Noahide Seven Commandments Torah classes

WE HAVE ADVANCED from Genesis to

We’ve climbed up the ladder of Commandments from
Idolatry to Blasphemy
Idolatry is basically a very personal issue
Adultery between couples , is assumes marriage
Theft is the ownership between two or moreo indivuiduals
Injustice and civil order is basically an issue of society
Blasphemy, desecration, sanctification is in the eyes of others, a communirt, inIsrel: at least 10
Hliness the angles chant to each other,
Israel from earth chant to each other

How do you stand before the CREATOR?
In silence?
Only asking a favor?
All day long

Israel has had a chance to develop a siddur over the last 3000 years (from David to Ezra and the rabbis
Many prayers were composed, only few withstood the tooth of time
Noahide should not are not expected to imitate Israel

I offer here a set of principles upon which Noahides can develop a

Prayers are mandatory for 3 occasions
(1) daily prayer and service, what would it content?
(2) the service at the transition between the sixth day afternoon to the Sabbath
(3) the prayers on Rosh Hashanah

Daily prayer:
Where? Prayer halls? Synagogues? Temples?

Wear a prayer shawl
Text: Shem’s blanket

Believe in the truthfulness of the Torah and the prophecy of Moshe
Genesis chapter 1 fits science
BamBaM 13 principles
ELKM the JUDGE made Adam for a life long trial
We need to unit ELKM with YHVH in my heart, mind and life
We need to be not just good, but rather Very Good
Reminding the six Commandments of Adam (verse)
Reminding the Rainbow Covenant and the seventh of Noah

Noah on Mt. Moriah

Holy Temple
King Solomon dedication:
We walk in the Temple
We wash our hands legs
We chant the same Levite psalms

Noah before the Flood (HC)
Lift us over