into that psychologic trap is IDOLATRY.


Hence Mankind would be forever tempted to split the Attributes,

to prefer one Attribute over the other, like a child attracted to

one parent over the other.

Part of Mankind would be attracted to worship the Merciful YHVH,

the other part attracted to worshipping the harsh JUDGE ELHM.


Has this split  happened in history?

We, in the 21th century, can  attest that  since the 7th century AD,

humanity has split into two rival faiths, exactly along the line

between the Attributes.


One party following Mercy, declaring that the Laws of ELHM are abrogated,

the other following Allah, a version of ELHM, oblivious to the Merciful YHVH.


Moreover, and very importantly –

both parties already guilty o so much BLOODSHED!



Let’s recall that such a split pf Mankind along the Attributes

Is not only a theological or philosophical issue but rather

a major split  in culture, in the judiciary systems, in life style, hopes and customs.


Had this split happened before in history?

The Torah informs us that such a spiritual split along the Attributes

had also occurred in Noh’s time,

when half of humanity ‘called’ or worshipped YHVH,

the other followed ELHM,

the two camps not only breaching Oneness, but also

committing terrible BLOODSHED and THEFT ,which the Torah calls “hamas.””


What was Noah’s posture in this split of his time?     

What exactly saved him and his family from the Flood?

What would save our generation from a Flood?


We should ask that question, when

we are seeing  how our oceans are rising – like in Noah time,

our shores are battered by increasingly more ferocious winds – like in Noah’s time,

our glob and oceans are increasingly warmer – like in Noah’s time!


 Noah tried hard to warn his generation of the coming calamity,

by building his ark slowly, for 150 years, on the taller mountain near the city

for all to see.


“Why do you build your beautiful ark up there?” the people asked him,

“do you think that the ocean would rise up there? Hah! Hah!”

And he said: “well, you said so!”

And they asked “Do you wish to tell us that we are sinners? Hah!”

On which he said: “well, you have said so!”


Noah didn’t rebuke directly his fellowmen.

His name Noah means “pleasant,” and so was his wife’s name Naama,

that means pleasant, indicating they were  a good match.


Should we, as the Children of Noah, follow his example?

Should we too warn our peers against breaching Oneness,

which is a predicted source forspiritual downfall?


Should we too build an ark on the tallest high riser, sending

the massage to Mankind by our action?


Let’s examine the two rival camps in Noah’s time.

This would teach us a lot about our times.





Enosh’ Camp of MERCY



Last class we learned about Enosh and his disciples,

who ‘began calling YHVH’ in sincere piety,

calling Her to return to the world and save humanity

from the rising waters.


We saw how Enosh’ fiery sermons enkindled the passion of his audience,

how they repented and asked forgiveness, and how his very teaching

breached Oneness by neglecting to call ELHM.


We saw how the lack of fearing ELHM caused Enosh’ disciples

to slide down from IDOLATRY, to ADULTERY, BLOODSHED and THEFT.


Thus, an apparently ‘small’ error of IDOLATRY, like Breaching Oneness,

could establish a whole new culture, that almost ended the human race.

Luckily, Enosh’ repentance campaign was successful and the Flood was postponed

till later, in Noah’s time.




The Infamous Children of ELHM



The Torah turns to another party in Noah’s time, the so-called Children of ELHM,

who followed the opposite of Enosh’ teaching, following ELHM yet neglecting YHVH.


Who were the Children of ELHM?

On the Children of ELHM it is said:

 “And the Children of ELHM saw the daughters of Men were good,

so they took themselves women from whoever they chose.


“The Nefillim were on the Earth on those days and also afterwards,

when the Children of ELHM would consort with the daughters of Man,

who would bear to them.  They were the mighty who from old were men of fame


Let us re-construct the Children of ELHM by reviewing the commentaries.





Angels Who Fell from Heavens

The Church adapted the notion that the Children of ELHM,

translated into English as ‘Children of G-d, ‘were either Children of G-d Himself

or Children of angels who ‘fell’ from Heavens to cohabit with human daughters.

Among them the Angels Aza and Azael.


From that blend between the divine and the humans, came giants – Nefillim,

people of fame. Here Nefillim means either “giants” or “fallen,” from Heavens or from grace.


