BLOODSHED-13/Noah’s Rainbow Covenant


© 2021  
Rabbi Dr Zvi Aviner

 BLOODSHED-13/Noah’s Rainbow Covenant



We all still live under Noah”s  Rainbow Covenant. We should therefore place it on the walls of the UN, on our prayer halls and public institutions.

. It should be taught to every child or a grown person on Earth. Regardless of religious affiliation or nationality. 

The Covenant is between the Heavenly Court’s SELF  and Mankind. 




The Heavenly Court’s Wings



And YHVH smelled the sweet aroma,  
YHVH said to His heart, I shall not again curse 
  the ground any more for Adam,
For the drive of Adam’s heart
Is evil from his youth,
Neither shall I smite
Again living
And ELHM blessed   
Noah and his sons and said to them
Be fruitful and multiply and filled the Earth and surely the 
Blood of your lives shall I require from the hands of every beast 
and from the hands fo Man, from the hands of Man I shall require the blood of Man 
Whoever sheds  blood of Man by Man will hisi blood be shed for in the Image of ELHM He made the Adam  
And ELHM told Noah and sons saying I shall establish  my Covenant  with you and your seeds after you 
and I shall maintain  my Covenant with you so thsat never again shall all flesh be destroyed by the water of the Flood and 
never again there will be another Flood on Earth 


The novelty of Covenant

Before the Flood, the CREATOR had never entered a Treaty or a Covenant with Mankind.

Neither Adam nor Enosh merited such approach. The Flood changed Noah.

Noah dared to stand on his own rights and exercise his Free Will, by refusing to comply with ELKM’s command and procreate.

He would do that only on condition:

If he is promised a change in the Heavenly Court’s heart, and a change in the human’s heart, only then he would start civilization again.

Last two classes we read the two Wings of the Heavenly Court speaking to Noah. The  CREATOR accepted his plea,  on condition too.

If Noah has natured enough to offer a petition, to stand on his Free Will, then he should also be capable to enter a Treaty.

Time has arrived to seal such a Covenant between G-d and Man, the first ever. For that, let’s read the verdict of the SELF:



The Rainbow Covenant



Here is the text describing Noah’s Rainbow Covenant. Let’s counts how many times the words ‘Covenant’ and ‘Rainbow’ appear.

(9:8-15) “And ELoKiM said to Noah and his sons, saying:
I, MY SELF, shall establish my (1) Covenant with you and your seeds after you…
And I shall maintain my (2) Covenant with you so that never again shall all flesh be destroyed by the water of the Flood and never again there shall be another Flood on Earth….
“And ELoKiM said, this is the sign of the (3) Covenant I’ve set between me and you, and every living soul that is with you, for the generations of all time.
My (1) Rainbow I’ve given in the cloud, and it shall be a token for the (4) Covenant between me and Earth,
So that when I bring clouds on Earth, the (2) Rainbow appears in the cloud
I shall remember my (5) Covenant that is between me and you and between all living souls that is in all flesh and the water shall never again become a Flood to destroy all flesh
And the (3)Rainbow shall be in the cloud and I shall see it and I will remember the everlasting (6) Covenant between ELoKiM and between every living soul that is in all flesh that is on Earth. And ELoKiM said to Noah: This is the sign of my (7)Covenant which I have established between myself and all flesh that is on the Earth.” (Genesis 9: 8-17)

How majestic! The Rainbow Covenant’s text carries:
The word “Covenant” 7 times (rendering holiness to it)
The Name “ELoKiM” 3 times (stamping the Covenant with a signature of the Absolute truth)
The word “Rainbow” 3 times
And the notion that the Flood would not return, repeated 3 times (a pledge)

What is the purpose of the Rainbow?
The Rainbow ‘reminds’ ELoKiM not to bring back the Flood
It reminds us that we live on condition

The Rainbow ‘separates’ ELoKIM’s ruling into two types (Midrash):
1. An “Attenuated Judgment” of ELoKiM that rules the world ‘below’ the Rainbow,
2. A harsh Judgment of ELoKiM that still rules the Universe ‘above’ the Rainbow.
Here on Earth we face an attenuated mode of JUDGMENT, at Noah’s request
But in the after-life, we will face the harsh JUDGMENT of ELKM, as ever before

In addition, the Rainbow signifies more MERCY in the World, per Noah’s request.
So that the Flood would not return SO FAST as before.

So when we have seen
Our glob warming, like in Noah’s time,
Our oceans rising, like in Noah’s time,
Our shores battered by increasingly more ferocious storms, like in Noah’s time,
Shouldn’t we recall the Rainbow Covenant?