Noah’s Tree Of Life/Evil-10/Atrocities In YHVH’s Name

Noahide Seven Commandments Torah classes

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Noah’s Tree Of Life
These are Noah’s words to his children after the Flood…
(Naama’s Confession)

“My father Noah said that the Flood
Came not for our moral wickedness,
As much as for our false piety.
And when I asked whom he had in mind,
He hid his face in his hands and wept like a child.”

(My firstborn son, Shem)

Tears ran down her cheeks. Or were they raindrops?
“I hate Enosh!” she said.
“Hate Enosh? But he is the priest of MERCY!”
“Don’t mention his name to me,” this Naama said; the opposite of her ‘sister.’
“That’s the first time I hear such words against him from anyone. What made you hate him?”
“Your grandfather has instigated Evil in the name of MERCY.”
“Why are you saying that?”
The flash of lightning reflected in her pupils seemed to come from inside her. I could feel her anger. Could such a merciful girl be this angry? Yes, YHVH too gets angry against evildoers.
“Your grandfather has brought more Evil to the world than anyone else I know,” this Naama said.
“But Enosh wouldn’t hurt a fly,” I protested.
“He doesn’t do Evil with his hands, but his teachings have brought unspeakable Evil on us—the Children Of ELoHiM. He is responsible for heinous crimes committed by your people, the Seth clan, against my people.”
“I can’t believe what you’re saying.”
“You may not know it, but my Cain clan has been victimized by Seth for years.”
“It hurts to speak about it, Noah. It is true that we, Cain’s Children, have been followed ELoHiM. My ancestors were very pious people. They said that they want to atone for Cain’s deeds. But that sincere wish turned against them. Other families of Earth forced my people to live on the fringe of society, considering us tainted by our own forefather Cain’s sin—the murder of Abel. People say that the first murder is the prototype of all murders, and Cain’s children are the prototype of all killers, so they shy away from us as if from a plague…”
“How was Seth involved in that?”
“Don’t you see? Abel was the one YHVH preferred over Cain. YHVH would have entered our world spreading more holiness, had not Cain killed Abel and destroyed that hope with one deadly stroke. Because of Cain, YHVH won’t come soon. To Seth, who worships YHVH so avidly, Cain’s deed was the ultimate crime. Seth never forgave us for Cain’s murderous sin. So strange—the very promoters of forgiveness have been so reluctant to forgive Cain’s children for something we didn’t do.”
She paused, as if struggling with bad memories.
“You may not understand,” she continued, “but for years Seth has turned us into pariahs, an abomination of Mankind. But when I was small, Seth turned out to be also our killers. They attacked us for no reason, with unprecedented ferocity and cruelty. Seth has treated us with disgust as though we are not worthy of life itself. Their intention, they have said, was to exterminate us like rats and roaches. At first we couldn’t comprehend what had initiated this new wave of Seth hatred…
“Then one day, when I was ten years old girl, Tubal and his friends took me along to a Seth gathering, to hear your grandfather’s famous sermon. We wore white Seth’s uniform so no one recognized us. Your grandfather stood at the podium preaching and you, Noah, stood beside him. You know well how he inspires the crowd by his fiery speeches. He inspired me too. I fell in love with YHVH and her MERCY. I too longed to see her come to lighten our world. And I knew your grandfather was a true prophet, the grandson of Adam and Eve. If he could see YHVH coming soon, it had to be a true vision. If he saw the end of suffering and death, he spoke the truth. If he said that sin would be soon forgiven with compassion, he told the truth. And if he saw the Sabbath just around the corner—so close that he could smell her in his nostrils and taste her in his mouth—I believed every word. I knew he would not lie.
“And then, after his speech, everyone crowded around him, many women tearing off their clothes in an ecstatic frenzy. Though I was young, I joined the crowd, kissing his legs and crying at his feet. I even called on to you, I loved you too, but you were too young to notice me. Then your grandfather said something that disturbed me, even at my young age. He said that as long as there were evildoers who knew no MERCY, YHVH wouldn’t come. The evildoers break YHVH’S Name, he said, and YHVH is hurting, bleeding, and She would not come.
“It was as if someone had poured cold water on my head. Who are these evildoers that know no MERCY and prevent the sweet, Merciful YHVH from coming? It was us, the Children of ELoHiM. He didn’t have to utter our name in the open. The crowd understood it well. In one stroke he pushed us out of the heavenly scheme. We no longer belonged.
“After the sermon, Tubal with his friends joined the Seth crowd streaming out of the Royal Hall. One by one the crowd passed before their spiritual leaders who blessed them and promised forgiveness for all their sins past or future, in the name of MERCY. I did not know the reason for those preparations, but I would soon find out.
“At sunrise Seth’s mob marched to attack one of our camps. We followed them, still wearing their Seth’s uniforms. The mob walked silently, with fierce determination, as if assured in the truth of their faith and in what they were about to do. They neither talked nor smiled. In horror we watched them descend on a quiet, sleepy village of Cain, killing women, men, young and old, cattle, pets—everything that had life in it. Then they burned the camp to the ground. All that BLOODSHED and cruelty, Noah, because they believed we hindered MERCY! Can you find a worst paradox?
“We watched and wept. When we arrived at our main camp, we told everything to Uza and Azael. They ordered a retreat, and since then we have lived in the woods, away from the rest of humankind, just surviving. But I pledged, Noah, that I, Naama, the daughter of Lemech would dedicate my life to the true worship of YHVH, in the only true way: By doing her work of MERCY and COMPASSION with Man and animals alike. YHVH is for life, for care of the sick and the poor. YHVH would not support murder, bloodshed, suicide or even unkindness. That is why I asked Yuval to build me this hut.”