This interpretation may fit well the church ideology, and it also has somsupport

in the Book of Job, where it is said:

The Children of ELHM came before ELHM with Satan among them.”

Here the term clearly refers to some heavenly powers.


The Zohar however says that Rabbi Simeon Bar Yochai,

as early as the 2nd century AD, much before Constantine,

excommunicated whoever holds such a belief.


Powerful Human Judges

Almost all Jewish sources, old and new, say that the Children of ELHM

were ‘sons of mighty human judges.’ Indeed, in Hebrew, EeLoHiM means a judge.

Thus, the verse means that the children of powerful leaders took for themselves

any woman they wished, married or not, thereby committing ADULTERY.


For instance, Seforno (1458) and Rabeinu Bahyee (1225)  explain  that

the Children of ELHM were children of the heads of the cities,

or important JUDGES.




The question is:  if so, what is so unique about them?

In every generation ever since the start of civilization

the sons of the leaders have   taken any woman they wish?


Children of Cain

Hence, the Zohar says:

“Rabbi Chyah says: The Children of ELHM were the Children of Cain

whoever came from Cain is called Children of ELHM.”

“Rabbi Yehudah added that the Nefillim were the Children of Cain.”


The Zohar also says that Naama, Noah’s wife,

a seventh generations descendant of Cain (including Cain)

was one of the Children of ELHM.


Who were the Nefillim?

They were chieftains, Aza and Azael,  of the Children of ELHM clan,

who “fell” – nefillim – of grace, of their spiritual level.

They were initially righteous, pious, but they corrupted

and ‘fell from grace’ and fame.


Another tradition, preserved by the church, says that there

was a perpetual war between Shet’ clan, or Enosh’ clan,

and Cain’ clan, the Children of ELHM clan.


Another Zohar saying is that Shet and Cain camps were so much apart,

that their mixed marriage produced “children who were “Monsters”

that threatened to destroy the world. Hence, they banned all

mixed marriages between the clans.



If so, we may wonder:

Since Noah came from Shet (Enosh)  and Naama from Cain,

how could they marry each other despite then ban?


This may explain why for close to 500 years Naama and Noah refrained

from bearing children till close to the Flood.  And even then, they had only

three sons and no more. And their sons too were married without children

till after the Flood.


Which makes me wonder –



Why were they named Children of ELHM?

It is not difficult to re-construct. After murdering Abel, Cain confessed

and asked forgiveness from YHVH. Since he was the first murderer,

who had not witnessed the consequences before, he was partially pardoned

and was sent to exile in no-man’s land.


He was also told, however, that whoever kills him would be avenged seven folds:

And YHVH said to him therefore whoever kills Cain would be avenged seven folds” (4: 25)

on which says Rashi:

After seven generations I will avenge my vengeance from him.”

To be precise, the Ebn Ezra says “he would be avenged till seven generations.”


Cain went to exile to live in the woods alone, with only a ferocious dog by his side.

He grew long heir and walked naked like an ape. To scare any potential murderer away from him, YHVH placed an “ot” – either an emblem like a letter from YHV’s name (Rashi)  that protruded like a horn from his forehead, or  a light ray – “or” –that radiated from his forehead.

Tradition also says that before going into exile, his parents Adam and Eve

gave Cain the airy miraculous dress, that they had worn in Eden,

allowing Cain to converse with the animals and survive.

That dress would re-appear in many legends about Nimrod and Esau



 The Children of ELHM’s Cultur

Meanwhile, Cain’ children developed a unique faith. As if to atone

for their forefather murderous sin, they took upon themselves

to abide by ELHM’s Laws in the most stringent way, punishing

severely and mercilessly for the slightest sin.


Looking at our times, in those who follow the same mode of faith,

we can imagine what they did.

They stoned adulterers, hung, beheaded sinners and   cut thieves’ hands

in the public arena, for all to see.

Needless to say, that particular mode of faith rendered them, in time,

to be insensitive to human suffering, becoming cruel.


But there were also positive traits in them.

Since they believed in ELHM and His ways, as a BUILDER,

they engaged in real life on Earth.

Unlike Enosh’s descendants who were noted for their spirituality,

Cain’s descendants built towns, developed commerce,

and became notorious for their art and music (4: 17-22)


Noted among them –

Naama’s brother Yaval, was the first to raise large herds outside the cities.

