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Does Moses Concur with Science Also About Adam?


Know your CREATOR, know yourself and know the difference


We’ve found Moses’ story of CREATION – Genesis – credible, compatible with our scientific knowledge. Can we say the same about the creation of Adam?

Obviously, Moses’ is more interested to tell us about Adam, rather than about CREATION. His goal is to inform us about WHO created us, WHEN, HOW He created us  and for WHAT purpose.  Since we’ve found him credible about CREATION, we should listen to what he says about Adam!


1: The Scientific Narrative about Man’s Evolution


You know what science says about Man’s evolution.  After the catastrophic demise of the prehistorical creatures 75 million ago, caused by the giant meteoric clash with earth, the door was opened for smaller and wiser creatures to evolve, particularly Mammals including Man. (Man could not live side by side with the giant creatures of Pangea)

Around 2 million years ago, primitive Man appeared on Earth.  First as Ape-like creatures, then as Homo Erectus then  Homo Neanderthal and finally Homo Sapience, “Wise Man,” us.

In the 13.7 Billion years of the Universe’ existence, Man occupies just a tiny segment, at the end.

After the great catastrophe, science says, a race began  between ‘social creatures’ like ants and spiders, to evolve an intelligent society. It is as if the Universe ‘demands’ the existence of an intelligent mind in it, capable of revealing its mysteries” By chance, the climate and environment changed in our favor, allowing Man to proliferate and rule Earth. We won the race, but given more time, other creatures could catch up.

What separates us from other creatures?

Man was not born as a separate creature, but rather as an extension of all the creatures created before him through the Evolution.  The evidence for that is seen in the way a human embryo develops in the womb.  We all begin as a tiny, single cell that divides into multi- cellular ball that evolves into stages resembling worm, fish, bird, and other creatures on the Evolution ladder.  “The ortho-genesis repeats the philo-genesis,” the individual repeats the species.

Though Man is an extension of the creatures before him. Man is endowed with a new, more sophisticated talent- our BRAIN. This by itself is not a surprise, since every new creature on the Evolution ladder presented with new, more sophisticated talents.  Fish is more sophisticated than Vegetation, and Amphibians are more sophisticated than Fish.  Man’s talent lies is our BRAIN. Science says, and therefore we are Homo Sapience, Wise Man.

Indeed, our BRAIN gives us logic and abstract thinking.  Our BRAIN gives us language, imagination and fascinations.  Our BRAIN renders us capable of conceiving ideas, searching Nature, developing Science and Technology. Our BRAIN gives us CONSCIOUSNESS, and the SELF PERCEPTION.  We are individual creatures, as well as members of our societies.

But BRAIN also gives us the ability to appreciate and produce ART.  Cave Man is distinguished b the beautiful painting he left on his caves’ walls.  These paintings reveal Cave Man’s fascination with BEAUTY, scenes of HUNTING and HORROR and the struggle for Life.  Our BRAIN (or heart) makes us capable of composing MUSIC and POETRY, PHILOSOPHY and the ART of TELLING STORIES. All these talents, and more, set Man aside from other creatures, helping us to develop our CIVILIZATION.

Of all of Man’s passions and desires, Science recognizes two as the foremost, strongest powers that dominate our lives.  They are Our Sex Drive, and our Drive for Power. Scientists debate which is the strongest.  Some placed our Sex Drive at the front, as the strongest, while others place our Drive for Power at the front.  Man is blessed by stronger Sex Drive than found in Nature.  While in all creatures the Sex Drive is limited to seasons, Man’s Sex Drive dominates our lives all year long.   In Nature too there two Drives – for Sex and Power- are intertwined.  But in Man, they dominate our lives and propel us forwards to achieve our goals.

Finally, Science also recognizes Man’s ability to either improve our habitat or destroy it.  Most young people today believe that Man stands at the threshold of extinction.  We would terminate ourselves either by biological warfare or atomic catastrophe.


In summary, Man is distinguished by the following features:

  • 1 Man is an extension of the Evolution
  • 2.Man is Wise, a Homo Sapience
  • 3. Our Brain gives us Consciousness, Self-Perception and a sense of individuality
  • 4.Man is blessed by an Artistic “Heart”
  • 5. Man is endowed by a strong Sex Drive
  • 6. Man is endowed by a strong Drive for Power
  • 7. Man can either improve or destroy our  world


This is the essence of what Science says about Man.

Now let’s see what Moses says about Man.