Introduction-2: The Commandments throughout the Book of Genesis

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    Introduction-2/ The Commandments  through the Book of Genesis


Having discussed the Seven Commandments of Noah as a group, let’s discuss them one by one. As you recall, the first Six   were given to Adam and Eve in Eden. They are







VII: The Seventh, namely the Prohibition to Consume Blood and a Limb Torn From a Living Animal,  was given by God to Noah after the Flood as a part of the Rainbow Covenant, under which we still live today.

Outline of our course

 In our class we’ll use a unique approach where we follow the Book of Genesis to comprehend  the background behind each  Commandment, its philosophy as well as its sub laws in details.  Thus  we’ll learn

I:    IDOLATRY  from Genesis Chapter One which introduces the CREATOR

II: ADULTERY and MARRIAGE  from the story of the Garden of Eden, which introduces the Serpent and the Primordial Sin

III: BLOODSHED from the story of the first murder – Cain and Abel.  We’ll learn about he rampant murdering in the generation of the Flood, and about Noah, his wife, and the Rainbow Covenant that introduces the Laws of BLOODSHED in details .

We will then learn about WORLD PEACE and tyranny through the Tower of Babylon and King Nimrod’s Great Empire

IV: THEFT, ABDUCTION, SLAVERY Vs RIGHTEOUS OWNERSHIP via the stories about Abraham and his unique faith

V: JUSTICE and CIVIL ORDER via the stories about Jacob, his struggle for his civil rights and justice

VI: BLASPHEMY  via the selling of Joseph by his brothers and the birth of the Children of Israel

As you see, this way we’l discuss both the Negative and the Positive aspects of each Commandment. We will form and analyse the Laws and their relevance to our modern time i

In addition, no study of the Noahide Commandments is completed without the Beautiful words of the  Prophet Bilaam, his Speaking She-Donkey and the very notion of the  Messianic Era.

So let’s start.  What is IDOLATRY?