Noah’s Tree Of Life/Man’s historical Journey of IDOLATRY

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Noah’s Tree Of Life

These are Noah’s words to his children after the Flood…

Man’s Historical Journey of IDOLATRY

The mirror trial of the Prophet
It was late at night when I woke up and could not sleep anymore. I went downstairs to Enosh’s room but he was not there. I searched the house and found him sitting by a large mirror, starring at his own image. “Grandpa, are you all right?” I asked. He waved at me with his finger, whispering: “Come, can you see ELoHiM in the mirror?”
I startled. I knew that Enosh, as a prophet, could see things that no one else saw. So I looked into the mirror at length. “No grandpa,” I finally said, “Where is He?”
“Behind your image!” he said. So I moved my head back and forth, but all I saw was the my own image starring at me back.
“Do you see Him?”
“No, grandpa, I can’t, my image interferes.”
“But He is there, behind your image and mine!”
What was he trying to tell me? I would have thought that he was kidding me, but I saw tears in his eyes.
“How sad it is, Noah, that our self image interferes with His Image,” he said.
“What do you mean, grandpa?”
He wiped his tears. “When ELoHiM created Adam,” he said softly, “He set by a mirror and saw His Image and Form in it. He liked it, so He made us accordingly, saying ‘Let us make and Adam in our form and our image.’ Ever since then, He sits on His side of the mirror, and we are on our side of it. The mirror separated us. So whenever we attempt to see Him, all we see is our own image being reflected at us from the mirror. We fool ourselves. We think that we see Him, but all we can ever see is our own reflection in the mirror…
“I often wake up at night, seeing visions and hearing voices in my head. And they are so bright, so meaningful, and I am thrilled. I thank Him for revealing His visions and words to me. So excited I become that I decide to let the whole world know what I have just seen and heard. I would change humanity; I would change the course of history. And as I plan my words what to say, I suddenly remember the mirror, and I tremble. Were these visions and words His, or mine? Did I see and hear His message, or my own being reflected back at me from the mirror? And I can’t decide. Noah, it is painful; confusing and agonizing. It is the toughest trial any person can endure…”
“Could anyone see the CREATOR on the other side of the mirror?” I asked.
“Only a modest person with no ‘self image’ could accomplish that. He must have no personal agenda and no trace of selfishness in his bones to be able to peek into the other side of the mirror without interference. Certainly I am not such a person,” he said in tears.


Chapter 11

“Grandpa, what did you see tonight that woke you up?”
“A false vision, an unbelievable clear view of the future. The mirror must have been fooling me.”
“What did you see, grandpa? Would you share it with me?”
“Well, I’ll tell you about it, provided you wouldn’t take it seriously. You know how dreams distort our reality…
“In my dream, I saw a huge Flood coming, millions time bigger than the one we’ve just been through. The ice of the northern ocean was melting, the sea level was rising, endless rain was pouring…Mankind perishing…apart from one family, of a person who was born circumcised…you. Yes, I saw you standing alive with your family, like a new Adam…”
“What else did you see?”
“I told you, it was just a fake dream. I saw humanity recovering from the Flood, with no memory of Adam’s teaching. How sad! Yet they would still seek the CREATOR, but they would have forgotten His Names. They would seek the CREATOR passionately, since Mankind is built as a nest longing to receive YHVH in it. They would seek the BRIDE to enter their thirsty heart, but fake birds and fake brides would grab the chance and occupy our mind and charm our hearts. So I asked, still dreaming, who are these false birds and brides? Who would entice Mankind so much to violate IDOLATRY? And a voice said: these false brides have already been set up by the CREATOR! So I asked: Where? And the voice said: On Adam’s Tree of Life!
“Then, Noah in one short glance I witnessed the entire journey of Mankind for many, many generations. In a flick of an eye I saw entire civilizations rising and falling, revolving around one issue: IDOLATRY…
“In my dream I saw Man on Earth, living on the Sixth Day, having been driven out of Eden. He still hears the CREATOR calling him, like in Eden: ‘Adam, where are you? Come to me! (Genesis 3: 9) Man looks around and search for the CREATOR. Back in Eden, Adam hide in the bush, but now on Earth it is the CREATOR who hides from Mankind in Nature…
“So at first Man would seek the CREATOR in things that had been created close to him on the SIXTH Day. He would seek the CREATOR in Crawling Creatures, Beasts and Cattle. His heart is longing to see the BRIDE and invite Her into this heart. Instead all he sees are these creatures that seem to him so magnificent, powerful and charming that Man would worship them instead of the true CREATOR. Man would worship Holy Dragons, Holy Flies, Holy Beasts and Holy Cows…Entire civilizations would rise and fall around these false faiths. But Man would soon progress and discover that all these idols were fake brides…
“Still hearing the CREATOR calling him, ‘Adam where are you?’ Man would now seek Him deeper in Nature, in things created on the FIFTH Day: Crocodiles, Birds and Fish. Again, his heart would long for them. These creatures would seem to him at that stage so magnificent and powerful, that Man would worship them instead of the true CREATOR! In a glance I foresaw a whole set of new civilizations and cultures rising and falling around these false idols. But Man would progress and discover their fallacy and would understand that they are not his CREATOR.