The rain ebbed, and I could discern the world outside more clearly. Across the road stood the other pyramidal hut, from which I had escaped. In that hut, the other Naama dwelled and she spoke so differently—also in the Name of YHVH. The other Naama loved my grandpa, and supported taking Tubal’s life.
A thought stroked me. Was I fooled by the Demon Naama? Was the ‘mother Demon’ sending me her two splits, each representing the opposite faith of the other, just to capture my heart one way or another?
“Naama,” I confronted her, “you speak well, and your sister speaks well too. But the two of you negate each other. Can I meet the one Naama, whom I see before you split? The court wants me to register her opinion about Tubal.”
She looked at me with those wide, innocent eyes. “Noah, we are two sisters.”

Oh CREATOR, I thought, neither half is aware of the whole.

“Never mind, I’d have to catch her. But tell me, if Seth and Enosh have instigated so much evil against your people, why are you friendly with me?”
“Because you are different. Unlike your grandfather, you walk with ELoHiM—everyone has noticed that. You’ve refused to give Tubal his dagger, because it goes against ELoHiM’s laws of BLOODSHED. For the same reason, you’ve objected to my mother Tzilah’s wish to take Tubal’s life in MERCY. So you walk with ELoHiM. At the same time you aspire to melt down Tubal’s weapons and convert them to metal ploughs, which would please YHVH. You love to heal animals, which pleases YHVH. So unlike your grandfather, you walk in ELoHiM’s way and you find face in YHVH’s eyes. You are unique!”

Editor: As it says —
“And Noah found face in the eyes of YHVH,
Noah was a righteous man, with ELoHiM did Noah walk,” (Gen. 6:8-9)
From here you see that Noah abided by YHVH ELoHiM Oneness.


