IDOLATRY-7/ELoKiM/Genesis Vs Science: How did Moses know all that ?(2017)


© 2017 by Rabbi Dr. Zvi Aviner

IDOLATRY-7/Genesis Vs Science: How did Moses know all that?

Let’s compare Moses’ Genesis to the Scientific narrative of the history of our Planet. Do they concur?
Luckily for us, the History Channel (HC) has recently issued a series of videos called “How the Earth Was Made”    based on Archeology, Biology, Astronomy, Geology, Anthropology and other branches of modern Science. The series covers Earth history from its birth till our days, including the entire Evolution. We’ll use this scientific presentation as a platform for our comparison of the Scientific narrative to Moses’ Genesis.

In fact, all we need to see is whether or not Moses’ story CAN match the scientific story, something that can’t be said about any  ancient myths of Moses time.



The Scientific Account

Science says that the world began  with a Big Bang 13.8 Billion human years ago. That number is arrived by observing the rate by which the galaxies are moving away from each other, .

Then, Science says, Entropy began to decline; Energy and Light were formed and converted to Matter according to Einstein’s formula. The Universe expended first in  Chaos, then in more orderly fashion. Primitive molecules of simple gases like helium began to form, followed by larger ones baked in burning suns and exploding Novas. Water appeared in Space. Organic molecules were cooked.  .

According to the History Chane (HC,)  Planet  Earth was formed 4.5 Billion human years ago.   It was a red, volcanic Planet formed by collisions of meteors held together by  gravity.  Hot, melted red lava streamed inside and on the  surface. The high temperature, 8000 F,  was kept by radioactive decay of the Earth’s elements. The Planet had no atmosphere, It was  a Molten Rock Planet


Mose’s account

Moses’ description of the FIRST DAY of CREATION seems to concur. The Universe began at a “Beginning,” as one, expanding  dot (RaMBaN). The word ‘Beginning’  also infers the establishment of a ‘time line.’ The word Beginning may refer either to the Universe, or to  Planet Earth.

Moses says that the  Earth was “tohu and bohu” meaning chaotic. It may allude to the melting lava. He says that the was “Darkness over the theom, Deep,” which CAN allude to Deep Space. Since there was no atmosphere, Earth was exposed to the darkness of Space. Remember, all we need to show is that unlike all ancient myths, Moses’ words CAN match Science.

Then, Moses says, ELoKiM ordered “Let there be Light,” and light was there. ‘Light’ can mean Energy Then came Matter, like Water. Then the verse defines the length of ONE DAY as the time it took from the Beginning to see in it Water and Matter.  A Day of CREATION is an era, a stage in the Universe history. A Day could last Billions of human years.

So far Moses CAN be seen to concur with Science. If so,  Who  told him this story, 3500 years ago? No one in his time knew about the primordial elements of our Universe.   .

But Moses ADDS something that Science CAN NOT and would not say: That it was ELoKiM whose Command initiated all that, and that He was sitting on His Throne as a All Mighty JUDGE, to place the Universe on a trial.



The Scientific Account

Next, the HC says, about 4.4 Billion years ago, the Earth cooled off.  The radioactivity that kept it warm declined so that a rocky crust was formed on its surface, capable of supporting Water.  This crust would form the ocean bed.

Next, from 4.4 Billion years ago to 4.1 Billion years ago (300Million years) water accumulated on the rocky crust.  Earth became a Water World. From where did the water arrive?

Some say that the water came out of the cooling rocks that spewed water and CO2.   Dense clouds of CO2 arose and covered Earth. But the estimated amount  of the water coming out of the rocks was not enough to explain the vast ocean that accumulated.  Most scientists hold that most of the water came from above, from Space. Our Planet must have passed through an area in Space full of icy comets. For 300 million years the Earth was bombarded with icy comets that contained water.  Hence, some water came from Below, from the cooling rocks, and some from Above, Space.

Once Earth had escaped the Sea of Comets in Space, the comet shower ceased. At the end of that era, 4,1 Billion years ago, the Earth was almost completely covered by gushing, green-red  waters (red came from iron) . The heavy CO2 clouds also contained much water, so that rain poured endlessly. Earth would never see so much rain again.  The temperature was still high (200 F) and the  atmospheric pressures too oppressive  to allow any life on Earth.   Ferocious winds and strong water waves battered and eroded the volcanic rocks, so that no island could persist.  These primordial volcanic rocks can still be identified today along the ocean shores, They have a peculiar,  brown “pillow shape” formed by lava ascent in water. Such rocks are still formed in volcanic areas like Hawaii. .

