IDOLATRY-17/YHVH ELoKIM/Adam’s Birthday Holiday


© 2017 by Rabbi Zvi Aviner
IDOLATRY-15/Adam’s Birthday Holiday

Know your CREATOR, know yourself and know the difference

A Holiday that summarizes everything we’ve learned

Like on any other birthday, we would like to recall, on Adam birthday,
The events surrounding our birth.
Who are our parents?
What were the circumstances around which we were born?
Was there any purpose of our birth?
Did our parents bring us into this world accidentally, or on purpose, for a purpose?
What are our parent’s expectations from us, if any?
What should we do to meet their expectations, if any?

As it happened, we have already a day in the year, set up by tradition
As the Annual Birthday of Adam (and Eve)
Which is also considered the New Year Holiday, Rosh Hashanah (“head of the year”)
Which is not a ‘Jewish’ holiday, but Mankind’s Holiday.
And it carries indeed, all the elements surrounding Adam creation
As shown in the verse “Let Us Make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image.”

Thus, it is a day that incorporates the following themes:
(1) It is a day of Universal Justice, when ELoKiM ascends on the Throne and judges the entire Universe, seeing whether or not it has become Very Good in His eyes
(2) It is a day of YHVH ELKM Kingship
(3) It is a day celebrating the end of Idolatry
(4) It is a day celebrating the demise of evil which is burnt like dry grass
(5) It is a day when YHVH reigns either Side by Side with ELoKiM in Oneness or Alone
(6) It is a day when the Heavenly Court is open for repentance and forgiveness
(7) It is a day when the universe is moving toward s the Sabbath.

Let’s elaborate:
At the End of the Sixth Day, the End of Time
ELoKiM will judge Adam whether he‘s become Very Good.

He has made Adam with a certain “Image and Form” of him on His Mind,
Longing to see Adam becoming that ideal “Form and Image,”
So that He, ELoKiM, would finally ‘cease’ His Work, cease His Judgment,
And enter the Sabbath along with the entire Universe.

ELoKiM did not make Adam readily “Very Good.” Adam should reach that high spiritual level on his own.
To be “Very Good,” Adam should walk in ELoKiM Laws and ‘find face’ in YHVH eyes, like Noah.
Adam should unite the Absolute justice of ELoKiM with the Absolute MERCY, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS and HOLINESS of YHVH, a great challenge to accomplish.

ELoKiM did His best to help Adam. He first made Adam in “His Image,” (Genesis 1: 27)
Endowing him with all the necessary talents to be fruitful and multiply, conquer the world and rule over it. He gave Adam a strong Self, a Free Choice and a Wise Mind that can decipher all of the Universe mysteries.
In addition, ELoKiM prepared a room in Adam’s heart capable of perceiving the Merciful YHVH,
something He had never done with any creature before.

Moreover, like a FATHER helping his child to stand up and walk,
So did ELoKiM show Adam how to be modest, how to overcome the idols,
And how to identify, court after and and attract YHVH into his heart
While chasing away false Bides, the idols and evil from his heart.

Moreover, when Adam would mature enough to comprehend his task,
ELoKiM would give Adam written instructions, inscribed on Tablets by His Finger,
Along with the entire Torah as a guide to walk by, in order to become Very Good

But ELoKiM won’t wait for the End of Times to conduct His Judgment.
Every year, on the annual anniversary of Adam’s creation,
ELoKiM assesses Adam whether or no he has become Very Good.

On each Rosh Hashanah, the ‘head of the year,’
ELoKiM ascends again on His Throne of Absolute Justice, as in Genesis,
and Judges Adam with the entire world.
All creatures pass before His Throne, like sheep before the shepherd,
And He REMEBERS each one, EXAMINES each one and DECIDES their fate for the next year.

On that awesome Universal Judgment day, we blow
the two Silver Trumpets (in the Holy Temple) to designate the ascent of ELKM on His Throne
Accompanied by blowing a Ram Horn to designate the ascent of the Merciful YHVH
As it is said:

“ELoKiM has ascended by trumpet’s blows, YHVH by the voice of horns…”

It is better for us to be under the yoke of YHVH ELKM Kingship,
Rather than under the scrutiny of ELKM alone.
There is much more to study about Rosh Hashanah, which we’ll leave for a due course.