IDOLATRY-14/Wisdom and Science as powerful idols


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IDOLATRY-14/Wisdom and Science as Idols
Know your CREATOR, know yourself and know the difference


1: An inventory check

When ELKM spoke in plural before creating Adam, saying “Let Us Make Adam in Our Form and Our Image,” the verse does not elaborate with whom He was talking. The rabbis said that He was taking to anyone who was listening, anyone mentioned in the Chapter, either before or after making Adam. This way, Adam would be made from things of the past and from the future. Adam would connect the past with the future. Adam would come from the past and walk towards the future, towards ELKM’s Bride: The Eternal Sabbath, or the Merciful YHVH.

Turning ‘backwards’ into the Chapter, so to speak, ELKM consulted the past Six Days and made Adam. This way Adam is a part or a summary of Nature, eligible to serve as its king. For as the rule says, a king must be elected from among his subjects. How else would he be able to consult them and listen to their plights?

A precious gift it was to Adam. But the “consultation” in plural voice has also opened the door for idolaters to err and think that the Six Days, or Nature, is our CREATOR. Or they may at least say that Nature is a PARTNER with ELKM.
It is as if the “consultation” has rendered Nature a magical charm in Adam’s mind and heart, tempting him to adore it and even worship it. The Six Days becomes False Brides in Adam mind. As we’ve seen, the entire human history could be predicted by the IDOLATRY TRAPS set up by the Six Days. Another aspect of the miraculous Chapter One of Genesis.


2: ELKM consulted His Own Wisdom and Science

Today we’ll focus on another, similar Consultation with the past.
Before creating Adam, as we’ve already learned, ELKM turned ‘backwards’ to the very Beginning and consulted the “Wisdom and Science by which He had created the Six Days.”
He consulted it as a Builder who consults his master plan, and made Adam’s mind accordingly.
This was a precious gift indeed. Adam is Homo sapience, Wise Man. Because of this Consultation, Adam’s mind can unravel all the mysteries of the Universe.

The first verse in Genesis Chapter One says, in Hebrew: “Be-re-shit, at the head of the events, ELKM created the Heavens and the Earth…”
Thus, ELKM looked ‘backwards’ to the “Head of the Events,” or His Head or the Wisdom and Science in His Head, by which He had Created the Universe. He consulted it and made Adam’s mind accordingly.

A precious gift it was, but also an IDOLATRY TRAP. Everything ELKM creates, is for His creature’s benefit but also for the creature’s trial. He provided us with a good mind necessary for our survival, but also necessary for our IDOLATRY TRIAL. He spoke in plural to teach us modesty, but also to open the door for the IDOLATRY trial. The idolaters would think that Wisdom and Science is a Partner of ELKM, or they would confuse it with our CREATOR.

It is as if the Consultation in plural voice, has rendered Wisdom and Science a magical charm in Adam mind and heart. So much, that Adam is forever tempted to adore it and worship it, instead of adorning and worshipping the true CREATOR.

Moreover, since Wisdom and Science is bound to be increasingly more successful, enriching and prolonging our lives, its status in our mind would also increase.

In fact, Wisdom and Science is such a successful idol because it is predicated on success. A good success in research in the lab, would create more technology, which in turn would lead to more research and more technology. This way Wisdom and Science grows in a pyramidal fashion whose base always increases. (later we’ll see that Noah’s Ark was built as a pyramidal structure for precisely that purpose, teaching us to use Science to save ourselves.)

Of course, people won’t worship Science and Wisdom by offering to it animal sacrifices, or by singing hymns in its praise. But people worship it by thinking that it can solve all our problems. It helps us to cure diseases, prolong our lives, and connect to each other.
Yet as successful as Science can be, we should remember it is shorthand. Have we not just recently seen how Science was used by Nazi Germany to execute its vicious evilness?
Yes, we should never forget that Wisdom and Science is just a tool!
What else did ELKM consult?

3: Our Ego: Our Sweetest Idol

By Consulting His Angels, in plural voice, before making Adam, ELKM showed Adam that “the Superior should consult the Inferior with modesty.”
ELKM did this when He descended from His High Pedestal of Dictatorship to become a King Who Consults. ELKM wished Adam to follow his example and also rule with modesty, be a ‘king who consults’ rather than a tyrant.
But the fact that Adam needs to be taught modesty betrays the opposite: that Adam possess a strong ‘self,’ a strong Ego that needs to be curtailed.
Adam can be a tyrant, acting awesomely alone, like ELKM during the Six Days,
And he can rule in modesty usng the art of consultation, od listening, of a dialogue.
If Adam want to survive, he needs to emulate YHVH ELKM and rule and act with modesty and consultations.