Editor: The philistines worshipped ‘flies.’ The ancient Greeks worshipped dragons. The Egyptians worshipped, besides holy cows, also holy Crocodiles, Birds and Fish. They depicted the heads of their idols as heads of these creatures.

“But this, Noah, was not the end of my weird dream. Man would still hear the CREATOR calling him ‘Adam, where are you? Come to me!’ Man would seek the CREATOR deeper in Nature than before, in things created on the FOURTH Day. He would worship the Sun, Moon and other Celestial Bodies and believe in their power to control his life. Noah, I could see a whole set of civilizations rising and falling around this new brand of IDOLATRY. But soon Man would find out the fallacy of these idols and abandon them too.

Editor: The Babylonians as well as other ancient nations worshipped the celestial bodies and believed in the power of Astrology.

“Now you can guess the rest my dream. Man would continue to seek the CREATOR in Nature, now in things created on the THIRD Day, like majestic trees, tall mountains and vast oceans. They would seek Him in the fertility process itself, in the seeds of life! A whole set of civilizations would come out of this new type of IDOLATRY.

Editor: The Canaanites worshipped magnificent tress (‘ashera’) and high mountains. They worshipped the Baal and Asthoret as the gods of fertility and procreation. This is why they indulged in sexual perversions and sacred prostitution.

“After that, Man would seek the CREATOR in things created even deeper in Nature, on the SECOND and FIRST Days. Man would seek Him in the Sky Above, in the Deep Space, in Darkness and Light, and in the Beginning of Time created on the SECOND and FIRST Days. Man would be so fascinated by these primordial elements that he would confuse them with his true CREATOR. But again, Man would discover their fallacy…
“But that is not the end of Man’s journey. Man would look at things that came before CREATION, like the WISDOM and SCEINCE by which the CREATOR had made the World. Man would think that his science and wisdom can solve everything! How wrong Man would be! Man worship also worships DESIRES and PASSIONS…dedicating his life only to art and music, forgetting the CREATOR. Man would enthrone on himself social parties, and subject himself as a slave to drugs…alcohol…and then…”
“Then what, grandpa?”
“I woke up. I was so glad that is was only a twisted dream. But there are true notions in it: it is based on the idea that Man is born to stand one major trial: that of IDOATRY. This trial would dictate Man’s path in the history to come. The path is already set up by Adam’s Tree of Life…as if the only remedy for it would be to accept Adam’s words and know our CREATOR and abide by His Commandments…
“And for a moment I felt blessed for having been able to foresee Man’s future. I decided to call for a gathering and tell the people what I have seen. But then I realized that all that Man would worship in the future would be successive layers of Nature by which he himself had been created. Had not ELoHiM consulted each Day of CREATION and made a layer in Adam? Thus in every step of his spiritual journey, Man would be fascinated by his own makeup! It comes out that Man would worship himself, till the end of times! Man would assume that he sees the CREATOR in this or that layer, but all he would see is his own image and form reflected at him back from the mirror!
“Horrified I ran downstairs and watched myself in this mirror. Am I also guilty of making the same error, thinking that I’ve heard Him, fooling myself? Was my dream His words, or mine? Then you came in. Could you tell me whether my dream is a false prophecy?”

Editor: it is customary to refer to all the IDOLATRY in the world as Enosh’s errors.


“Look at that perfect, round, beautiful red sun
That is rising through the fog over the sea.
Who does she aspire to attract into worshipping her?

Why do we need fog to see her beauty?
Why do we need fogs and screens to see the truth?
The truth can hurt and blind our eyes

Why do we need Nature to screen our eyes from ELoHiM?
Why do we need ELoHiM to shield our eyes from the Glory of YHVH?
We need ELoHiM to see the beauty of YHVH
YHVH is like the Sun, ELoHiM is like her shield. (Psalms )

Who does YHVH Shields from our eyes?
Whose glory is greater than Hers?
It is the glory of ‘YHVH ELoHiM’
Forming Adam in Love!

(My son Shem)

Editor: The story of Eden is written with ‘YHVH ELoHiM,’ as two cherubs in Love forming Adam. In no other chapter of the Bible do they come so close together.


“Do you know why IDOALTRY comes first?
For if you don’t know the CREATOR or deny His existence,
What would hold you from violating your best friend’s wife,
Thereby committing ADULTERY?

“And if you’ve violated your best friend’s wife,
What would stop you from killing her husband?
Or stop her husband from killing you, in BLOODSHED?

“And once you’ve gotten rid of the husband,
What would stop you from stealing his property,
Thereby committing THEFT?

“And once you’ve stolen money and abducted people,
What would stop you from twisting the truth,
Thereby committing INJUSTICE?

“And once you’ve trotted that path
Your life would turn so filthy be that you’d
Curse your parents, curse your CREATOR
Committing terrible BLESPHAMY!

“This is why I say to you:
Keep IDOLATRY first!”

(Enosh to newlywed couples)


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