IDOLATRY-6/ELoKiM/Genesis Vs Science: How did Moses know?


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IDOLATRY-6/Genesis Vs Science: How did Moses know all this?

Let’s compare Moses’ Genesis to the Scientific narrative of CREATION. Do they concur?
Luckily for us, the History Channel (HC) has recently issued a series called “How the Earth Was Made”   which describes the history of our planet based on Archeology, Biology, Astronomy, Geology, Anthropology and other branches of modern Science. The series covers Earth history from its birth till our days, including the entire Evolution. We’ll use this scientific presentation as a platform for our comparison of the Scientific narrative to Moses’ Genesis.

In fact, all we need to see is whether or not Moses’ story CAN match the scientific story, something that can’t be said about any  ancient myths of Moses time.



The HC  begins with the Big Bang that started our Universe about 13.8 Billion human years ago. That number is arrived by observing the rate by which the galaxies are moving away from each other, .

Then, Science says, Entropy began to decline; Energy and Light were formed and converted to Matter according to Einstein’s formula. The Universe first expended with Chaos, then in more orderly fashion. Primitive molecules of simple gases like helium began to form, followed by larger ones baked in exploding Novas. Water appeared in Space. Organic molecules were formed. .

About 4.5 Billion human years ago, a red, volcanic Planet Earth was formed by collisions of meteors held together by the forces of gravity.  Hot, melted red lava streamed endlessly on the surface. The temperature was 8000F degrees.  It was radioactive decay that provided the heath. Then, slowly over millions of years it cooled off, Still bereaved of any atmosphere or life, its color wasn’t green or blue, The scientists dub it The Molten Planet

Moses’ FIRST DAY of CREATION seems to concur. The Universe began at a “Beginning,” as one, expanding  dot (RaMBaN). The word ‘Beginning’  also infers the establishment of a ‘time line.’ The Earth was “tohu and bohu” meaning chaotic. There was “Darkness over the Deep,” which CAN allude to Space. Since there was no atmosphere, Earth was exposed to Space’s darkness. Remember, all we need to show is that unlike all ancient myths, Moses’ words CAN match Science.

Then, Moses says, ELoKiM ordered “Let there be Light,” and light was there. ‘Light’ can mean Energy Then came Matter, like Water. Then the verse defines for us the length of ONE DAY as the time it took CREATION to move from the Beginning to see in it Water and Matter.  A Day of CREATION is therefore an era, a stage in the Universe’ history. A Day could last Billions of human years.

Hence Moses concurs with Science. The question is: Who  told him this story, 3500 years ago? No one in his time knew about the primordial elements of our Universe.   .

But Moses ADDS something that Science CANNOT and would not say: that it was ELoKiM whose Command initiated all that, and that He made everything sitting on His Throne as a All Mighty JUDGE, to place the Universe on a trial.



The HC says, that about 4.4 Billion years ago, waters appeared on Earth. Over the next 400.000 years It accumulated so much that it covered Earth as a huge ocean. The scientists refer to the new Earth as  the Water World. 

The process started slowly. The cooling lava rocks spewed water and CO2 clouds. In addition, many scientists say, water fell on Earth from Space. The Planet Earth passed in Space through a ‘sea of icy comets’ that bombarded Earth for millions years ,  accumulating on its cooling, crusting surface to form a vast ocean.  Evidence for that is still seen today in meteors that fall on Earth, still carrying water layers. Once Earth had escaped the Sea of Comets in Space, the comet shower ceased. In  the end of that era, Earth was completely covered by gushing  waters. The CO2 clouds produced ferocious winds that battered the volcanic rocks. Those primordial rocks can still be identified today along the ocean shores, They have a peculiar, round  “pillow shape,” the result of lava drop ascending in water. Their reddish color speaks for iron deposits in it. Those primordial volcanic rocks could not withstand the enormous erosion forces of the waves and wind.  No dry island existed in the vast ocean of that era.

About 4,4 Billions years ago, an endless rain began to fall  on the lifeless Planet, directly from the heavy clouds into the Sea. , The Earth would never see again so much rain. The Earth assumed a peculiar look. It was covered by Heavy CO2 clouds from above, and an reddish green color ocean due to the abundance of iron in the water. The heat was still high, about 200 F degrees, and that air was toxic by the deadly fumes produced by the volcano activity, and the melting lava, The atmospheric pressure was so high that it would crush any creature’s body flat.  Such  was the face of the Water World.

what does Moses say about the SECOND DAY of CREATION?
As the Second Day dawned, Moses says, ELoKiM  “separated the Water Above from the Water Bellow,” as it says:

