2022 by Rabbi Dr. Zvi Aviner






The Primordial Sin




1.     The Enticer in Action





And it said to the woman:

Has not ELoKiM said You shall not eat

of any tree of the Garden?” (Genesis 2:25, 3:1)


“And the woman said to the Serpent,
we may eat from the fruits of the Trees of the Garden,
but of the fruits of the Tree which is in the midst of the Garden,
ELoKiM has said, you shall not eat of it.” (Genesis 3:2-3)



“And the Serpent said to the woman,

you shall not surely die, for ELoKiM knows

that on the day you eat of it then

your eyes shall be opened and you shall be

like ELoKiM knowing Good and Evil…” (Genesis 3: 4-5)



The cunning Serpent clearly lied to the woman. As it said:


1 “Has not ELoKiM said…”  You can’t see that in the English translation,

 but in Hebrew it sounds like: How COULD ELoKiM say this to you!”

The Serpent sounded as if ELoKiM had deprived them from

something wonderful which was not the case.



2Has not ELoKiM said…”  It was unaware of YHVH.


  1. “You shall NOT die…’  The Serpent clearly lied.


  1. “You shall be like ELoKiM, knowing Good and Evil

Here the Serpent exhibited its ignorance of YHVH.

It associates Good and Evil with ELHM,

rather than in the eyes of YHVH.


5: The Serpent depicted ‘Knowing Evil’ as a REWARD,

rather than a BURDEN.  

It is a burden to live on Earth facing sorrow and death,

while YHVH’s prisms is on your eyes.

The whole purpose of Eden, after all,

was to spare them the hardship of facing Evil.


6: The Serpent twisted ELKM’s intention,

as if ELKM feared competition.


7: The Serpent took advantage of the fact that the woman,

had not heard G-d’s warning directly by herself.


The Serpent therefore lied to her, saying that ELHM,

had warned them not to touch the Tree.

When she hesitated, it pushed her to the Tree.

seeing that nothing bad happened to her,

she believed its words and she ate the Fruit


As it says:

 And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food
And that it was a delight to the eyes, 

and a tree to be desired to make one wise,
She took of its fruits and did eat it, 

and gave also to her husband with her,

and he did eat it.” (Genesis 3: 6)


Sin always comes gradually.

She first looked at the fruit, then ate of it, then enjoyed it.

then she enticed her husband to do the same.

Being a Serpent is infectious.

A sinner usually entices others to join, to spread the guilt.


Eating the fruit was tantamount to IDOLATRY,

Cohabiting privately with Serpent, being a married woman, was tantamount to ADULTERY.

Thus, the humans violated all the possible violations in Eden.