Hence, 4.1 Billions years ago, the Watery World assumed assumed a peculiar look. Heavy clouds of CO2 and water  hung above, while toxic fumes filled the air, and a red-green ocean covered the ground.  No life could exist on it. A major change had to occur before any life would evolve.

Moses Account

What does Moses say about the SECOND DAY of CREATION?
As the Second Day dawned, Moses says, ELoKiM  “separated the Water Above from the Water Bellow.”  No life is mentioned. As it is said:

(1:6) And ELoHiM said Let it be a firmament in the midst of the Waters,
And let it divide Water from Water,
(1:7) And ELoHiM made the firmament, and He separated the Waters which were underneath the firmament, from the Waters which are above the firmament, and it was so.
(1: 8) And ELoHIM called the firmament Sky, ShamMayim (“there are the waters”.)
And there was evening and there was morning, Day Two.

Thus, Moses’ account does perfectly concur with Science. He too mentions water above  that may refer to the comets in Space, or to the heavy clouds that covered Earth.   He mentions Water Bellow that may refer to the water that came out of the cooling rocks.  The Water Below may also refer to the developing ocean, separated from the water above.  He mentions the formation of the Sky, sham-mayim, which in Hebrew means “There are water up there.”  And like Science, he mentions no life. .

For a person who lived in Pharaoh’s home 3500 years ago, this level of knowledge in unbelievable
So  who told Moses such an  accurate story, that CAN be validated by our science?

What came next? Both Moses and Science say: Vegetation came next!


The Scientific Account

The Watery World Planet, HC says, came to an end 4,1 Billion years ago, by a volcanic eruption at the ocean bed.   A new form of rock, the Granite,  was formed by water seeping into the cracks of Lava, under pressure.  This  new rock was lighter than the previous volcanic “Pillow shaped” rocks, and also more resistant to the erosion of wind and water.    It would lead to permanent dry land.

The granite popped up everywhere, filling the ocean with islands that gradually consolidate to become the first Super Continents, The most primordial granite is still identified in South Africa. These rocks are  dated to 4.0 up to 3,5 Billion years ago. They carry no fissile of any life form,  not even bacteria. Hence they are the remnants of the first rocks ever. Earth became the GRANITE  PLANET.

 Moses Account of the first part of the Third Day

As the Third Day of CREATION dawned, it says

“(1:9) And ELoHiM said Let the Water under the Sky be gathered together into one place and let the dry land appear, and it was so.
(1:10) And ELoHiM called the dry land ground, and to the Water Gathering He called Seas, and ELoKiM saw that it was good.”
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Amazingly, Moses too says that the next step was forming a Dry Land.  ELKM separated the Dry Land from the Sea. No life existed yet.

Who told him this  story? How did he know that the Dry Land was separated from the ocean before any life appeared IN THE SEA?

The Scientific account of Seeding Life on Earth

Next, says the HC, the Granite Islands promoted the establishing of life on Earth.  About 3.5 billion years ago, the first life form  appeared on Earth as a mono-cellular algae that lives in Stromatolites, which are round, coral like calcium shells filled with these tiny, micro-creatures. No one knows yet where they came from.  They thrived in the newly formed shallow granite shores, exposed to Sunlight while in water.  They have one important talent:they produce Oxygen via photosynthesis. (note that they have DNA etc.) They split the  CO2 coming out of  the rocks into Carbon and Oxygen. They use the  Carbon to build shells and they release the Oxygen to the atmosphere.  For the next 2 Billion years, from 3.5 to 1.5 Billions years ago, they produced enough Oxygen to change the Atmosphere. All that long era there was no life on Earth besides the sStromolites.

These Stromolites are “the father and mothers of all life on Earth.”  They are still seen in large numbers along remote shallow beaches, such as Australia (Google it to see their shape.)  .