(1:6) And ELoHiM said Let it be a firmament in the midst of the Waters,
And let it divide Water from Water,
(1:7) And ELoHiM made the firmament, and He separated the Waters which were underneath the firmament, from the Waters which are above the firmament, and it was so.
(1: 8) And ELoHIM called the firmament Sky, ShamMayim (“there are the waters”.)
And there was evening and there was morning, Day Two. </font size>

Thus, on the Second Day, ELoKiM separated the ‘Water Above’ from the ‘Water Bellow.’ This may refer to either the Waters of Space “above” that came “down” to form the ocean, or to the heavy clouds that brought endless rain.  Unlike in the First Day, the verses of the Second Day mention a SKY for the first time. Earlier, Earth faced directly the Darkness of the “Deep”, or Space.  Now Earth is covered by a thick cloud of Water .  The verses do not mention any life on Earth, yet.
Can you find a better match between Moses’ words and Science?
Remember, all we need to show is that such a match CAN be done, something that can’t be done with any of the ancient myth of Moses’ time.

So, again, who told Moses such an  accurate story that can be validated by our science?

What came next?


The Watery World Planet, HC says, did not last long in geological timescale. Beginning 4,0 Billion years ago, a volcanic eruption at the ocean bed changed the world.  A new form of rock, the Granite,  was formed by water seeping into the cracks of Lava, under pressure.  This  new rock was lighter than the previous volcanic rocks, and also more resistant to the erosion of wind and water.   The granite popped up everywhere, filling the ocean with islands that consolidated into the first Super Continent, seen 2.5 Billion years ago. The primordial granite along the ocean shores, found in South Africa, carry no fossil inside them. They are believed to have surfaced over the ocean before there was any life on Earth, not even small as bacteria.  The scientists dub this stage of Earth as The GRANITE  PLANET.

 What does Moses say about the first half of the Third Day?
As the Third Day of CREATION dawned, it says

“(1:9) And ELoHiM said Let the Water under the Sky be gathered together into one place and let the dry land appear, and it was so.
(1:10) And ELoHiM called the dry land ground, and to the Water Gathering He called Seas, and ELoKiM saw that it was good.”
</font size>

Thus, at the first half of the Third Day, ELKM caused the Dry Land to appear above the ocean. Moses concurs that there wasn’t yet any life on Earth,  not even vegetation.. So tell me, how did he know all that, having been raised in Pharaoh’s home?

Seeding Life on the second part of the Third Day

The HC says that formation of the Granite Islands promoted the appearance of life on Earth. About 2.5 billion years ago, life  showed up  first along  the shallow ocean shores in the form of a mono-cellular algae called Stromitolites, that are still ubiquitous everywhere. They are still seen in large numbers along the beaches of South Africa and Australia (Google it to see their shape.)  .

No one knows yet, from where this primordial life came. All life forms on Earth have evolved from these creatures, our true fathers and mothers.”  They could perform the most needed task of the time: to convert CO2 into Oxygen by the help  of Sunlight, namely Photosynthesis.  For the next  hundreds of million years, the Stromitolites produced enough oxygen to change the atmosphere and give it the present Blue color.Around 1.9 Billions years ago, the iron left the sea waters and was deposited on the Granite rocks, ,where it is found today.  The ocean too assumed a blue color. Hence the new term for Earth: the BLUE PLANET

During this era the Stromitolites grew into grass, shrubs and trees that produced even more Oxygen. The trees competed for sunlight by becoming thicker and taller. Thick forest then covered Earth, giving it the new name: The BLUE GREEN PLANET.

The snowball Earth

But around 1,5 Billions years ago, a catastrophe hit our Planet. Changes in the ocean flow brought about an extensive freezing of the two poles. The Earth became  covered by a thick layer of ice that killed all life on the ground. The Planet assumed the look of  SNOWBALL EARTH.

When it ended, about 1 billions years ago, the retrieving ice exposed a barren, Super Continent named Rodenia. It looked like the Sahara desert, with no rain, shrub or tree. Only life in the depth of the ocean remained, protected from the freeze above, No wonder that the next phase, Mobile life, evolved only in the water.

 What does Moses say about the second part of the THIRD DAY?
After the separation of the Dry Land from the Oceans, while the Day was still in progress, ELKM conducted an unusual, Midday  judgment. it was a decisive judgment, and the Earth stood on a crossroad. Would it see life on it, or not?

Then, Moses says, ELoKiM said that it was good and He seeded life on Earth, as it is said:

(1: 10) “And ELKM said that it was good.

(1:11) “And ELoHiM said let the Earth bring forth grass, herb yielding SEED and fruit trees yielding fruits after its kind whose SEEDS is in itself, upon the Earth, and it was so.
(1:12) “And the Earth brought forth grass, herb yielding SEEDS after its kind, and trees yielding fruits whose SEEDS was in itself after its kinds. And ELoHiM saw that it was good.
(1:13) And there was evening and there was morning, Day Three.

