IDOLATRY- 9/ELKM/Does Moses concur with Science about Adam? Science’ story

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Does Moses Concur with Science Also About Adam?

Know your CREATOR, know yourself and know the difference


 The Scientific Narrative about Man’s Evolution



We’ve found Moses’ story about CREATION credible, compatible with our scientific knowledge.

The key question is – Can we say the same about the creation of Adam?

Obviously, Moses’ goal is to tell us about Adam, rather than about CREATION. He wishes inform us WHO created us, WHEN, HOW and for WHAT purpose.

Since we’ve found Moses credible about CREATION, we should listen to what he says about Adam!



You know what science says about Man’s evolution.  After the catastrophic demise of the prehistorical creatures 75 million ago, caused by the giant meteoric clash with earth, the door opened up for Mammals to proliferate, ending with Man.  (Man could not live side by side with the giant creatures of Pangea)




  1. Many pre-Human stages

But the process was long and complicated, and took place through many pre-Man creatures.  From Ape-like primitive creatures came Homo Erectus then Homo Neanderthal and finally Homo Sapience, “Wise Man”- us.

Seen in the Developing Embryo

Science agrees that Man appeared as last of a long process of evolution.  The details of that process are still seen in the human embryo as it passes in the womb from a single cell to a multiple cellular ball then to creatures resembling fish, bird, amphibians etc.   There is a scientific expression for that saying that Oncogenesis resembles Phylogenesis


  1. Increasingly smart creatures

Science says that after the demise of the Pangea’s giant creatures, a race took place to develop smart, social creatures on  Earth. It look as if the Cosmos wishes to have creatures in it that would be able to comprehend it and unravel its mysteries.

In that race, the Evolution introduced many insects and spiders and bees – that form Social societies, capable of developing sophisticated cultures and even technological ones – given enough time. Man won the race only because of favorable climate and natural conditions that prompted Man’s growth.


  1. Man has many talents, such as Art

The name Homo Sapience implies that Science regards Man’s Brain as the most important feature of him.  Our brain gives us the talent to create and use tools, to think abstractly .

But our Brain gives also other important features for our advantage- such as the talent for Arst , Music, and Telling fascinated Stories.  You can define Cave Man by the beautiful painting he left on his Cave walls.



  1. Man has Self Consciousness

Science recognizes that  Man is blessed not only by Consciousness, but also with Self-consciousness.   Other social creatures may not have the perception of Individuality. The Self, the Ego, pushes the individual to impress the others, to leave a legacy, to create and improve Man’s habitat


  1. Man is driven by Sex

Modern psychologists, since Prof. Sigmond Freud, have recognized Man’s Sex Drive as one of the most powerful mental drive that pushes Man to create and affect the others.  Man is the only creature in the world whose Sex Drive is strong and active all year long, with no dependance on season


  1. Man is driven by Seeking Power

Besides the Sex Drive, Man is also driven forwards to create and affect his society by a very strong drive for Power.

These two Drives, the Sex Drive and the Drive for Power are also seen intertwined in other creatures in Nature.  You see that in the way males compete for the females, or vice vera.  In Man, these two Drives control our lives.  The Psychologist debate, however, which Drive is stronger.   The jury is still out.


There are features by which one can define Man, according to Science.   We have selected only few outstanding ones. .

Now let’s see what Moses says about Man, and whether or not his words CAN match the Scientific narrative.