Noah’s Tree Of Life/Evil-1/Who created it?

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Noah’s Tree Of Life
These are Noah’s words to his children after the Flood…
Evil: Who created it?

Meet Tubal Cain’s family
After my first visit to Tubal, Enosh spent increasingly more time by his bed, so much that the family gave him a courtyard for his usage. As for me, nothing held me back from visiting Tubal Cain again and again. I prepared his daily medications and brought them to him. I never got lost again in the woods. I learned how to find my way through the desolate Children of ELoHiM’s camp and enter Lemech’s house without even knocking. I also met the rest of the family. There was Tubal’s mother Tzilah, who was also Naama’s mother. There were Lemech’s second wife Adah and her two sons: Yuval the musician, and Yaval the shepherd, as well as other household members.(Genesis 4: 19-24) But my heart longed for the Demon Naama who evaded me, from some reason. I asked the family where the Demon Naama was, and they laughed and said that there was no Demon in their house. Had I imagined her? She had seemed very real to me. So I strolled through the halls and the meandering corridors, whispering her name into curtains and the ceiling —”Naama, dance with me again,” all in vain.
As for Tubal Cain, he ignored both Enosh and me. He lay silently in his bed, biting his lips in a pointless effort to lessen the pain inflicted by any movement of his body. He said he wished to die, and refused to take his food or medications anymore. Sadness descended on me that I could not explain. Everything around me seemed bad, as if grabbed by evil.


“I am tired of your endless debate about whether
Evil is subjective, objective, relative or absolute
Whether it is an adjective or a noun
Whether it stands on its own legs or is
A mere illusion of our sick mind.

“All I want is to understand how Evil is framed
Within the Story of Creation. All I want is to know
When was Evil born? Who invented it?
How did it enter our soul to exert its
Magical power over our hearts and minds?

“All I want is to know how
Not to worship Evil, how
To conquer Evil, and
When, when, will Evil end?”

(Enosh responding to teenager’s questions)


Evil in YHVH eyes
Evil, as defined by the Tree of Life, is a perspective in the Merciful YHVH’s eyes. Evil never stands on its own legs. Think of Evil as whatever YHVH exceedingly hates. SHE hates sexual promiscuity, because SHE is modest. SHE hated us when we MERCILESS, UNCOMPASSIOANTE and UNFORGIVING. When we are CRUEL, SHE deems us as ‘evil’ in Her eyes. When we are treacherous, when we stab people in their back we are evil in Her eyes. Not in ELoKiM’s eyes, but in YHVH’s eyes. Thus we may not violate a law, yet we might be seen as evil in YHVH eyes!


Adam and Eve acquired the perception of evil after eating the forbidden “Tree of Knowledge of Good and EVIL.” This new perception came to them along with a new perception of YHVH; that they lacked before the sin.
In fact, it was only on Earth, facing Evil and Death first hand, that Adam and Eve acquired a full, intimate knowledge of both YHVH and Evil.


How did Evil enter our soul?
As Adam says, the trial of the Garden of Eden took place on the THIRD Day, while there was no grass, no shrub, no tree and no life on real Earth, not even rain (Genesis 2:4.) Hence the Garden was virtual space FORMED before seeding life on Earth. Adam and Eve would be MADE on real Earth much later, on the Sixth Day.
When ELoHiM made Adam on the Sixth Day, He consulted many entities. When Evil heard this, it ran forwards and prostrated before the CREATOR. “My King,” Evil complained, “No one knows me in your World! Please make for me a room in Adam’s heart!” Indeed, no animal, sophisticated as it might be, can know what Evil is; since no animal is capable of knowing or feeling the Merciful Attribute.
Hearing Evil’s plea, ELoHiM said to it, “Let’s make and Adam in our form and our image.” And He made a room for Evil in Adam’s heart.


‘My King,” Evil continued, “Are you not afraid that by speaking to me in plural, you’ve opened the door for IDOLATERS to think that I am your partner, and that they may worship me?”
ELoHiM said: “I’ve taken the risk of IDOLATRY, for teaching Adam modesty is paramount!”
Ever since that dialogue, Evil gained a magical status and charm in Adam’s eyes. Adam would be forever fascinated by it, attempt to perform it, to watch it being performed, and even worship it. Evil in YHVH eyes has become a magical false bride!