By 1.5 B years ago the Oxygen in the Atmosphere was enough to turn its color blue.  IN addition, the Stromoliites oxygenated the ocean so that the reddish iron in the water was deposited nears the ancient  shores. The ocean turned also blue.  Earth became a BLUE PLANET


The Super Continent Rodenia

So far life existed only as mono cellular algae in the Stromolites along  the  shallow shores of Granite Islands. Gradually the Granite Islands  coalesced, so that about 1.5 B years ago the first  Super Continent, the  “Mother Of All Continents,” Rodenia was formed.

Rodenia was a vast barren, dry land , lying under a Blue sky.  It had no life on it apart from the Stromatolites at its shores, that continued to produce Oxygen and to change the atmosphere.  About  0.9 B (900M)  years ago, Rodenia began to split by volcanic activity.  This promoted the Stromolites to evolve into the early Vegetation: grass, shrubs and trees.   No mobile life  existed yet .   . .  .

Snow Ball Earth

This new arrival of Vegetation on Dry Land was put to hold around 700M  years ago, by a devastating Ice Age.  it lasted 50 Million years and killed all life on the surface of Rodenia. The scientists blame it either on Rodenia itself that grew so big that it blocked the warm currents in the ocean. Other scientists attribute the Ice to a change in the Earth’s axis.  The freezing began at the poles then spread to cover the entire Earth that  turned into a SNOW BALL. .

The grip of the Ice killed all life on the Dry Land.  Vegetation in the sea survived under the Ice.

Hence, it took Vegetation   close to 3 Billions years, from 3.5 B years ago to 0.7 B years ago, to evolve from the tiny algae in the Stromolites to  higher forms of Vegetation in the ocean. Throughout that long period the algae  produced enough Oxygen to change the atmosphere and the Ocean into  Blue.  In the end, Vegetation existed under the Ice in the vast Sea.


Moses account of Seeding Life on Earth

What does Moses say about the second part of the THIRD DAY?
Amazingly, Moses too devotes the  Third Day for the seeding of life and  the growth of Vegetation.

But first he says something that Science can’t say; that after the separation of Dry Land from the Sea, ELKM conducted an unusual Midday Judgment.  The Earth stood on a crossroad. Would  it see any life on it, or not? The details of this crossroad judgment is given in Genesis Chapters 2-5 (The story of Eden).

A trial has two options, good and bad. Life would, or would not be planted on Earth.  To our luck , ELKM said that it was good and He seeded life on Earth, as it is said:

(1: 10) “And ELKM said that it was good.

(1:11) “And ELoHiM said let the Earth bring forth grass, herb yielding SEED and fruit trees yielding fruits after its kind whose SEEDS is in itself, upon the Earth, and it was so.
(1:12) “And the Earth brought forth grass, herb yielding SEEDS after its kind, and trees yielding fruits whose SEEDS was in itself after its kinds. And ELoHiM saw that it was good.
(1:13) And there was evening and there was morning, Day Three.

Moses first concurs with  Science that life appeared on Earth at a special junction: after the permanent Dry Land appeared above the Sea.  He agrees that Life could be established only when permanent Dry Land was established. It concurs with the scientific idea of the Granite Islands, How did he  know that  without learning Science?

Moses next mentions   that ELKM  seeded Grass, then Shrubs then Trees, in that order.  No one in Pharaoh’s house knew anything about this. For Pharaoh the Universe was a mish- mash or a random mixture of creatures.  Certainly no one in hi time thought that Vegetation had been created before the Fish, etc.

Moses also devotes a long verse to describe the Third Day, the birth of Vegetation.   The verse mentions two trials conducted by ELKM: one in the  middle  and one in the end.  The word ‘SEED’  is repeated 4 times in just one verse.  Indeed, the story of the evolution of Vegetation on Earth was long and complex, beginning  3.5 B ago to 0,7 B years ago.

So who told this to Moses?    .

The End of the Third Day trial

Even more striking is  Mosses’ statement   that at THE END OF THE THIRD DAY,  the end of this era, ELKM passed a judgment on the passing Day.  ELKM’s Judgment is always harsh and merciless, yet just.  He builds and destroys; gives life and takes life away.  And He works by a Master Plan.  A creature that does not fit the next Day would be wiped out, and only those that promote the life of the next Day would survive.

