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Noah’s Tree Of Life

These are Noah’s words to his children after the Flood…

Cain’s demise

How does ELoHiM execute His Verdicts? A chance to see that came soon. Seven generation after the killing of Abel, time arrived for Cain to pay his dues and be avenged. The extension he had received from YHVH (Genesis 4: 15) had expired. The only question that everyone asked was who would perform Cain’s execution? How would this happen?
Enosh said that YHVH in Her Mercy had sent him for exile in ‘No Man’s Land’ (Genesis 4:16.) The merciful YHVH also placed a sign on Cain’s head to protect him from a potential killer. Some said that this sign was a horn growing on his forehead; while others said that the horn was shaped like the letter Y, taken from ‘YHVH.’ Others held that it was not a horn but rather a ray of light that radiated from his forehead to scare people and animals off. Enosh thought that Cain had lost his mind due to a growth in his head. Enosh also said that Cain walked naked I the woods, yet he carried on his back a sac with two miraculous dresses that Adam and Eve have given him before he went to exile. Whoever wears these miraculous dresses can comprehend the animals’ languages and survive among them. “Who would dare to kill Cain?” Enosh continued, “Who would dare to face the curse that Cain’s descendant, Lemech, have placed on the head of Cain’s killer? Lemech would avenge him not seven, but ‘seventy seven’ folds!” (Genesis 4: 24).
And so it was, as I was later told, that Tubal Cain, the seventh generation descendant of Cain, brought his father Lemech a new, tough bow that he had made for him. So hard the bow was that only a very strong man with mighty hands, like Lemech, could draw it. Tubal Cain also brought his father some of his latest metal arrows that could fly straight in the air and hit the target hard. The proud Tubal Cain presented the bow and the arrow to his accident-prone father.
To the amazement of everyone watching, Lemech loaded Tubal’s new bow easily as if it was made from soft branch. He aimed it at a hairy, bison-like ape that appeared in the wood. A strange light radiated from the creature’s forehead and made it a good target. Half-blinded as Lemech was, Tubal helped him steady his arrow. “Shoot, father!” Tubal encouraged him excitedly. Lemech released the arrow and it went straight in the air and hit the hairy target so hard that it fell readily dead. “What a good shot!” Tubal Cain exclaimed and he ran into the wood to bring the catch. To his horror, he discovered that the hairy figure was no other than his own forefather Cain, who lay dead with the arrow stuck in the middle of his forehead, right where the horn protruded. In the woods he heard Cain’s ferocious dog, crying. A light came from a nearby bag which had fallen on the ground. Tubal opened it and he recognized the miraculous dresses that Adam and Eve had given Cain to survive in the woods. Later on Lemech’s servants brought the dresses to Lemech’s home, along with Cain’s body.
At first, Lemech didn’t comprehend what had happened. “What did Lemech hit this time?” he gladly called his son, who had already fled the murder scene. Remembering the curse his father had placed on Cain’s murderer, that he would be avenged “not seven, but seventy seven generations,’ (Genesis 4: 24,) Tubal was more afraid of his father’s wrath than of our king’s army. And when Lemech finally realized what had happened, he raged with anger and sorrow and clapped his huge, mighty hands cracking everything on his way. “Where is Lemech’s son? Where is the bastard?” he yelled, as always speaking about himself in the third voice, in his arrogance. He looked through the house for Tubal with every intention of killing him to avenge Cain’s murder, although everyone thought that Lemech should kill himself since he had shot the arrow. According to eyewitnesses, Lemech tore his thin hair and cried out to his two wives—

“Adah and Tzilah listen to me—a man I did kill…” (Gen. 4:23)

“Who is the man you’ve killed?” Adah and Tzilah asked.
“Cain!” he shouted back. “I, of all people, have slain my forefather Cain! Now my curse will fall on my own head and on our entire family! We will be decimated for seventy seven generations! Where is that son of a bitch? I want to kill him!”
“So shut up,” his wives told him, since it was he who had vowed to decimate Cain’s killer family for seventy-seven generations. But in his madness and sorrow, Lemech ran wild looking for Tubal, while people ran from him screaming. In the noisy chaos, he stumbled over and broke furniture and dishes. “What should I do now? What will happen to us?” he cried in despair, while his wives tried in vain to restrain and calm him. Driven to madness he burst out the house and ran all over Cain’s compound shouting, “Where is the son of Lemech? Bring that son of a dog to me and I’ll teach him a lesson he won’t forget!” Oh, how much they laughed since he referred to himself as a dog. How many tents and homes he overturned on that day!
To me, the story meant that ELoHiM’s cycle of sin and retribution was closed in a perfect way. Since Cain had killed his own brother, here came his own descendant Tubal and slain Cain. ELoHiM’s visible hands inflicted punishment on Cain by his own seed, ‘measure for measure.’ Once YHVH’s protection had expired, ELoHiM stepped in and executed His True verdict.


The two Cherubs consolidated the World in Oneness and Love
How happy the Angles were when YHVH agreed to join ELoHiM in making Adam. Like two Cherubs in Love, holding Wing against Wing, they ‘flew’ over CREATION and consolidated it by their ONENESS and LOVE. Together, ‘YHVH ELoHiM’ flew close to each other as they had never been, and re-created it. (Genesis 2: 4)
Thus they flew ‘back’ from the Sixth Day to the Fifth to the Fourth to the THIRD to the SECOND and FIRST, till they arrived at the ‘Beginning.’ Wherever they flew, flowers bloomed and all creatures sang a new song. Henceforth the World would not falter. Henceforth the World would stay on course towards the Eternal Sabbath. (Psalms 93)
Editor: In Jerusalem’s Holy Temple, the Levite Choir used to chant on every day a Psalm that describes the event that had taken place of that Day in the story of CREATION. On every sixth day of the week they chanted: “YHVH has reigned…the world was consolidated, it would never falter” (Psalm 93)


‘YHVH ELoHiM’ in Oneness
Enosh explained: “Adam’s Tree of Life says that soon after YHVH had entered the Sixth Day as an Acronym, they formed the Garden of Eden:

1. “This is the history of the Heavens and the Earth,
2. “When they were re-created
3. “On the Day that YHVH ELoHiM made
4. “Earth and Heavens.”
Genesis 2:4)

“Line 1 says that at first, the Heavens and the Earth were created.
“Line 2 says that they were –recreated
“Line 3 says that YHVH ELoHiM re-created it Wing against Wing
“Line 4 says that they went back from Earth to Heavens.
“This way they consolidated the World by their Oneness.”


A Heavenly Dialogue between the Attributes

The GROOM, ELoHiM, would never be ‘very pleased’ with his home until His Beloved BRIDE, YHVH, has entered and stayed in it. When She did enter, the two Cherubs YHVH ELoHiM consolidated the World, by their Love. Together, they set themselves to make Adam.
No one was there to record their dialogue, but their CONSULTATION with each other went on like this:
ELoHiM said: I shall make Adam out of my World.
YHVH said: I shall fill and endow his heart with holiness
ELoHM said: I shall make him a king who would ‘rule over’ his environment
YHVH said: I shall help him to rule over his heart
ELoHiM said: I shall give him a great sense of ‘self,’ that aspires to grow and rule over
YHVH said: We will teach him modesty
ELoHiM said: I shall endow his mind with Wisdom capable of unraveling all the mysteries of the World
YHVH said: I shall fill his heart with a sense for MERCY
ELoHiM said: As long he accepts YOU in his heart, I would feel ‘Very Good.’


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