ADULTERY-5/The Serpent and the Primordial Sin

Noahide Seven Commandments Torah classes

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ADULTERY-5/The Serpent and the Primordial Sin
”And they opened their eyes” (Genesis 2: 1
1: The notion of Sin so far

As the story of Eden is unfolded, sin so far is:
1. Doing something that damages our connection to our CREATOR’S Lips
2. Disregarding the advice of our FATHER IN HEAVENS
3. Disobeying the orderof the KING OF THE UNIVERSE
4. Doing something illogical, foolish, detrimental to our health and welfare
5. Betraying the Love that our CREATOR feels for us.

Adam continues to ‘grow’ in Eden, and his perception of Sin grows too.
For that he needs to encounter the Serpent.


2: The spiritual level of Adam before the Sin

They were naked and unashamed
The Torah describes the spiritual level of Adam and ‘the woman’, his wife, at that stage as follows:

“And they were both naked, Adam and his wife,
And they were not ashamed…” (Genesis 2: 25)

They were ‘naked yet unashamed’ because:
1. They were innocent like children (Seforno.)
2. They knew ’Right from Wrong’ but not yet Good from Evil (RaMBaM.) And there is nothing wrong in nakedness. It is, after all, natural.
3. They resembled beasts. And Beasts are naked yet unashamed.
4. They did not yet perceive YHVH’s values, like modesty.
All these explanations are true. They describe the human spiritual level before eating the forbidden fruit.
Now let’s compared the humans to the Serpent:


3: The spiritual level of the Serpent
The Torah describes the ultimate enticer, the Serpent, as follows:

“Now the Serpent was the most ‘aa-room’ (naked, or cunning)
Of all the beasts of the field which YHVH ELoKiM had made,
And it said to the woman: Has not ELoKiM told you
that ‘you shall not eat of any tree of the Garden?” (Genesis 2:25, 3:1)

The Serpent too walked around naked and unashamed of it
The Hebrew word aa-room can take two meanings:
1. The Serpent was ‘aa-room’, naked and unashamed of it, like the humans. “after all, a “beast of the field” can’t be ashamed of its nakedness
2. The Serpent was ‘aa-room,’ smart, cunning
As smart as it was, the Serpent saw nothing WRONG in natural nakedness.
By this it matched the humans’ spiritual level at that time.

It lacked the perception of YHVH
As a smart beast, the Serpent mentions ELoKiM but fails to mention YHVH. A beast, after all, can’t have any perception of the Merciful YHVH, as smart as it might be.

A beast it was, yet intelligent. A beast can develop intelligent mind. A spider can develop intelligent society with I phones and space ships, given enough time. But the spider would never, never perceive the Merciful YHVH. ELoKiM never consulted YHVH before creating beasts.
This explains the Serpent’s level: it was smart, it could talk, it walked on two legs, and it was sexually attractive to the woman. And it mentioned ELKM, but not YHVH.

So what was the Serpent?
Chapter One says that before making Adam, ELoKiM created Cattle, Beasts and ‘Crawling things ’among them Snakes, Spiders and Serpents. These are ‘social creatures.’ Had ELKM allowed CREATIION to proceed as before, the next in line to be created would have been a smart crawling creature: the Serpent.
In the Virtual Garden called Eden, ELKM placed that potential creature, Serpent, to entice the humans. After driving the humans out, that Serpent disappeared. Some say it turned into our innermost bad drive.

4: The Serpent matched the woman

Was the woman too oblivious to YHVH?
Surprisingly, the ‘woman’ too does not mention YHVH to the Serpent, as it says:

“And the woman said to the Serpent,
we may eat from the fruits of the Trees of the Garden,
but of the fruits of the Tree which is in the midst of the Garden,
ELoKiM has said you shall not eat of it.” (Genesis 3:2-3)

The Serpent matched the Woman
Did she omit the name YHVH on purpose, because she was speaking to a beast?
Or did she identify with the Serpent due to her love?
Or did she herself, like the Serpent, lacked before the sin, a full awareness of YHVH?
We can understand the last point.
Eden was formed, after all, as an option for Adam and his wife to avoid the experience of evil on Earth.
Had Adam won his Eden trial, he and his wife could have stayed there forever, without any exposure to Evil.
But if you are not exposed to evil, how would you appreciate the Merciful, Compassionate and Forgiving YHVH?

It was as if our MOTHER IN HEAVENS, YHVH, gave up our appreciation of Her, wishing that Adam would rather live in a world lacking Evil.

Johnny’s mother would prefer to keep her son home as long as possible, deferring his bad life on Campus. Ashe knows that n the Campus, away from home, Johnny would appreciate the first time in his life the magnitude of her love and protection, she would rather keep him home as long as possible.

Similarly, before the sin, as long the humans lived in Eden, they could have only a limited and vague perception of what YHVH stands for. But YHVH would prefer them to stay in that stage as long as they could.

Note also that it is hard to live in the natural world of ELKM, yet carry YHVH’s values in your heart. And YHVH wished to spare Adam and his wife that hardship. She would prefer that they would never eat the Tree of Good and Evil and stay innocent forever.

so this is why the woman omitted YHVH in her speech to the Serpent. She too had a limited perception of YHVH. Certainly, neither she or her husband Adam knew at that time what evil is.

