Genesis Vs Evolution

Class 5/What would make Adam Very Good?


According to Science, Man is distinguished by our mind, wisdom, art, self consciousness, sex drive and the drive for power.  These features speparate Man from other creatures and have contributed to our success.  Science also says that Man has only won the race between other social creatures.  Give the spider feow mooe million years and you would see them creaing computors, I Phones and space ships of their own..  Essentially we ar eall just natural creatures.

Moses, we’ve seen, concurs with Science about those features of Adam.   GOD (ELKM) planted them in Adam soul as a gift.  But Moses adamantly adds that there is one  ingredient in Adam that really speparate us form allo other creatures. Moreover, other creatures will never have that ingredient, howver long they would evoolve.

Waht is that special feature in Adm that really separartes us from all other creatures? For that, lets’ read again the text describing the creation of Adam in Genesis .



1: The text in Genesis


”And GOD (ELKIM) said Let the Earth bring forth living creatures to their kinds
Cattle, Creeping things and Beasts of the Earth to their kinds, and it was so



And GOD (ELKM) saw that it was good.






“And GOD (ELKM) created The Adam in His Image, in the Image of GOD (ELKM) He created him, male and female He created them.

And GOD (ELKM) blessed them and said to them
Be fruitful and multiply, filled the Earth and conquer it, rule over the Fish…Birds…and all the Beasts…


And behold, it was VERY GOOD
And there was evening, and there was morning, the SIXTH DAY” (was over.)

…………………THE SABBATH DAY BEGINS………………………..

“And the Heavens and the Earth were FINISHED
And GOD (ELKM) FINISHED all the Work that He has done,
And He ABSTAINED on the SEVENTH DAY from all the work that He had done
And GOD (ELKM) blessed the Seventh Day and He sanctified it….
For in it He ABSTAINED from all His work  that GOD (ELKM) had created, to do.”
(Genesis 1-31; 2 1-3)


So far we have seen that by saying “Let us make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image” GOD (ELKM) consulted ‘whoever is mentioned in Chapter One,’ and made Adam Accordingly.  Thus

  1. He consulted His ‘Free Will’ and ‘Self’ and planted it in Adam.
  2. He consulted His ‘Wisdom and Science’ by which He had made the Word and planted it in Adam’s mind.
  3. He consulted His Spirit of Art and planted it in Adam
  4. He consulted the Six Days and made Adam
  5. He consulted the Drive to Procreate and made Adam
  6. He consulted the Drive for Power and made Adam.


We have noticed that those six consultations describe well the developmental stages of every human child.  Thus

The embryo evolve through stages that repeat the entire evolution, the Six Days

As young child 2 y old would have a large ego and a huge ‘self’ importance and will

A more mature child 4-7 y old would be fascinated with art, coloring and drawing

A more mature child 8-10 y old would develop a strong interest in the surrounding, in nature

A more mature child 10-13 y old  would be fascinated with science, would read encyclopedias

A more mature child 13-18 y old would switch his fascination to the opposite sex

A more mature person 20 y or older would be driven to impact his society and seek power


So far Moses concurs with Science. What does he say that science would never say?



Adam is here for a Judgment

The first  message of Moses about Man, that science does not recognize,  is that we are here for JUDGMENT!

We can’t expect Science to  recognize any moral reason for our existence.  The role of science is limited to describing the natural WAY by which Man has evolved on Earth.

Moses concurs with science about the Way, and by this he establishes his credibility in our eyes.  But he adds that Mankind has a CREATOR, GOD (ELKM) the JUDGE, who creates things for Judgment.  GOD (ELKM) is the ultimate PROVIDER, yet He ASKS SOMETHING IN RETURN, measure for measure.  Under His rule of Absolute Justice, creatures born in a Day would stay alive only if He has found them ‘good,’ capable of supporting the next Day, the next Floor. They need to justify their existence in the Eyes of the BUILDER.

Our judgment depends on our position on the ladder of CREATION

So Moses’ first message is that Man is here for a judgment.  The second message is that like all other creatures, Man’s judgment depends on our position on the Ladder of CREATION. Since Adam is born as the last creature of the Sixth Day before the Sabbath, his task is to connect the two- to support the Sabbath while living in our Sixth Day.