This End of the Third Day Judgment CAN fit  the Ice Age that hit Earth 0,7 Billion years ago and wiped out all Vegetation on Rodenia, the Dry Land of that time.  Remember, all we need is to show that Moses’ account CAN match the Scientific story, something you can’t do with any myth of his time.  Moses says that as the old world was destroyed by ELKM Judgment, ELKM said that it was good and a new Day appeared. And the new Day carried new, higher forms of life. .

Let’s note again that although ELKM’s Judgment is harsh, the results are good.   .


The Scientific Account

 The HC says that the long Ice Age, that took place 700 to 650 Million years ago,  ended by enormous volcanic activity in the bottom  of the Sea and on Dry Land that melted the ice.  This activity also broke Rodenia to subcontinents that move away from each other.  The Ocean grew wider.  More shallow shores were exposed.

Some say that the Ice Age ended when the Earth’s Axis stabilized.  Earth’s seasons appeared more regularly, something that promoted the Vegetation in the Ocean.  The Moon’s rotation around Earth also stabilized, creating regular tides, that promoted life at the shores. The length of days and nights were established, farther enhancing the Vegetation.   All these changes allowed the next step in Evolution: Mobile life in Sea.   : .    .

Moses’ Account    

What does Moses say about the FOURTH Day of CREATION?
Again, Moses gives a surprisingly similar accurate of the new  era.  After the Third Day trial , he says, ELKM ordered the Luminaries to be SEEN on earth in a regular fashion so that a calendar could be established by them, as it says:

“(1:14) And ELoHiM said let there be luminaries in the firmament of the Sky to divide the day from the night. And let them be for signs and for seasons and for the days and years.
(1:15) And let them be for lights in the firmament of the sky to give light upon the Earth, and it was so.
(1:16) And ELoHiM made the two great luminaries, the Greater luminary to rule the day, and the smaller luminary to rule the night, and the stars also.
(1:17) And ELoHiM placed them in the firmament of the Sky to give light upon Earth.
(1:18) And to rule over the day, and over the night, and to divide the Light from the Darkness. And ELoHiM saw that it was Good.
(1:19) And it was evening and it was morning, a Fourth Day.

Days and nights were established.  Can you find a better match between  Science and Moses?

Note that Moses too does not mention any mobile life yet on Earth. This would wait for the next Day.



The Scientific Account

The volcanic eruption that terminated the Ice Age 650 Million years ago, also caused Rodenia to split into subcontinents.  They move away from each other by Plate Tectonics , creating an opportunity for life to boast in the Oceans (Cambrian Period.) The volcanic eruption spewed nutrients that prompted the first mobile life in the Oceans:  small multi-cellular creatures than warms then Fish.

By 500 Millions years ago, the ocean exploded with so many species of Fish to its kind. The Earth would never see so many species of small and large Fish.   First came small fish that eat vegetation, then predator Fish that preyed on the smaller ones. A life struggle began in the water that prompted the evolution of creatures with weird shapes to fool the predators.  Fish developed shells, skeletons, eyes, teeth and ears.  The Kingdom of animals came to Earth, in the sea.

Life on Dry Land had been prohibited so far by the heavy, lethal UV Sun’s radiation.  But 500 M years ago, the sky developed enough Ozone layer that shielded the Dry Land and allowed life to move from the Ocean to the Dry Land.  First moved the Vegetation that formed huge swamps.   Most of our coal comes from that era (Carboniferous Period).  Next came on shore huge insects to their kind, that helped the spread of Vegetation.  According to the Discovery Chanel , the tides (established earlier on the Fourth Day)  left some fish on the shores.   Over the next Millions years, those fish on shores grew wings to fly back to the sea and catch other fish.  Earth was ruled by giant Birds  that hovered over the water to catch  giant Fish. 

Next came amphibians that invaded the inland. They evolved into giant  alligators and crocodiles.   By 300 Million years ago, the remnants of Rodeinia such as the North America shores comprised of swamp rich with Vegetation, giant Insects, giant birds, giant Lizards and  Crocodiles.(Ordovician Period)  . .

This trend would have continued, says  the HC,  had not a major catastrophe hit Earth again.  This time it was not Ice, but Fire.  It started 250 Million years ago, and lasted 100 Million years. An endless  series of fiery explosions erupted all over Earth and killed 90% of its inhabitants in the Sea and on Land.  .  Earth would never see such a devastation again.  The future of life on Earth seemed bleak, but the explosions ended, and a new world appeared with higher forms of animals.