Why is there so much evil around?
The daily encounter with Tubal’s suffering took its toll on me. The stench coming out of his wound, his endless agony, the look of despair in his eyes made me think about Evil. Why do people suffer? Why do accidents occur? I realized that Tubal had been a bad person, a murderer, but why people behave so badly to each other in the first place?
I strolled at length through the Children of ELoHiM’s now-deserted compound. Why did they corrupt? I saw their warehouses still loaded with weapons, why do people make such death tools? What are we so fascinated by death? I picked up some of the deserted swords and spears. They were so beautifully decorated, studded with jewelry and precious stones. Why do people decorate their death tools? What’s the secret in the glory of Death and Evil?
At that time Enosh’s Flood peaked. The rising Sea penetrated deeply the Dry Land and affected even the Sea of the Galilee. I could no longer sit on our cliff watching the animals. Fierce waves hit it with so much power that dense fog covered the sea all the time. Why are there so many calamities in Nature? Why does the Earth shake from time to time, killing people and animals alike? Why do volcanoes erupt and cover entire towns with ashes? Why do parasites exist, taking advantage of their hosts? Why do animals kill each other? Why stars explode and fall down to Earth in a spectacular shower of lights, causing so much damage?
I saw villages washed away by Enosh’s Flood. I admit, there is magic in the sight of destruction. You tend to watch with fascination the overturned homes, the broken fences, the scattered corps of people and animals alike, lying around. Why is there so much magic in the sight of Evil and destruction? Why do people enjoy watching life-and-death fight? Why did the Children of ELoHiM laugh with pleasure, as I had been told, when they ransacked our homes, killing and raping with no shame? Where is the fun in murdering? Oh, CREATOR, I thought, I have so many questions for you!
“Grandpa, can you tell me more about Evil?”


Enosh did not answer me directly. But on one of our trips to the flooded areas he was besieged by Seth‘s teenagers, who challenged our faith, asking: Where is G-d? How did G-d permit such calamity to occur? Is the CREATOR evil?
Enosh took their questions to his heart. Standing up for everyone to see him he raised his arms and pointed at the flooded nature around us, saying:


“Do you know why ELoHiM created all the evil out there?
All the calamities, catastrophes, sorrow and death out there?
He did all that in order that it would all end up
Right in YOUR heart and MINE. How else would we perform Evil
If it had not exited outside us?

“ELoHiM consulted the Six Days and made Adam, so that Adam could
Explode like stars in the sky,
Flood his environment, like the Ocean
Poison his enemies like the trees
Burn his enemies like the Sun
Swallow like fish swallowing fish
Steal and abducts like Birds
Cheat like creatures that cheat their prey
Tear flesh like crocodile
Torture like the cat that torture mice
Consume like cattle
Prey like the Beasts
Bite like the snakes
Take advantage like the parasites
Wage Wars like insects

“But there is a difference: While in Nature,
Calamities and Pain and sorrow are ‘good’ in ELoKiM’s eyes
For they express His ways of Justice, ‘measure for measure.’

But when Adam inflicts unwarranted pains and sorrow,
Despite the awareness of YHVH in his heart,
He is deemed a sinner in ELoHiM’s eyes
And Evil in YHVH eyes!”



Enosh explained this to me: “Once the decision to MAKE Adam on real Earth fell on the THIRD Day, ELoHiM went on to make all the creatures in the World with Adam on His mind. Hence He enabled them to inflict pains on each other so that Adam would finally be able to do the same AND STAND ON THAT IN A TRIAL.
“But this took a long time!” I said, “Couldn’t He just make Adam quickly, able to perform evil?”
“For ELoHiM, the CREATOR of time, the time length is unimportant. Since He wished to make Adam a part of the Universe, He made the Universe full of pains, but just ones. Only when Adam who perceives the Merciful YHVH should behave better than a beats who does not know YHVH!”


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To be continued