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Noah’s Tree Of Life
These are Noah’s words to his children after the Flood…
Evil, where is it shown in the text?

Enosh said: if you wish to learn about a concept, see where it is shown the first time in the text. If you want to understand what Evil is, see where it is mentioned the first time in the Tree of Life.
At the end of the Sixth Day, before the Sabbath, it is said:


“And ELoKiM said let the Earth bring forth creatures, Cattle, creeping things,
And EloKiM made the animals…cattle…and everything creeping
And EloKiM saw that is was good,
And ELoKiM created Adam in His Image
And ELoKiM blessed them saying be fruitful and multiply
And ELoKiM said let us make Adam in our form and our image
And ELoKiM said behold, I have given you all the grass
And ELoHiM saw everything that He had done and behold, it was VERY GOOD,
And it was evening, and it was morning,

Yom, (Day)
HaShishi, (Sixth) (Genesis 1:31)

VYechulu (and they ended)
HaShamyim (the Heaves)
And the Earth, VeHaaretz, and all their hosts,
And ELoHiM finished all the work he had done,
And ELoHiM finished on the Seventh Day His work which He had done,
And He abstained on the Seventh Day from all His work which He had done…”
(Genesis 2: 1-2)


Here you see the Holy Acronym YHVH entering our world from the Sabbath. Like a BRIDE who enters her GROOM’S home first time, She ‘Observes’ it to see whether She likes it or not.
The first thing She sees, looking into the Sixth Day, are the words VERY GOOD, ‘tov meod.’ It can be read as tov maved, death, evil (Talmud.)
Thus in YHVH eyes, Adam can be ‘VERY GOODD’ or its opposite, ‘EVIL.’
While in ELoKiM’s eyes, Adam can be ‘Very Good’ or ‘sinner, wicked,’
In ELoHiM’s eyes Adam is a sinner when he transgressed the Laws
In YHVH’s eyes Adam is evil when he is merciless, uncompassionate and unforgiving and cruel.



Where is Evil shown the first time in the text?
The World seems to us full of unnecessary Evil, Calamities and Death, for we see it through the prism of YHVH in our heart.
The World seems to us needing correction,
For we measure it by YHVH’s perspectives in our heart.
The truth is that we need to correct only ourselves,
And suppress the evil inclination of our hearts.


“Evil” is therefore a perspective from YHVH’s eyes. We deem the World as if it is full of Evil since we see it from YHVH prism in our heart. Had YHVH built the world by Herself, it would have had in it no evil.
But the truth is that the sorrow and pains that we see in the world are expressions of ELoKiM’s harsh but just Judgment. When calamity strikes and creatures die, they die because of ELoKiM’s measure for measure judgment. The world therefore in not ‘evil.’
But if Adam behaves like an animal despite the perception of YHVH in his heart, then Adam is evil in YHVH eyes. Take this as a given fact: No human exists without YHVH perception in his heart. Therefore every human stand in trial before YHVH!


My brother is sick and only you can help
Was Tubal evil? He had killed so many innocent souls, yet he gave his life for me. In my eyes, he wasn’t evil. Yet who could tell how he looked in YHVH eyes? To my sorrow, he continued to deteriorate. His spirit eroded and he sank into deep depression. No one of his old friends visited him. I, in contrast, spent increasingly more time by his bed, sometimes replacing my grandpa who had to leave for his functions. One day I was alone in Tubal’s room, and I could watch him extensively. How powerful his body must have been to stay alive for so long despite his misery! How difficult it must have been for him, a former leader, to keep silent! We did not converse ever since the accident. He kept his eyes away from me, as if I did not exist. Was he accusing me in his heart for the accident? I could not tell. I felt guilty for his demise. After sitting by his bed for long time I stepped out of his room to breathe fresh air. I walked aimlessly through the dark corridors and I found a corner to hide. I set there starring at the empty walls, wishing I could cry, but I did not. Then, unexpectedly, the Demon Naama re-appeared to me. Was it a dream? A faint light from the torches illuminated her pretty face. This time she did not smile, nor did she play with me as before. She only gazed into my eyes, as if studying me, absorbing me.
A thought: Do Demons ‘observe,’ like YHVH?
Then I saw tears, giant, pearl- like tears emerging from her pretty eyes, dampening her cheeks. Was she imitating me? Was this her new game?
She then split again into these two identical girls, each holding a drum. Side by side and ever so slowly they departed from each other and began dancing gracefully, elegantly—mirror images in motion. I heard that sweet flute music coming from nowhere. As they dances I could see and feel their talking to me through their entrancing movements, their bewitching body language—
There is a young, talented and promising scientist, the dance said, his spine injured by a falling beam.
He is confined to his bed in horrible misery.
He is dying. He wishes to die, he cannot live any longer…he is seeking help…your help,
Only you, Noah, can help him…
Only you, no one else, can help him…
Come now, please, with us…
The two halves lead me back to Tubal’s room. Why? Did they want me to do something there? They opened his door and waited for me to enter. Then they stood back-to-back and merged into one girl that disappeared too in the thin air. I entered the room and found it empty beside Tubal himself in his bed. The attendants were gone. The ‘girls’ knew it and wished me to come and talk to him PRIVATELY.


The damage that Evil can do
When Adam becomes evil or ‘Very Bad’ in YHVH eyes, YHVH may be saddened and retract from defending us in the Heavenly Court.
When Adam becomes exceedingly evil, YHVH may retract from our World and ‘fly back’ to her Domain, the Eternal Sabbath. The World would be left alone in the merciless hands of the JUDGE, ELoKiM.
But Adam’s evilness can be so great that it can break YHVH’s Name to two “pieces’’: the ‘YH’ and the ‘VH.’ This would be a devastating moment to the world, since the GROOM may terminate it with wrath.
It would be up to Adam, then, to try and ‘repair’ or ‘restore’ YHVH broken Name to its former Glory.
Editor: (1) Before the Flood, YHVH saddened by the evilness of Man. She retracted from defending Mankind.
(2) In the Book of exodus, the nation of Amalek viciously attacked the Israelites. YHVH swore by her broken half Name, YH, to eradicate Amalek.
(3) Before the destruction of Jerusalem by either Babel or Rome, they saw a crying ‘Dove’ coming out of the Temple, flying to the desert and up to Heavens. By retracting from defending us, the Dove left the world to be run by ELoHiM.
(4) The prophet Ezekiel foresaw a day when YHVH’s full name would be completed, and its holiness restored. This has become the base of the famous kadish prayer.




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