Moses’ Account of the FIFTH DAY

After the decisive trial of the Fourth Day was over, (and the Ice was gone) ELoKiM said that is was good. Life that survived the scrutiny was allowed  to continue and even blossom in the new Day

So as the Fifth Day dawned, ELKM said:   :

“(1:20) And ELoHiM said, let the water swarm abundantly with moving creatures that have life,

and let birds fly above the Earth in the firmament of the sky.

And ELoKiM created the great Crocodiles…”

Like Science, Moses says that the new Day was heralded by an unparalleled growth of Life IN THE SEA.   ELKM created Fish to its kinds.  Moreover, He blessed the Fish to be fruitful and multiply.   They developed unparalleled number of species.   .

Then, Moses says, ELKM created Birds then Crocodiles   By this, Moses concurs perfectly well  with the Scientific narrative.

Since he never learned modern science, who told him the story?

Moses also says that at the end of the Fifth Day,  ELKM passes another harsh  judgment on the last Day.  As before, those creatures He deemed ‘not good’ anymore or not fitting the next Day, He eliminated. Those who  fit or those who were needed for the next Day were deemed good and allowed to survive.  This end of the Day trial CAN fit the devastation fiery explosions all over Earth.

When ELKM gives a good verdict, He allows CREATION not only to live on but also to IMPROVE and have  higher forms of life in it.

Hence again Moses’ account CAN match  our Science, something you can’t say about any myth of his time.  So who told the story to Moses?  .         . .




The Scientific Narrative

As the fiery explosions ended about 250 Millions years ago, the HC says,   Earth entered a new phase.   The surviving creatures  blossomed.  In addition, the remnants of Rodeniah  consolidated again and formed the last Super Continent, Pangaea.

Pangaea is the classical world of the huge pr-historic creatures that once roamed the Earth (Triassic and Jurassic Periods).  Constant volcanic activity  spewed ashes and nutrients into the air and kept its temperature warm on the tropical level. The  Vegetation in the swamps  grew taller and thicker, The Ozone layer became thicker.

Mobile life exploded on Dry Land.  It grew first in the swamps.   Large leaf-eating, Cattle Like animals with fat belly and short legs evolved, , supported by the shallow water.  They could not run fast.

Next, 200 Million years ago, came the giant beasts-like predators that could run fast and feed on the Cattle-like. Among them the Dinosaurs, some big as “seven stories building..”

A catastrophe

The amazing world of Pangaea ended  75 millions years ago, by a major catastrophe that wiped out all the pr-historic huge creatures. It was either a series of volcanic eruptions or a large meteor that hit Earth near Mexico, or both.  Thick cloud of  ashes and radioactive radiation arose and killed all giant creatures on the surface.

The Catastrophe promoted, at first, the growth of giant snakes that  consumed everything on their way. Some of their skeletons were recently found.  So big they are, that they can accommodate two Greyhound buses side by side, as  shown on Times magazine’s front page.  These Snakes ruled Earth for million of years. Some survived even to live side by side with early Man (as ‘dragons’ in caves.)

It was a devastating Catastrophe.  But out of the ashes arose a new world, with higher life forms. Around 110 Million years ago Pangeae split into the current 5 Continents.  The demise of the old pre-historic creatures gave a room for the mammals  to proliferate. Among them Apes then Man. 2 M ago the first primitive Man species appeared.  450,000 years ago, Earth saw  Homo Sapience, us.


Moses’ Account of the Sixth Day, before the creation of Adam


What does Moses say about the SIXTH DAY of CREATION?
At the end of the Fifth Day, ELKM eliminated creatures that were not good anymore. This CAN correlate  with the fiery explosions that wiped out most of the Fifth Days’ creatures at Sea, and on the Ground.  The fate of Life on Earth seemed doomed.  Yet ELKM said that it was good, and He allowed the survivors to enter and excel in the new, Sixth Day.