What an insight from a ‘split’ of a Demon! She defined my faith more accurately than anyone else had ever done. I could see now how society had split: Seth headed by Enosh who titled towards YHVH; then Cain who tilted towards ELoHiM. I alone dared to walk in ELoHiM ways while loving YHVH. No one has put it this way, before Naama did.
“Naama, would you marry me?” I asked sincerely, overcoming a voice inside me that warned me against marrying a half of a Demon.
“Why me, and not my sister in the other hut?”
Together, we will follow YHVH ELoHiM’s ONENESS,” I said.
“For the price of giving up having children? No!” She said firmly and loudly.
The animals behind us in the cages started crying and we returned to our work of MERCY. “What is that glow?” I asked, pointing at the closet.
“It’s Adam and Eve’s airy Dresses. They belong to me now.”
“Why not to your sister across the road?”
“The Dress won’t shine in her possession,” she said. “Sometimes I use the Dress to lighten up my hut. Do you want to see?”
She opened the closet and took out the miraculous, airy Dress. She let it go, and the Dress ascended on its own to the center of the slanted ceiling. Sitting up there it spread its pleasant light all over the hut.
I later used it in our Ark.
We spent the rest of the day in her hut together. I told her, while attending the animals, about the Tree of Life, about Enosh’s miraculous study that looked small from the outside yet spacious from the inside. I told her how the story of CREATION teaches what came first and what came later, so that we could derive from it how to attend the animals’ needs.
As the night approached we went together to their compound. I carried a wounded fox on my shoulder that needed further attention by her. When we parted, I went to Tubal’s room. I found him twisting in pain and his mind was unclear. He still had not eaten, judging by the piles of food trays thrown on the floor around him. The stench in the room was unbearable. And yet, his cheeks were crimson red and his body was not emaciated. How could this be? Who was he for real?


From that day on the ‘Demon Naama’ did not ‘split’ before my eyes into two dancing girls anymore. Instead, she seemed to let me choose between them at my will. I could climb up one of the two hills at my free will and meet them, though I never attempted to meet the wicked, ‘perfumed Naama’ as I called her. I did go up and enter quite often the hut of the other, ‘good’ Naama and helped her to attend her sick animals. I began to love her with whole my heart.


Painful existence
It was the Serpent, of all creatures, which opened Adam and Eve’s eyes to see “good and evil” and perceive the World from YHVH’s perspectives. The gain was painful, for it hard to observe ELoHiM’s World with the prism of YHVH on your eyes. It is extremely difficult to constantly feel that our world needs correction, a goal beyond our power.
This is why Eden was formed: to offer Adam a chance to live without ever seeing the World through YHVH’s eyes. Had Adam and his wife not sinned, they would have avoided the feeling of the enormous clash between the Attributes, which is inhuman to reconcile.


The Serpent opened their eyes
The ‘good’ Naama opened my eyes. I used to see Seth as a victim of Cain, but from her perspectives it was Cain who had been victimized by Seth. She made me aware that my own grandpa was responsible for Seth’s atrocities against Cain, even though he was personally unaware of it.
The ‘good’ Naama also opened my eyes to see how both Cain and Seth’s camps had started with IDOLATRY, breaking YHVH ELoHiM Oneness. Each camp preferred One Attribute over the other. Cain worshiped ELoHiM, claiming piety, while Seth praised YHVH while neglecting ELoHiM. Once you have erred with breaching Oneness, a sort of IDOLATRY, you would slide down the rest of the Commandments: first into ADULTERY, then to BLOODSHED, and so on. Indeed, both camps in our society ended up with BLOODSHED. The only recourse that Mankind had, the good Naama said, was to return to the original faith of Adam and Eve and worship YHVH ELoHiM in Oneness. “Let’s not prefer one Attribute over the other,” she said, “we must abide by their ONENESS. Only then we will see the end of BLOODSHERD.”
I would love to have known also the opinion of the original, ‘mother Naama,’ who evaded me all that time. Enosh kept asking me about her consent to end Tubal’s life, but I never saw her anymore. It seemed to me that he was pressed by Tzilah, who wished to end Tubal’s misery. We all felt that Tubal had suffered to much and the time to make a final decision had arrived.

To be continued</center