BLOODSHED-6/Cain demise

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BLOODSHED-6/Cain’s Demise
”And Noah found face in YHVH eyes”

1: Cain’s demise

We are learning about BLOODSHED that started with Cain killing Abel, culminating with the rampant murder and theft in the generation of the Flood.
Seven generations had passed since the first murder, and YHVH protection of Cain lapsed. Time had arrived for Cain to pay his dues.

The Heavenly Court punishes every murderer. But a murderer who has perpetrated his crime intentionally, would be punished ALSO by Man. Cain would therefore pay his dues.

The Torah focuses now on Naama’s family, a seventh descendant of Cain. As you recall, her genius brother, Tubal Cain, was the master mind behind their clan’s success. He forged sharp weapons that turned Cain’s clan, the so called Children of ELKM, into a vicious, powerful military power. Tubal Cain’s gangues roamed the streets with no fear, raping and killing as they wished under the watching Sun. Naama’s father, Clumsy Lemech, we’ve said, was so arrogant that he spoke about himself in the third voice, s if he was a royalty. Fearing that his forefather Cain would be soon avenged, he told his two wives:

“And Lemech said to his wives
If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, Lemech (shall avenge him) Seventy Seven…” (Genesis 4:24)

Lemech threatens to avenge anyone who kills Cain. If YHVH had threatened to punish Cain’s killer “seven folds,” Lemech would punish him or her “Seventy Seven” folds. In other words, he put a curse on the head of a perspective killer of Cain.

Little did he know, that his curse would be fallen on his own head. The Torah hints that the fool, accident prone Lemech, stumbled over another of his mishaps.. One day, his son Tubal Cain brought home a new, tough bow that he had forged. You’d need extraordinary strong two hands to draw that bow. Moreover, he brought home with him new metal arrowheads which could pierce the air and fly straight to their target. Tubal Cain gave the bow and arrow to his father for a trial. Lemech, whose strong hands could smash an oxen head, drew easily the bow, but being half blinded as he was he needed Tubal to help him aim the arrow. Tubal Cain aimed the arrow at a ape-like, horned figure that appeared in the woods. A strange light radiated from its forehead, making it a good target.

”Father, shoot!” Tubal Cain encouraged his father. Lemech shot the arrow, and it hit the horny creature between its eyes so it fell immediately dead on the ground. A ferocious dog began barking nearby. “Father, wait!” Tubal Cain cried out in excitement and run into the woods for the catch. How horrified Tubal Cain was to discover, that the dead horned creature was no other than his forefather Cain!

Fearing for his own life, Tubal Cain ran away. He feared his father’s rage more than anything in the world. When Lemech was notified about the accident, he clapped his hands with despair, crying: “The bastard! Now my curse would be fallen on my own head, and my seed would be avenged for seventy seven generations!”

Filled with sorrow and anger, Lemech went around searching for his son. On the way he stumbled over furniture and people, clapping his strong hands so Hard that everyone ran away in fear. We do not know how it finally happened, but Lemech managed to smash his son’s spine with a clap of his hand. Tubal Cain was severely wounded, but he died only months later wit much agony.
We see that hinted in the verse. When Lemech cried out to his wives in despair, he says:

“And Lemech said to his wives:
Ada and Tzila, listen to my voice (obey me!)
Lemech’s wives, hear what I have to say!
For I’ve slain aman for my wound,
And a boy for my hurt,
If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold,
Lemech (shall be avenged) Seventy Seven”

He mentions killing a man (Cain) and wounding a boy (his son, Tubal Cain.)
Here we see how The Heavenly Court closed the cycle of sin and punishment, for Cain. Since he had killed his own brother Abel, now he was killed by his own descendant, Tubal Cain, who even bore his name. Moreover, the very ‘light ray’ that YHVH had placed on Cain’s forehead for protection, finally turned to his detrimental, making him a good target for Lemech’s arrow. And moreover, Tubal Cain, himself an arch killer, was fatally wounded by his own father!
You see in the verse how Lemech was despaired by having killed Cain and wounded his own son. He knew well that his curse would be fallen on his own head. The first one to die because of this curse was his own son, Tubal Cain.

what happened to the miraculous dresses?
As we remember, Cain also carried on his back in the woods the miraculous dress that Adam and Eve had given him when he went to exile. The dress endowed its wearer to comprehend the animals. It also allowed its wearer to “see Earth from above.” (These miraculous dresses were made by YHVH ELKM for Adam and Eve in Eden.)
\After killing Cain, Tubal Cain ran away. Cain’s dress ended up somehow in the possession of Tubal Cain’s sister, Naama. This is how the miraculous dress ended up finally in the hands of Noah and Naama, who used it in the Ark to comprehend the animals and cater for their needs.
We’ll learn later how this dress ended up in the hands of Noah’s grandson, King Nimrod, and alter in the possession of Isaac’s son, Esau.

The impact of Cain’s death
Cain’s demise did not bring the Children of ELoKiM to repent their ways. They continued to slide form IDOLATRY to ADULTERY to THEFT and to INJUSTICE. The corrupt Naama brought the mighty chieftains of Cain’s tribe to a sheer madness: Aza married his pet monkey, whereas Azael his horse. Yes, they FELL FROM RACE, nefilim, as the verse says.
But Cain’s demise, however, did change one of the twin Naama, for good: She turned around, and married Noah.
Who then was Noah, exactly?