IDOLATRY- 6/ELOKIM/How Long was a Day of CREATION?


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IDOLATRY-6: How Long was one Day of CREATION?

Know your CREATOR, know yourself and know the difference

We are studying ELKM’s deeds, or CREATION. Is Moses’ story a true one?
All we need to do is to see whether or not Moses story CAN match our Scientific Knowledge.
Last class we noticed, that all the ancient myths in Moses’ time CANNOT be matched with our Science. They are mythical, whereas our Science is factual.

But unlike all other stories of CREATION of his time, Moses’ Genesis is CLEAN. It lacks any reference to god’s rivalry, jealousy, sexual perversions or resurrections. It is laid out as a dry, factual story, telling us what had happened Day after Day. Moreover, it does recognize an ORDER in CREATION, where some creatures were created first, others follow next. No ancient myth of any nation or culture told such a story.
Now let’s ask:


1: How long was a Day of Creation?

As we’ve said, for biblical fundamentalists a Day of CREATION in Genesis, is no different than our days. The Universe was created in just six ordinary days, about 5000 years ago.
But Kabalistic scholars in the 13th century AD (like Rabbi Hayim Abulafia, Spain) calculated the age of the Universe based on a Psalm song. As you know, most Psalms were composed by King David. Psalm 90, however, is attributed to Moses. It says:

“For our thousand years are like one day in your eyes.”

From this verse the Kabalists derived that
(1) A year in the ‘CREATOR’ eye equals 350,000 of Man’s years (350×1000)
(2) Since kabalistic tradition says that ‘6000 years of the CREATOR’ make ‘One Day of CREATION,’ it comes out that ONE Day of CREATION equals 6000×350,000=2.1 Billion human years.
(3) Hence Six Days OF CREATION took 2.1×6=12.6 Billion human years, quite close to the science’ account of 13.8 Billions human years.
This by itself is amazing. No other ancient myth tells anything that comes close to this.
Who told this to Moses, living in Pharaoh’s house?

Hence a Day of CREATION is an era, a stage in the history of the World.
You can see this in the text itself. At the end of the First Day, it says:

“And ELoKiM saw that it is good, and it was evening and it was morning, ONE DAY”(was over.)

Now we may ask:
(1) Why is the first Day called a Day, when the Sun and the Moon were not yet seen regularly on Earth? They would appear regularly much later, on the Fourth Day! Hence ‘a Day’ of CREATION cannot be our day!
(2) Why did ELoKiM call the First Day ‘ONE Day’ instead of ‘Day One?’
In all other Days He uses the proper numerical name: Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, Day Five and Day Six. Why ‘One Day’ instead of ‘Day One?’
The answer is profound: ‘One Day’ defines the length of ‘One Day’ of CREATION.
How long was a Day? The time it took to advance the Universe from the ‘Beginning’ to have in it “Chaos, Matter, Abyss, Light and Water” mentioned in the verse.
This might have taken 2.1 Billion human years, as the Kabalists have said.
Thus, a Day of CREATION sis an era, a phase in the World’s history.
On the average, it lasted 2.1 billion human years. It was certainly NOT our one day.

Now, CAN you do such a match between any of the ancient myths with Science? Of course not.
So how can any serious scholar count Moses’ Genesis among the Bronze Age myths?

Now what about the rest of Moses’ story of Genesis?


Select the best answer
(1) Science says that the world exists (a) 5000 years (b) 2.1 Billion years (c) One CREATOR’S year (d) about 14 billion years

(2) Kabala says that the length of the Universe’ life is (a) a Day (b) six human days (c) about 14 billion years (d) 5000 human years

(3) For calculating the Universe’ life, Kabala uses (a) ancient telescopes (b) Alien ship’s telescope (c) Jesus’ rob in Trier (d) Psalm song

(4) According to Moses’ Psalm, one Day of the CREATOR equals (a) 5000 human days (b) 14 billion human years (c) 350,000 human years (d) infinite number of years

(5) At the end of the First Day it is said that it was (a) First Day (b) Day One (c) One Day (d) a bad day

(6) At the end of the Second Day it is said that it was Two Days (a) Day two (b) (c) One Day (d) not a good day

(7) The Sun and the Moon were created (a) at the Beginning (b) at the end of Day One (c) at the end of Day two (d) on the Fourth Day

(8) A Day of CREATION is (a) same as our day (b) an era (c) equals to the CREATOR’S ONE Day (d) 14 billion human years

(9) Ancient myths (a) concur with Moses that the Universe was created 14 billion years ago (b) concur with Moses that the Universe was created in six stages (c) concur with Moses that the god Nun created the world from the testicles of her dead son (d) do not concur with Moses’ account in any form and shape

(10) the Kabalistic tradition we have today was written down (a) at least a thousand years ago (b) just recently (c) by ancient Egyptians (d) by monks reading the Dead Sea Scrolls



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