Noah’s Tree Of Life/Adam-4/ELoKiM consulted Wisdom, Science

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Noah’s Tree Of Life

These are Noah’s words to his children after the Flood…

ELoKiM Consulted Wisdom and Science and made Adam

How surprised the Angles were when they saw ELoKiM turning to the ‘Wisdom and Science by Which He Created the World,’ and said: “Would you like that I would make an Adam who would rule over you?”
Wisdom and Science said: “My King, I agree, as long as you’d make him like me. How else will he be able to consult with me and understand my whips?”
ELoKIM the said to Wisdom and Science:

“Let Us Make an Adam in Our Image and Our Form…”

As he spoke, the Angles wondered: “Our KING, are you not afraid that by speaking to Wisdom and Science in plural, you have opened the door to idolaters to think they have more than One CREATOR?”
On which ELoKiM answered: “I take the risk, my Angles, for teaching Adam modesty is paramount…”


Enosh explained: In Hebrew, the word for “Beginning” is written as “At the Head of the events.” Hence ELoKiM looked ‘backwards’ to the Beginning of the chapter, to the Head of Events, and consulted His Head, His Wisdom and Science, and made Adam…
The idea is, Enosh said, that our Universe is made in Wisdom and Science, which Adam carries in his mind. Hnece there would be nothing in this Universe that could escape Adam’s searching mind. We need that science to excel, to rule the world and thrive in it. But there is a catch: it can serve as a potential idol. Because it will produce sop much wealth and health, Adam might be tempted to worship it instead of the True CREATOR!

Let me tell you my sons my approach to Science. You see, ELoKiM could have saved us from the Flood by creating a bubble around us to protect us from the rain, or take us above the clouds, or perform any other miracle. Instead, he ordered me to make a scientifically sound floating device, whose dimensions follow en exact formula. It was built like a pyramid, with slopping sides to wash off the rain, and when it was loaded its center of weight was way below the water so it could not capsize. When we entered our Ark, YHVH then locked the door and kept the Angel of death away.

By this, ELoKiM told me, and you: Use Science to save yourself. But at the same time pray to YHVH to lock the door from troubles and really save you.


ELoHiM consulted PASSIONS & DESIRES and made Adam
ELoHiM then turned to Passions and Desire and said:
“Let Us make an Adam in Our Image and Our Form.”

“My King,” Passion and Desire said, “Are you not afraid that by speaking to me in plural you’ve’ opened the door for idolaters to think they have more than one CREATOR?”
“I’ve taken the risk,” ELoKiM said, “because teaching Adam modesty is paramount.”
ELoHiM then consulted Passion and Desires and made Adam accordingly. They would propel Adam forwards more than any other feature of him. Adam should be careful, though, not to worship his Passions and Desire instead of the true CREATOR.


Which Passion and Desire is stronger? The Angles wondered. So ELoHiM blessed Adam and said:
“Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and rule over…” (Genesis 1: 28)
Adam is therefore blessed with a Desire to Procreate, and a Desire to Rule Over. These two Desires are the strongest. They are also intertwined in animals, but in Adam they are STRONG.

The Angel Gabriel explained: Since the Desire to ‘Rule over’ is upfront, it is the stronger of the two. Where would you place the stronger horse if not at the very front of the house pack?”


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