Our ego is a precious gift from ELKM. Without it, we would not be driven to achieve anything. Our Self drives us to impact our surrounding, to leave an impression, a legacy.
You can say that ELKM consulted His ego and made ours. Unlike what other religions preach, the Torah insists that Adam’s Self is of a divine origin. We are made in the Image of ELKM. Since He has a Self, so do we.

But as our rule of thumb says, the very consultation rendered our Ego an enormous magical power in our eyes. Adam would be forever tempted to adore himself and worship himself, instead of our CREATOR. Some call it the sweetest possible idol. Ohers say that our modern American culture is inflicted by the worship of our Self.

YHVH and modesty
ELKM taught Adam modesty for without it, Adam would not be able to accommodate YHVH in his heart and be Very Good. YHVH is so modest that She would run away from a heart that harbors a shred of arrogance in it.
YHVH and an arrogant person can’t be in the same room together, the rabbis have said.

Arrogance leads to IDOLATRY and ADULTERY
An arrogant person is actually guilty of worshipping his self; transgressing IDOLATRY.
Moreover: About an arrogant person it is said that “They (in Heavens) make an arrogant person stumble over ADULTERY.”
Hence, whenever you see a politician stumbling over ADULTERY (a common fault) take this as a sign from Heavens that this person is guilty of having an enormously inflated Ego. Therefore do not vote for him!

The Prophet’s Mirror Test
When ELKM said “Let Us Make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image,”
He set in front of a Mirror and saw His Image in that Mirror,
then He created Adam as His Image on the “other side” of the Mirror.
Ever since then, the CREATOR sits on His Side of the Mirror, while we humans are on our side of the Mirror, in our World.
So, whenever we aspire to look at Him, all we can see is our own image being reflected at us from the mirror. The stronger our ego is, the thicker our image in the Mirror is.
An arrogant person with inflated ego might hear beautiful words from the direction of the Mirror,
And he may even see inspiring pictures being sent to him by the mirror,
But while he or she may think that the CREATOR is speaking to him from the other side of the Mirror,
The truth is that all the arrogant person may ever see or hear is his own words and thoughts being reflected back at him from the mirror.
The arrogant person may get excited, and may spread the news of his prophecy to the world, but in fact he is a false prophet, who speaks only his own mind.

Only a modest prophet, who has little or no ego or self-motivations, would be able to see through the mirror into the other side, God’s side. Since he has no ego, there would be nothing that can separate between his self and the CREATOR’S SELF. Such a prophet is a true one.
Take Moses as an example. The verse praises him as “the modest of all people on earth,” who acted selflessly for the sake of G-d and Israel. Since he had no inflated ego, he could see through the shining Mirror into God’s side. (Midrash.)


4: Passions and Desires as powerful idols

Having consulted with the Angles, with the Six Days, and with His wisdom and Science, ELKM turned to things of the future, mentioned in Chapter One AFTER creating Adam. These items would propel Adam forwards.
Thus, He turned to PASSIONS AND DESIRES and said:


“Let Us Make and Adam in Our Form and Our Image.”

He consulted them like a BUILDER consulting his master plan and made Adam accordingly. Adam would be driven forwards by strong PASSIONS AND DESIRES that would also pose for him an IDOLATRY TRAP.
Foremost among these PASSIONS AND DESIRES are two:
The Desire to procreate,
The Desire to rule over, have power.

You see that in the verses. Soon after creating Adam, it says:

“ELoKiM blessed them saying: be fruitful and multiply,
conquer the earth and rule over….”

ELKM blessed Adam (and wife) “to be fruitful and multiply,” meaning they would have a stronger desire to procreate than found in other creatures.
And He also blessed them “rule over,” inferring that they would be blessed by a strong will to wield power, to have a name, to leave a legacy.
These two Desires were placed IN FRONT of Adam, to push him forwards.
Indeed, no other Passion and Desire in Adam makeup would pull him to achieve goals and make himself a name than these two Passions: Seeking Sex, and pursuing Power.

The question is: Which Desire is more powerful: Sex or Power?
The answer is hinted in the text: It says “Be fruitful and multiply,” then “and rule over…” The two desires are placed here one after the other, yet “Rule Ove” is at the very front!
If you have two horses pulling a carriage, which horse you’d place at the very front: the weaker or the stronger one?
Hence the Desire to Rule Over, to have power, is paramount.
Professor Young prevails over Prof. Sigmund Froud.

Some more words about PASSIONS AND DESIRES.
Powerful Drives they are, but also strong IDOLATRY TRAPS.
Sex and Power can fill Adam’s heart as if they are indeed False Brides. Adam can get drunk by their attractions.
They are specifically placed ahead of Adam, to pull him into committing IDOLATRY and ADULTERY AS DESCRIBED IN chapter Two, in the story of Eden.