Thus as the Sixth Day dawned, ELKM continued to create, saying::

“(1:24) And ELoHiM said let the Earth bring forth living creatures after their kind,
Cattle and Creeping things and Beast of the Earth after their kind,
and everything that Creeps on Earth after their kind, and it was so.
(1:25) And ELoHiM made the Beasts of the land to its kind, and the Cattle after their kind,
and everything that creeps on the Earth after their kind. And ELoHiM saw that it was good.
And ELoKiM said let us make Adam in our form and our image.”

ELKM created Cattle-like then Creeping things then Beasts which preyed on the Cattle. Then, again, Creeping things which ruled Earth by preying on all other creatures. By this, Moses concurs perfectly well with Science.

Then, Moses says, prior to  making Adam, ELKM passed a midday judgment on everything He had created earlier on that  Day. Such a  Midday  trial had happened only once before, on the Third Day, before seeding life on Earth. Now again, before making Adam, Earth stood on a crossroad again. Would it see Adam, or not?

ELKM’s Judgment is harsh yet just.  At the Midday Trial, the creatures that would not adapt or sustain life in the rest of the Day were eliminated right there and then WITHOUT MERCY.  Those He deemed Good survived. This midday judgment before Adam CAN fit the meteoric catastrophe. It eliminated the old world yet allowed Mammals and Man to evolve.  We wouldn’t be  here without this crucial Midday trial.

Who told this to Moses?

it sounds funny,  but Moses’ account actually HELPS to pup an order to the  apparently chaotic events told by science on the History of Earth. Thus,

  • 1.    The Molten Rock red Planet, 4.5 B -4.4 B, fits the First Day 
  • 2.    The Water World, 4.4 B – 4.1 B, fits the  Second Day


  •  3-1  The first Granite Super Continent 41.B – 3.5 B, fits the first part of the Third Day
  • 3-2   Planting Life on Earth, Stomitolites 3.1B, fits the second part of the Third Day
  • 3-3  Production of Oxygen by Stromolites 3.1B -1.5 B, still the Third Day
  • 3-4   Rodenia, Dry Blue Planet,  1.3 B,   the Third Day
  • 3-5  Rodenia, Vegetation  1.0 B,  the  Third Day
  •  Earth rotation stabilizes
  • 4.    Ice Age, 0.7 B  End of the Third Day.
  • 5.   ice melt,0.6 B, Earth axis stabilizes,  Seasons, tides, days and nights, Fourth Day
  • Mobile Life in the seas 
  • 6-1 Rodenia  split. 0.5  B, Mobile Life explodes in the water.  Swamps. Fish, Birds, Crocodiles, The Fifth Day 
  • 6-2 Series of fiery explosions terminate 90% of earth inhabitants 250 Millions years ago
  • 7-1 Pangeae 115-70 Millions years ago. Large swamps, thick Ozone, Cattle, Beasts, Crawling Snakes. The fist part of the Sixth Day 7-2 Pangeae, Meteoric Catastrophe 75 Million years ago, Midday Trial of the Sixth Day, before making Adam.
  • 7-3: Pangeae split into five continents. Mammals proliferate, Apes, Adam.     

As you see, most of Earth history (from 4.1 B years ago to 1.4 B years ago) was taken to accumulate water, seed Life, make Oxygen and grow Vegetation.  It was relatively late,  about 500 Millions years ago, that mobile life appeared first in the ocean then on Land.   .


The Torah is a living miracle

Rather than be embarrassed by the story of Genesis, we should use it as a flag, as a sign of the truthfulness of the Torah.  Moses’ Torah is the only living miracle in our hands, that we can prove of it  today.  No wonder Moses placed the story at the front of his Five Books. he knew that when you validate it, you’d validate the rest of his messages,

It is as if Moses foresaw  that a  day would come and people would doubt his revelation.  He therefore placed a truthful account of CREATION at the very front of his five books, hoping that the new generations would be able to validate his words by their science. In fact, it seems  as if Moses wrote it for us.

Obviously, Moses’ goal was not to tell us merely about the creation of the world, but rather about the creation of us, of Adam. He wished to tell us Who made us, How and for what purpose. Since his words about CREATION are true, so should be his words about ELKM and Adam .

So why did ELKM provid a new environment for the Mammals to grow ? Why not to the spiders? 

What is special about Adam?

What is our Trial? .

And since ELKM has always destroyed the old and created a better, higher creatures, would He build another creature after us? Who could this be?   What does Moses say about that?