The word SEED is repeated four times in just two verses. There was a lot of seeding. ELKM first ‘seeded’ Life, that brought forth grass then shrubs then Trees in that order. No mobile life is mentioned. So far Moses does concur with Science. .

Moses also adds that at the end of the Third Day, ELKM passed another judgment on the passing Day. Those whom He deemed ‘not good’ anymore were wiped out, and those whom He deemed good were allowed to enter the next, Fourth  Day.

Here again Moses concurs with Science.  As the Dry Land appeared,he says, Life was seeded on Earth. From it came the Vegetation to its kind, like grass, shrubs and trees.Then Earth stood a tough judgment by the CREATOR. Only those whom He deemed good, fitting His plan, were allowed to continue living into the Fourth Day.  A selection was done. It fits the Ice Age.  Only vegetation in the ocean withstood his His scrutiny and were allowed to stay for the next Day.

Now tell me, how could Moses give such an accurate account of the Earth History, without knowing Science?


 The HC says  that the barren Supper Continent Rodenia could not develop any life on it. A change had to come in order to promote the remaining life in the ocean.

That change took place in two fashions : First, a fierce volcanic eruption along the tectonic plates warmed the oceans. Secondly, the activity split the he Earth axis stabilized so that the annual seasons appeared regularly. All this would promote the evolving of mobile life in the water.  The new tides would promote life on the dry land.   

 What does Moses say about the FOURTH Day of CREATION?
Surprisingly, Moses gives a similar account.  As the FOURTH Day dawned, ELKM ordered the Luminaries to be SEEN on earth in a regular fashion so that a calendar could be established by them, as it says:

“(1:14) And ELoHiM said let there be luminaries in the firmament of the Sky to divide the day from the night. And let them be for signs and for seasons and for the days and years.
(1:15) And let them be for lights in the firmament of the sky to give light upon the Earth, and it was so.
(1:16) And ELoHiM made the two great luminaries, the Greater luminary to rule the day, and the smaller luminary to rule the night, and the stars also.
(1:17) And ELoHiM placed them in the firmament of the Sky to give light upon Earth.
(1:18) And to rule over the day, and over the night, and to divide the Light from the Darkness. And ELoHiM saw that it was Good.
(1:19) And it was evening and it was morning, a Fourth Day.

Can you find a better match between the HC and Moses?
How did Moses know that the Luminaries appeared regularly on Earth only later in CREATION?
And who told him that the first mobile creature appeared in the ocean?



According to the HC, the first mobile life, warms,  appeared in the warming Oceans, where Vegetation was abundant. First came tiny worms that evolved into tiny fish that grew more to become big predator fish.

The fish which found itself thrown on the shore by the tides, then became amphibians  that could escape deeply into the dry land. From them came Crocodiles, and from them came Birds. 

What does Moses say about the FIFTH DAY?
As the FIFTH Day dawned, ELoKiM said ‘let the water swarm with Fish to its kind.’  And ELoKiM blessed the Fish to multiply and fill the oceans.
Again, Moses does concur with Science. The first mobile creature, he says, appeared in the ocean.
Then,still on the Fifth Day, ELoKiM create the Birds to its kind, then the Crocodiles or amphibians to their kinds, in that order as it says:

“(1:20) And ELoHiM said, let the water swarm abundantly with moving creatures that have life, and let birds fly above the Earth in the firmament of the sky. And ELoKiM created the great Crocodiles…”

Birds first or Crocodiles?
Oops! I used to think, here Moses erred. While Science says that the Fish turned into Crocodiles and they to Birds, Moses places the Bird first!  But then came the Discovery Chanel and saved my faith in Moses. Modern scholars now say that Birds did evolve from fish on the shores. They developed wings in order to hover back on the water to catch other fish. They had neither apatite nor interest to invade the inland. For millionsn of years the Earth was ‘ruled’ by enormous flying predator Birds, that caught enormous fish for breakfast. .

Only then, the Discovery Chanel says, some of the ‘fish on the shore’ leaned to invade he inland to escape from the wrath of the hunting birds. These fish or birds evolved into amphibians, namely  Crocodiles, whose sole purpose of life was to lie quietly like logs on the water, fooling the birds to sit on them, then catch them with swift head movements.
So Moses is right: Fish led to Bird then to Crocodiles. Never argue against Moses!



Next, says the HC, about 400 million years ago, enough Ozone layer was established in the atmosphere to shield the ground from the sun’s UV radiation. This protection allowed large Cattle-like creatures to evolve in the swamps. They fed on the vast vegetation. Their bodies grew  huge and fat, but they were supported well in the swamps. .