You can see that judgment in the verses describing the creation of  Adam. As you recall, in the middle of the Sixth Day, just before making Adam, GOD (ELKM) passed a judgment on everything He had made earlier on that Day.  And as before, GOD (ELKM) said  that it was good.   And like before, the creatures He deemed not good anymore He eliminated- among them the Dinosaurs.  Those He deemed good and capable to live side by side with Adam, He allowed to live on.  They had to adapt into the new environment and support it.

Then,  after saying that it was good, GOD (ELKM) announced Let Us Make Adam, and He created Adam layer by layer as we’ve learned.  Then He blessed Adam to be fruitful and multiply and rule over Earth. Then, like at the end of all other Days, at the end of the Sixth Day GOD (ELKM) would pass another Judgment.  Only that this time, with the advent of Adam, this ‘final judgment’ would be more comprehensive.  You can see it  in the verse . A the end of our Sixth Day, it says that

 “And GOD (ELKM) saw everything that he has done

And behold it was (is) Very Good” (Genesis 1: 3)

Thus at the End of the Sixth Day, end of our Floor, GOD (ELKM) would pass a comprehensive Judgment like never before. The verse mentions two aspects-

Firstly- instead of seeking a good verdicts like before, this time with the advent of Adam GOD (ELKM) would seek a Very Good verdict.

Secondly – whereas before He judged one Day at a time, at the End of the Sixth Day GOD (ELKM) would judge “everything He had done,” meaning the entire Six Floors Building, the whole CREATION from the Beginning to that point in time.

Since Adam is the only creature added, it would be up to Adam to make the difference- making GOD (ELKM) feeling not just good as ever bore but rather Very Good.

How would Adam accomplish that? And what are the terms of the Final Judgment of the Sixth Day?


Tow Outcomes of Man’s trial

Moses hints for two possible outcomes of the judgment.  One very bad, the other very good.

You see these two outcomes in the verse.  As the Sixth Day turns into the Sabbath Moses says

 “And the Heavens and the earth were finished…

And GOD (ELKM) finished all the work that He had done

And GOD (ELKM) abstained from more work….

The two outcomes are alluded in the Hebrew word selected here for “finished” – khalah.  Miraculously it can be read in two opposing meanings.

“Finished” – khalah – can be read simply as “ended,” referring a good outcome.  If GOD (ELKM) would feel Very Good about the entire CREATION, including Adam, He would “finish”- end – His work, end his judgment and abstain from more work and more judgment and enter the Sabbath (Shabat means “abstained.”)

If, on the other hand, GOD (ELKM) would not feel Very Good or feel just good, He would “finish” – terminate – the entire world with wrath, reverting it to khalah, nothingness, as He had done to numerous previous Universes (Rashi)

In English too one would say “I will finish you!” as a threat.

In other words, GOD (ELKM) would not enter the Sabbath unless He has felt Very Good about his entire work, the whole CREATION.

It would be up to Adam to  elevate CREATION in GOD (ELKM) ‘s eyes, so that He would be Very Pleased with His entire endeavor and then enter the Sabbath.

The “Sabbath” here is not merely another Day of CREATION, another Floor on top of the Six. The Sabbath is, rather, a new environment that would wrap the entire Building, the whole CREATION.  I tis a Day controlled by another Attribute of the Infinite CREATOR, the Attribute of MERCY whose acronym is LORD (Y*H*V*H).   The Sabbath is a Day full of unconditional Love, Joy and holiness a Day with neither trials nor tribulations, neither sickness nor death but also no birth.  It is also called “The Sabbath to Come,” or the “Eternal Sabbath” to distinguish it from our human weekly Sabbath.

The question is- could Adam, a flesh and blood tiny creature, accomplish such an enormous goal, making GOD (ELKM) feel Very Good?

In fact, every precious gift that GOD (ELKM) endowed Adam with, designed to increase our success in this world, could also turn to our detrimental.  Every gift made Adam’s trial  more difficult.

1. Giving Adam a strong Self and Ego was important to our being, but could be a trap for arrogance and rebellion against GOD (ELKM)

2. Giving Adam a strong sense of Art enriched Adam’s life, yet increased his chance to use it for negative purposes

3. Giving Adam a sense of fascination with Nature was important, yet increased his chance to worship items in nature

4. Giving Adam   a sense of fascination with science was important, yet increased his chance to worship science instead of GOD (ELKM)

5. Giving Adam a strong Drive to procreate was important, yet increased his chance to go astray

6. Giving Adam a strong Drive for Power was important, yet increased his chance to commit injustice

For science, these features of Adam have been enough to secure our success in this world. But for Moses, such an Adam equipped with Self importance and strong Drives would most likely fail to withstand the harsh scrutiny of GOD (ELKM,) who follows the Absolute Justice.

