IDOLATRY-9/ELKM/Adam’s Trial According to Moses


© 2017 by Rabbi Zvi Aviner

IDOLATRY-9/Adam’s Trial According to Moses
”Know your creator, know yourself, and know the difference”

Moses concurs with Science that
Adam is the summary of everything created before him.
And Adam is a Wise Man, a Homo Sapience.
But Moses did not come just to support Science.
Moses came rather to tell us a CREDIBLE story of the purpose of Adam’s creation,
about the trial into which Adam is born by ELKM, the All Mighty JUDGE,
Who created everything to withstand His JUDGMENT.
What is then Adam’s trial?
To find it out, let’s observe again Moses’ words about Adam’s creation:

1: Moses’ description of Adam’s creation

”And ELKIM said Let the Earth bring forth living creatures to their kinds
Cattle, Creeping things and Beasts of the Earth to their kinds, and it was so
And ELKM saw that it was good.
“And ELKM said: Let Us Make an Adam in our Form and Our Image.
“And ELKM blessed them saying:
They will have dominion over the Fish…over the Birds…over the Cattle… over the entire Earth…
Be fruitful and multiply, filled the Earth and conquer it…
And behold, it was VERY GOOD
And there was evening, and there was morning, the SIXTH DAY” (was over.)
……………………(THE SABBATH BEGINS)……………………….
“And the Heavens and the Earth were FINISHED(Khalah)
And ELoKiM FINISHED all the Work that He has done,
And He ABSTAINED on the SEVENTH DAY from all the work that He had done
And ELoKiM blessed the Seventh Day and He sanctified it…..”

(Genesis 1-31; 2 1-3)

1: Heavy responsibility on our tiny shoulders

The End of Days’ Comprehensive Trial
At the end of the Sixth Day of CREATION, Moses says,
What a change this will be!
While previously He judged, at the end of each Day, only the passing Day, the Floor He had just built,
At the end of the Sixth Day, our Day, He will Judge the ENTIRE Six Days, the entire Building, from the Beginning to that time.
All creatures and all Days will pass before His Throne of Judgment, as he examines them and decides their fate for the next Day.

Seeking a Very Good verdict
Moreover, Moses says, another drastic change will take place.
While on all previous Days ELKM was pleased with a ‘good’ verdict,
This time, at the End of the Sixth Day, ELKM would be pleased only with a Very Good verdict.

Hence after the Midday Trial of the Sixth Day, before creating Adam,
ELKM tightened the yardstick by which he measures the Universe.
Henceforth, He would no longer be pleased by a mere ‘good’ verdict.
Henceforth, with the advent of Adam, He would be pleased only with a Very Good verdict.

It is Adam who can make the difference
Since CREATION can’t elevate itself from being ‘good’ to becoming ‘Very Good’ in ELKM’s eyes,
And since Adam is the only creature that has been added before the Sabbath,
It comes out that only Adam can answer ELKM’s quest to see His CREATION becoming Very Good in His eyes.

What’d happen if CREATION is not deemed Very Good?
At the End of the Sixth Day, Moses says, ELKM will judge the entire CREATION, including Adam.
>If He has found CREATION Very Good, He would FINISH His work, Cease to work (‘shabat’ in Hebrew) and allow CREATION to enter the next Day, the Eternal Sabbath.
If He has found CREATION Not Very Good, He would FINISH it with wrath, consume it to nothingness, as He Had Done with Numerous Other Worlds Before Ours(Rashi)
A hint for that bad outcome lies in the world:

“And ELKM finished, khlah, all the work He had done.”

The Hebrew ward selected here for ‘finished,’ khalah, signifies “a total consumption to nothingness.”

ELKM’s Huge Sword
Hence, just before creating Adam, at Midday, ELKM judged the passing Day and said it was good.
Then, prior to making Adam, He raised a huge Sword over the Entire Creation.
The world stood again on a crossroad. (Another such trial was conducted on the Third Day, Midday)
If the advent of the new creature, Adam, would elevate CREATION from ‘good’ to ‘Very Good,’ ELKM would the entire CREATION to remain thriving and enter the next Day, the Seventh, the Sabbath.
I, on the other hand, the advent of Adam would leave CREATION just ‘good’, if Adam would not add anything, ELKM would use His Sword to terminate the Entire Six Days and return them to nothingness, khalah.
What a huge burden on Adam’s tiny shoulders!

Support another Day
What would make Adam seen Very Good in ELKM’s eyes?
We’ve already seen what is ‘good in ELKIM eyes.’
Accordingly, we can say that to be Very Good Adam should at least do the following:
(1) Please ELKM very much, makes ELKM feel Very Good about us
(2) Keep ELKM laws and wins his Judgment
(3) Mees ELKM’s Master Plan
(4) Support the next Day.
Since every creature’s trial depends on its site on the Ladder of CREATION, if it can support the next Floor on top of it,
So would Adam be ery Good, if he supports the transition of the Sixth Day into the next Day, the Eternal Sabbath.

Could Adam meet such an awesome demand?
What exactly is Adam expected to do?