Then, 200 to 75 million years ago, came the giant Beasts-like predators that preyed on the cattle. They could ran fast and even fly and catch their prey from above. Among them were the Dinosaurs that ruled our planet longer than any other species. Some Dinosaurs were as big as “seven stories building.”

About 75 millions years ago, HC says, a major catastrophe hit Earth and wiped out all the pre-historic creatures.This could be a series of volcanic explosion in Siberia, or a large meteor that hit Earth near Mexico, or both. Earth was covered by a thick layer of ashes and radioactive radiation that killed most creatures on Earth.

The last huge creatures to roam on earth were, according to new findings published by the Time magazine, were giant snakes.  Their skeletons can accommodate  two Greyhound buses side by side,  They ruled earth till not too long ago. The door was now open for mammals to proliferate and evolve into Man. About 150,000 years ago, Earth saw the first Homo Sapience, us.

What does Moses say about the SIXTH DAY of CREATION?
As the Sixth Day of CREATION dawned, it looked no different than all previous Days.
ELoKiM continued to create as before, as it says:

“(1:24) And ELoHiM said let the Earth bring forth living creatures after their kind,
Cattle and Creeping things and Beast of the Earth after their kind,
and everything that Creeps on Earth after their kind, and it was so.
(1:25) And ELoHiM made the Beasts of the land to its kind, and the Cattle after their kind,
and everything that creeps on the Earth after their kind. And ELoHiM saw that it was good.
And ELoKiM said let us make Adam in our form and our image.”

Thus under ELoKiM’s order, life on Earth expanded vastly on the Sixth Day. New creatures appeared, in the following order: Cattle then Creeping things then Beasts which preyed on the Cattle. Then Creeping things appeared to prey on everyone else. So far Moses seems to concur with Science. He presents the Sixth Day’s creatures in the same order held by Science.

But Moses says, that before making Adam, ELoKiM ‘paused’ and passed a harsh judgment on everything He had created earlier on that Day.
Such an unusual, Midday trial had been conducted earlier only  once, in the middle of the Third Day.  At that time, Earth stood on a major crossroad: would it see life on it? ELKM then decided “that it was good” and He seeded life on Earth, the first Stromolites.

Now again, at the Middle of the Sixth Day, ELKM paused again to judge.  Like on the Third Day, Earth stood on a crossroad: would it see Adam on it, or not? And as Moses says, ELoKiM said again that it was good, and He went on to create  Adam.

Let’s remember that whenever ELoKiM passes a judgment, creatures are evaluated whether or not they are good in ELKM’s eyes.  If they are not good anymore, they would be eliminated with no mercy. If they are deemed good, they would stay alive and enter the next phase. ELKM’s judgment is harsh, yet just. He gives life and He takes life away in absolute justice.

At the crucial Midday trial of the Sixth Day, the large Cattle-like and Beast-like and Dinosaurs and the Snakes were deemed unfit anymore, incapable of living side by side with Adam, and therefore eliminated. The verdict was executed by the huge catastrophes that hit Planet Earth. Only the creatures that could accommodate their size to live side by side with Adam were allowed to stay for the rest of the Sixth Day.

Here again Moses concurs beautifully  with Science.

Now tell me: how could Moses know all this, 3500 years ago? Who told him that accurate story?


 The Torah is a living miracle

Rather than be embarrassed by the story of Genesis, we should use it as a flag, as a sign of the truthfulness of the Torah.
It shows that Moses’ Torah is a living miracle in our hands; perhaps the only miracle that CAN be PROVED.
No wonder that Moses placed the story at the front of his Five Books.If you find this story valid, you should also see the rest of his words as valid.
It is as if he foresaw, as a prophet, that one day a generation would rise and doubt the validity of his revelation. They would regard his Torah as a bronze age myth, unworthy of serious consideration. He therefore placed a truthful account of CREATION at the very front of his five books, hoping that the new generation would be able to validate the story by their science and stand in awe, in appreciation of its truthfulness. In fact, it seems  that Moses wrote that Chapter One with us on his mind.

Moreover, the validity of Chapter One speaks for the concept of ELKM as the truthful Judge.  Whenever you see His Name in the text, it is a signature of truth, of validity. Since His name appears 32 times in the  Six Days, the story MUST be true. And it is. .


Here are the stages of CREATION again:
1. The GRANITE PLANET……Moses’ Fist Day
2. The WHITE PLANET……….Moses’ Second Day
3. The GRAY PLANET………….Moses’ first part of the Third Day
4. The GREEN PLANET……….Moses’ second part of the third day with its vegetation
5. The BLUE PLANET…………..Moses’ second part of the Third Day
6. The ICY PLANET……………..Moses’ Fourth Day
7. CURRENT EARTH.…………Moses’ Fifth and Sixth Days

Now we need to see what Moses add to the story of the creation of Adam!


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