Tradition says that GOD (EKM) Himself  realized the fact that Adam would fail.  And if Adam fails to make the CREATOR feel Very Good, the world would be terminated.   This indeed had happened to other Universe before ours.  This time, Moses is saying, GOD (ELKM) wished to help Adam win – so that He would feel Very Good and enter the Sabbath.

Heavenly Invitation

The first step that GOD (ELKM) made towards Adam, to increase his chance to win his trial, was the very fact that prior to making Adam He had changed His tone and spoke in plural voice

Let Us make and Adam in Our Form and Our Image.

Instead of giving a command “let it be an Adam,”  like He had done with all other creatures, GOD (ELKM) spoke softly in plural, consulting whoever is listed in the chapter.   He “stepped down” from His high pedestal as a Supreme Dictator and spoke softly with modesty – as a KING Who Consults.  Henceforth  He would be more open to Adam’s petitions.  Under the new rule of GOD (ELKM) Adam would have a better chance to win his trial.

But that concession towards Adam wasn’t enough.  Adam would fail even under the rule of the more benevolent rule of GOD ELKM. .A more drastic change in the Heavenly Court was needed,






Consulting the Attribute of Mercy, LORD (YHVH)


Turning to another Attribute of the Infinite CREATOR- the Attribute of MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS – whose Acronym Name is  LORD (Y*H*V*H), GOD (ELKM) said

“Would you join me in ruling this World?” (Rashi, Midrash)

As it is said “And YHVH ELKM  (LORD GOD) formed the Adam” (Genesis 2: 4)

His tone was softer then before and full of longing – not unlike the longing of a Groom to see his Bride, the khalah (Midrash, kabbala)

The Attribute of MERCY, LORD (YHVH) Reigns ALONE over the “Sabbath To Come,” the next Day of CREATION.  As we’ve learned, the Sabbath is a new environment that would wrap the entire Six Floors BUILDING, the whole world.

Hearing the Invitation, LORD (Y*H*V*H) entered our world from Her  Sabbath – as a

  • Thin Ray of Light, or
  • A modest, shy Dove, or
  • A beautiful Cherub.

Imagine Her Light SEARCHING AND penetrating the anti-matter surrounding our Universe, then passing through  billion galaxies and black holes and exploding Novas, than entering our tiny solar system and then observing our tiny planet. (ELKM Judges, YHVH observes)

You can see Her entry depicted as an acronym in the verses-

GOD (ELKM) said let us make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image

GOD (ELKM ) saw Everything He Had Done and behold  it was Very Good.

Yom  (Day)

H ashssi (Sixth) (was over)

………………...The Sabbath begins…………….

V–   ayekhulu (they ended)

H- ashamayim and the Earth (the Heavens and the Earth

And all their hosts, and on the Seventh Dy GOD (ELKM) finished His work that He had done

And He abstained from all His work that He had done……

Here GOD (ELKM)’S world is colored red

The LORD (YHVH)’s Sabbath is colored blue

The Acronym YHVH penetrates our world from the Sabbath.

The front prat of YHVH –YH- Dwells now in our world

The back  part of YHVH- VH– still Reigns over Her Sabbath.

The YH (pronounced YaH) represents YHVH’S Dwelling in our world.   In Hebrew, “Dweller” is She-khi-naH. The ‘YaH’ appears in many Biblical names such as  Jeremiah (Jerema-Yah) Isiah (isai-Yah) or Nathan-Yah and more.

The VH is never used in any name, since it resides in the Eternal Sabbath.



The last, seventh consultation

Observing our World  not unlike a BRIDE observing  her Groom’s home for the first time- She said –

How can I rule your world, ELKM, where there is no room to rest my Wing, no heart in which to Dwell, no creature that could comprehend me and spread my virtues…”

Indeed, would the volcano, Spider, Crocodile or the Serpents perceive MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS? Even if given millions more years to evolve, these creatures would never ever be able to comprehend YHVH and Her values! For they  were created by GOD (ELKM) when He set on His Throne alone, creating with Absolute Justice yet with no MERCY!

