Noah’s Tree Of Life/Adam-3/ELoKiM consulted CREATION

Noahide Seven Commandments Torah classes

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Noah’s Tree Of Life

These are Noah’s words to his children after the Flood…

ELoKiM Consulted CREATION and made Adam

ELoHiM consulted CREATION and made Adam accordingly

ELoHiM began creating Adam’s body as a nest to accept YHVH. Adam’s body should represent the entire CREATION. ELoHiM therefore consulted each Day of CREATION saying:
“Let us make an Adam in our form and our image.”
ELoHiM did not to impose His command on CREATION to make Adam. As a King Who Consults, He was a Dictator no more. Wishing to show Adam that the Superior would consult the Inferior with modesty, He asked for each Day’s consent.
The Days of CREATION agreed, and ELoHiM consulted them one by one and created Adam accordingly. Like a builder who consults his Mater Plan, He consulted each Day and made a layer in Adam’s body. Thus,
ELoHiM consulted the First Day: the Space, Light, Matter, Water, and made Adam accordingly. Adam is made of the most primordial elements of our Universe.
ELoHiM then consulted the SECOND Day, with the ‘Water Above’ and the ‘Water Below’ and made Adam accordingly. No wonder our body comprises of so much water.
ELoHiM then consulted the THIRD Day, with its Seed of Life, the vast Vegetation to its kind and made Adam accordingly. We carry in our body many elements of the Vegetation Kingdom. Just look at our blood vessels how they branch out. Our eyes needs light no differently than leaves needs the sun light.
ELoHiM then consulted the FOURTH Day with its Luminaries and made Adam accordingly. He consulted with the seasons and made us.
ELoHiM then consulted the FIFTH Day with its Fish, Birds and Crocodiles, and made Adam accordingly. Well all look like them as we evolve in our mother’s uterus.
ELoHiM then consulted the SIXTH Day with its Cattle, Beasts and Crawling Creatures, and made Adam accordingly. We eat grass, prey on the cattle and bite like snakes.
By this series of consultations, ELoHiM created our body layer by layer from all the elements of Nature. Adam can therefore identify himself with the World and feel its desires. Adam can therefore be the legitimate ruler of the World, since he is made out of it. A king must comes from amongst his citizens. (Deut. 17: 15)
Adam can therefore serve as nest where YHVH enters and dwells. Since Adam is made of all the elements of the World, it is as if YHVH has dwelled in the entire World. If Adam accepts YHVH in his heart, ELoHiM would deem the entire World as ‘Very Good’ and allow it to progress towards the Eternal Sabbath, the next Day of CREATION.


Would a Demon chase YHVH away from my heart?

Tubal Cain accident seemed to tie me closer to the Children of ELoHM. Whenever I prepared a medication for him I also thought about Naama. My heart longed to see her again, just one more time. Enosh, however, continued to match me with Seth’s girls, but I rejected them all. In my heart I named them “alien birds,” as if they were trying to take advantage of my own longings and chase Naama away.
On the other hand, could Naama herself be such an alien bird? Was she, a descendant of Cain and a Demon, trying to chase the BRIDE YHVH away from my heart? Was this the reason why Enosh tried hard to hold me back from meeting Naama again?


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To be continued