The Serpent as the Vehicle of SATAN
Unlike what the popular believe, the Serpent wasn’t Satan.
The Satan is our prosecutor in the Heavenly Court.
Satan is never punished, since it fulfills his job. The Serpent, in contrast, was judged and punished. It had a Free will. It was equal to the humans’ level. ,
The rabbis describe the Serpent as the ‘vehicle of Satan’, ‘the camel on which Satan rides’ (Midrash.) It was a tool for Satan, on which Satan could build a case.

5: The Primordial Sin

“And it said to the woman: Has not ELoKiM said
You shall not eat of any tree of the Garden?” (Genesis 2:25, 3:1)
And the woman said to the Serpent,
we may eat from the fruits of the Trees of the Garden,
but of the fruits of the Tree which is in the midst of the Garden,
ELoKiM has said you shall not eat of it.” (Genesis 3:2-3)

And the Serpent said to the woman, you shall not surely die,
for ELoKiM knows that on the day you eat of it
then your eyes shall be opened and you shall be like ELoKiM
knowing Good and Evil…” (Genesis 3: 4-5)

The lying Serpent
We can learn from the serpent how anyone, who entices us to commit a sin, functions.
The Serpent, the ultimate enticer, spoke lies:

1. “Has not ELoKiM said..” One can’t see it in the English translation, but the Serpent began with “aaf”, expressing a great wonder: How COULD ELoKiM say this to you!”
The Serpent sounded as if ELoKiM had deprived the humans from something good: their lives would be unworthy without eating this delicious fruit!
All enticers start that way.

2: “Has not ELoKiM said..” it omitted YHVH. Enticers usually convince their victims that all there is in the sin is violating the law! Be smart, they say, what can happen to you if you just try this drug? They never relate to out MOTHER IN HEAVENS YHVH.

3: “You shall NOT die…’ The Serpent openly lied. Eating the fruit would incur the death penalty, encountering evil.

4: “You shall be like ELoKiM knowing Good and Evil…” The Serpent failed to appreciate that Evil is not a perspective of ELKM< but rather from YHVH’s eyes.

5:The Serpent depicted ‘Knowing Evil’ as a REWARD, rather than a BURDEN.

6: The Serpent twisted ELKM’s intention, saying that He feared competition.

7: The Serpent took advantage of the fact that the woman had not heard the CTREATOR’S warning not to eat the fruit. Adam had told her that ELKM warned them not to touch the Tree. The Serpent pushed her to the Tree. Touching it, nothing bad happened, This allowed the Serpent to influence her to eat the fruit.
Many enticers do the same.


6: Which Commandments they transgressed?

She accepted the lie

“And when the woman saw that
the tree was good for food
And that it was a delight to the eyes
and a tree to be desired to make one wise,
She took of its fruits and did eat it
and gave also to her husband with her, and he did eat it.”(Genesis 3: 6)

The Tree’s Name was “the Tree of Knowledge Good and Evil.”
She first looked at the fruit, then ate it, then enjoyed what happened. Sin comes gradually.

Not only she committed the sin, she also enticed her husband to do the same. Being a Serpent is infectious.
A sinner would always entices others to join, to spread his guilt. .

What sin they committed?
First, they violated IDOLATRY by disobeying their FATHER-KING’s Advice-Command.
If you accept the notion that the married woman cohabited with the Serpent, she also committed ADULTERY.
Adam too committed it, if you accept the notion that he indulged in sexual perversions with the putative Lilith, the beautiful female counterpart of the Serpent.

Having violated the only two Commandments that were relevant to their life in Eden, they lost their right to stay there.
We too may lose our right to live here on Earth, once we’ve violated the Seven Commandments of Noah.


7: Their eyes opened, and they saw what?


“And the eyes of both of them were opened
And they knew that they were naked
And they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves loincloths.” (Genesis 3: 7)

“And their eyes were opened…” </i > What exactly did they see? What did they gain?
Many commentaries struggle with the notion that Adam and his wife GAINED something by their sin. They should have, rather, LOST something!
But let’s observe the nature of their GAIN. As the Tree’s name suggests, they gained awareness of ‘Good and Evil,’ where Evil stands for everything that YHVH hates.
“Knowing Evil” means encountering Evil INTIMATELY, personally, in real life rather than theoretically.
In our previous classes, we learned that Evil stands for sickness, sorrow, death.
As long they lived in Eden, their eyes could not open to see these aspects of Evil, that YHVH hates. IN Eden, under the Tree of Life, there was no death, sickness or sorrow.
So what aspects of YHVH could they perceive in that stage, after the sin and before being driven out to live on Earth?

Since YHVH also stands for HOLINESS and LOVE. And Holiness in YHVH eyes is MODESTY and a hate for SEXUAL PERVERSIONS AND ADULTERY. People who engage in such behavior are Evil in YHVH eyes.

Hence by eating the forbidden fruit, the humans gained a new perspective of YHVH, one that they COULD perceive in Eden under the Tree of Life: and that is MODESTY and a DISGUST from sexual perversions.
This is why the humans suddenly felt the need to cover their nakedness.
Suddenly they were beast like no more.
Suddenly their heart was filled by perception of YHVH holiness, and they became ashamed of their nakedness.

Was it the magic of the fruit that gave them the new perception of YHVH?
Or was it the sin itself that did it?
We’ll never know the answer.
But the fruit’s talent was embedded in its name.

There is an important new feature they gained: a shame from their sin!
If you betray your MOTHER-LOVER love for you, Her expectations from you, you would feel shamed.

So far they still lived in Eden. They still had the opportunity to learn another feature of YHVH: FORGIVENESS.



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