  Hearing Her reservations, GOD ()LKM) said in plural

“Let Us make Adam in Our Form and Our Image.”

He meant: Let us make Adam together, so that our child Adam would

  • comprehend You and Me.
  • In his heart, I’ll carve out a room for you, capable of perceiving You and your features
  • In his heart You could Dwell– if he admits Yo4. u in
  • In his Sabbath You could rest – if he observes it
  • In his mind and heart he would unite us,  Justice and  Mercy  .
  • He would spread your Light of MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS into my world – if he accepts my advice.
  • If he does all that, I would deem him Very Good, so that I would enter Your Domain, the Sabbath.

Note that while GOD (ELKM) “abstains” from doing more work on the Sabbath

The LORD (YHVH)rests” on the Sabbath (see the Ten Commandments )


Making Adam in Oneness

Y*H*V*H agreed, and the two Attributes flew together over CREATION, holding Wing against Wing like two Cherubs in Love, the way Moses depicted them on the Holy Ark. (These golden cherubs had a face of a boy and a girl looking at each other with Heavenly Love.)

Together, YHVH ELKM CONSOLIDATED CREATION by their Oneness and Mutual Love. As it is said immediately afterwards-

“The Day that LORD GOD (YHVH ELKM) made Earth and the Havens (Genesis 2:2)

Only then the Attributes formed the Adam in Eden as it is said immediately afterwards

“And the LORD GOD (YHVH ELKM) Formed the Adam from the dust of the ground” (Genesis 2: 3)


Increased liability

On one hand, the advent of the LORD (YHVH) in the new Heavenly Court  would increase Adam’s chance to win.  The

presence of the Merciful LORD (YHVH) in the Court would offer Adam a chance to REPENT.  ask FORGIVENESS and start all over again.  Compared to the past, Adam would have a better chance to become Very Good and see the Sabbath.

Yet whenever GOD (ELKM) shower a gift on Adam, that very gift may increase our liability.  To “find face” in YHVH eyes, Adam would have to perform Her work of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness – above what is required by ELKM’s Laws.

 On Noah it is said that “With GOD (ELKM) Noah walked,” and “Noah found face in the LORD (YHVH) eyes” (Genesis 6: 10-11) Noah followed YHVH ELKM Oneness. This is why he and his family were saved.




Some reflections

Science  sees our mind as our special ingredient that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. We are  Homo Sapience, Wise Man.

In Moses’s eyes, Man’s wisdom is not what sets us apart.  Given more years, other social creatures like the Spiders and the Ants might develop their own smart colonies. They might even develop their own I Phones, Computers and Space ships.  Man only won the race.

But Moses teaches us that the ingredient that sets us really apart is our ability to comprehend and perform mercy, compassion and forgiveness.   Unlike all other creatures that were made by GOD (ELKM) when He ruled awesomely alone, Adam was made by YHVH ELKM ruling in Oneness.  This fact separates us from the rest of the Universe.

GOD (ELKM) by definition would NOT plant in our hearts Mercy and Compassion as natural reflexes.  But He did prepare in Adam the room to accommodate these values – pending on Adam’s Free Will. .

The midday trial of the Sixth Day annihilated all the giant creatures of Pangea, yet it promoted the growth of mammals.  The mammals are distinguished by their unique ability to exhibit compassion and protection to their offspring.  it comes along with the mother’s milk production.

You can say that this motherly mercy and compassion are the “room” which GOD (ELKM) carved our in the mammals heart, CAPABLE wjhivh \ nehir r saused thertAfterBut GOD (ELKM) did carve out a room in Adam’s heart CAPABLE of perceiving the LORD (YHVH) and Her features. This natural room would grow into the big and more sophisticated room in Adam’s  heart, into which Adam would have to invite and incorporate the values of YHVH AS A LEARNING PROCESS. .

Note that in Hebrew, the word for Mercy – “ra-cha-mim” – is derived from “re-chem,’  a WOMB.


The History Chanel Video ends with a bad prediction for the end of our world.  We need to be smart enough, it says, to prevent the next huge catastrophe. But in fact, Quantum Physics has recognized he role of Consciousness in the existence of our Universe.  And Consciousness dictates Morality.   Thus Moses concurs with Science also about the end of times- it depends on us, on whether we would become Very Good in our CREATOR’S eyes. .