Her other brother Yuval, was such a gifted flute player that his music opened

the heart of the toughest guys.


The Zohar says that they were extremely sensitive to their honor.

Hence, they were constantly armed to the teeth, ready to struck back.


 On Naama’s brother from the same mother, Tubal Cain, it is said

that he was the first to forge strong metal alloy for his weapons (4: 22)

That invention made the clan Children of ELHM to the strongest military force

in the world.  No police or army could withstand their strong swords and spears.


That new technology gave them much power and wealth that eventually   

They corrupt. Tubal Cain infamous gangues are described in the Midrash

as ferocious, cruel gangues that roamed the streets with no fear, raping, killing

and robbing people’s homes under the watching Sun  with no shame.


As we’ll learn from the Eden story, shame from sinning is a typical sign

of awareness of YHVH in our heart. Thus, after their sin in Eden, Adam and Eve

covered their nakedness and hid in shame in the bush.

Here too, the lack of shame in Tubal Cain’s gangues, speaks loudly for

their obliviousness to YHVH and Her values, as expected by their breaching of Oneness. .


Tubal means spices.  This was his nickname.

It means that he perfected Cain’s murderous deed.

If Cain killed by his bare hands, here came his descendant Tubal Cain

and perfected his forefather’s action by his strong weapo


According to this line of thoughts,

the name Nefillim- ones who fell from grace- refers

to their chieftains, Aza and Azael, who became so e corrupt that

they took woman as they desired, married or not.

In addition, the Midrash adds that they cohabited unnaturally with their pets,

thereby violating ADULTERY to its kinds including BESTISALITY.


On Noah’s wife Naama’s famil

On Naama’s father Lemech, a sixth generation after Cain, it is said


And Lemech told his wives

Ada and Zila listen to my saying

For I have killed a man, and wounded a boy

For if Cain suffered vengeance at seven generations

Then Lemech seventy-seven folds!”


So arrogant was Lemech, that he speaks about himself in a third voice, as  a royalty.

So fearful he was about someone coming to kill Cain, that he made a curse:

If G-d promised to avenge Cain seven folds, if he is killed prematurely,

I curse the killer “seventy-seven folds!”


Could this stop the prophecy to be fulfilled?

The Midrash describe Lemech as a half-blinded, an accident-prone fool,

who had a small head and mighty hands that could smash an oxen head

by one clap. He used to stumble over furniture and break them to pieces,

in short – a “walking disaster.”


Because of that image, the term Lemech   has become in the Yedish language

a nickname for a fool who stumbles and fails to accomplish .anything.


Rashi describes such a mishap.

It was the custom of the   Children of ELHM, in their false piety, to marry

at least two wives, one for bearing children, the other for sex.


The one designated to sex, was condemned to drink a sterilizing poison cup

at her wedding night. This either caused her enormous belly pains ending with sterility,

or she passed away with no mercy.


Lemech, as a chieftain, had two wives mentioned in the verse.

One was Zila, which means a shadow, who lived in his shadow for sex,

the other was Ada, meaning an ornament, as the proud wife and mother.


But the verse says that Zila – the one in the shadow – was the mother

of Tubal Cain and Naama. How could that happen?


It is said that Zila grew up in poverty and she had to struggle for living,

Making her smart and shrewd.  She made her fame as a talented magic dancer,

whom Lemech   married for sex.  That explains her name Zila, “shadow.”


No one know how it happened, but apparently Lemech had another stumbling

at the wedding night.  As it was their custom, the groom and the bride had each his cup,

but in the morning, they found Lemech twisting on the ground with terrible stomach pains,

while the shrewd Zila was impregnated and happy.


Zila then gave birth to Tubal Cain, the genius metal worker,

and several years later she bore Lemech twin girls whom she named both

by same name Naama, to confuse everyone. So identical were those twin

that Zila taught them the art of magic dancing, where they appeared as one girl

split into two, or one girl appearing in different places at the same time.

Hence the legend of the Demon Naama, described in the Zohar.


It is also said that the twins grew up to become such beautiful girls,

that young men committed suicide after seeing them only once.


It also semes that one of the twins was sexually corrupt, a priest of Bestiality,

while the other twin was righteous, who somehow married Noah!