Noah’s Tree Of Life/ELoHiM-6/The Infamous Children of ELoHiM

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Noah’s Tree Of Life

These are Noah’s words to his children after the Flood…

ELoHiM-6/The Infamous Children of ELoHiM

ELoHiM’s Ways

Hanoch presentation only increased my apatite to learn more about the Children of ELoHiM’s faith and methods. Enosh finally succumbed to my curiosity and told me their history.
“After Cain murdered his brother Abel,” he said, “the Heavenly Court sentenced him to exile. ELoHiM would have killed him right away had not the MERCY intervened in his behalf and granted him life for seven generations. After that, Cain would be slain, avenging Abel. To protect him in his exile the CREATOR in His MERCY put on his forehead a horn as an emblem to ward off all who might be tempted to take his life in vengeance before his time arrives. Some say this was not a horn but rather a ray of light radiating from his forehead. Adam told me that the Heavenly Court placed a curse on anyone who might kill Cain prematurely. The prospective killer would be avenged ‘seven folds!’ The killer’s own family would suffer the consequences for ‘seven generations’
“Cain married and begot children then went to exile. He is still alive, since the seventh generation after him has only recently arrived. The death penalty is now hanging over his head. Someone may kill him any day. Meanwhile his children proliferated and live nearby. As for Cain, he vanished into the woods where he lives by himself with only a ferocious dog for company. There he wanders among animals, alone and naked, with hair so over-grown he looks like an ape. The mark on his forehead, so they say, is protruding forwards so much that he looks like a horned animal. Still others maintain that the mark radiates a miraculous light that keeps the animals away from him. Others say he inherited from Adam a miraculous dress that he carries on his shoulders. That dress allows him to communicate with animals. I personally believe that Cain has been suffering from a skin or a brain disease, or perhaps a growth on his forehead that has caused him to lose his mind.
“You asked me about the faith of Cain’s children. After Cain murdered Abel, Cain’s children experienced a spiritual metamorphosis. As if to atone for their father’s deed, they adopted ELoHiM’S strict ways rejecting MERCY. They complied strictly and absolutely with every one of the Six Commandment that ELoHiM gave Adam and Eve in Eden. For instance, they have abided so strictly with ADULTERY that their courts, Cain’s courts, beheads adulterers in public arena for all to see. Observing THEFT stringently, they cut off thieves’ hands unmoved by either forgiveness or mercy. That is how they came to be known as The Children of ELoHiM.
“You may ask what could be wrong with this sort of teaching. I can tell you only that their practice has made them very insensitive to human suffering. They could not live among us, the Seth family. So they retracted to the woods, not far from where Cain is reported to l live. They have developed a culture of their own. Noah, theirs is a bad, harsh culture. And so they have lived in the woods till Tubal Cain came and changed their lot.”
“Tubal Cain? The person I met at your sermon?”
“Yes. He is a genius. As a young metal worker he applied Cain’s scientific method to find a strong metal alloy. After years of trial and errors, Tubal discovered a strong metal alloy, so strong that it can smash to pieces all other metals (Genesis 4: 22.) He then took his invention and made strong swords, shields and arrows that rendered the Children of ELoHiM so much power that they have become the strongest military force on Earth. No army can stop them. That power made them very wealthy, but also corrupted them. From an exceedingly pious cult they have evolved today into gangues that rob, rape and murder under the watching sun with no shame. Tubal Cain is responsible for more killing than anyone else on Earth. His very name, Tubal, means ‘spices’ as you know. Thus he has placed spices on his forefather Cain’s murderous act. Whereas Cain killed his brother with his bare hands or a stone, here came his descendant Tubal Cain and killed many more with his weapons. Because of Tubal, his tribe have violated all of Adam’s Commandments: IDOLATRY, ADULTERY, BLOODSHED, THEFT, INJUSTICE and BLASPHEMY. They have breached their right to live on Earth!”
“If he is such a killer and a sinner, why did he and his sister come to listen to your sermon?” I asked.
“From what I’ve been hearing lately, they have become extremely agitated. They are keenly aware that the ancient curse over Cain’s head is about to materialize, and that someone, whoever he might be, would soon kill their forefather in revenge for Abel.
“So nervous are they that they have started warning people not to kill Cain. Foremost is Tubal Cain’s father, whose name is Lemech as your father’s name. This Lemech has sworn in public that whoever slays Cain, he, Lemech, would avenge him not seven but rather Seventy Seven generations, with his own hands!
“Now this threat is really frightening, since Lemech has a small, foolish head but two strong hands that can smash an oxen head with just one clap. He is also so arrogant that he speaks about himself in third voice, as if he is royalty. Strong as he may be, he is an accident-prone fool who stumbles over furniture and breaks them to pieces. This has been amplified lately by the fact that he has become half blinded. A nice family, aren’t they? So here is my advice again: stay away from them and save yourself much trouble!”
“Grandpa, do they have Demons among them which can fly fast?”
“What do you mean by Demons?”
“Demons that can fly so fast that they are seen simultaneously in different places, beautiful and dangerous Demons.”
“Stop that nonsense! The only Demons I know are humans who walk on two legs and never fly. Some are so evil that they deserve to be called Demons. Don’t believe in these superstitious rumors, Noah. We have only One CREATOR, One real power and nothing else!”


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