Noah’s Tree Of Life/Evil-8/Filth in the Service of YHVH?

Noahide Seven Commandments Torah classes

© 2014 by Rabbi Zvi Aviner
Noah’s Tree Of Life
These are Noah’s words to his children after the Flood…
Filth in the service of YHVH?

Enosh asked: Who can perceive YHVH holiness? Then he said:

Don’t cry for the Serpent. Proudly it walked on two legs, naked and unashamed of it. As a ‘beast of the field’ it knew ELoHiM but not YHVH. It never mentioned YHVH. It did not know what it was missing. It was…content, happy, not knowing what MERCY is.

And don’t’ cry for the humans too. Prior to their sin, they too walked around naked and unashamed of it. They too, like the Serpent, knew ELoHiM but lacked the real perception of YHVH. Like the Serpent, they too were happy, content, not knowing what they were missing. They too, like the Serpent, knew Right from Wrong, but not Good from Evil. As you know, all that is needed to stand in ELoHiM’s judgment is to distinguish between right and wrong. Only when you have YHVH perception in your heart you’d know also Good from Evil. For that, they needed to eat first from the “Tree Of Knowledge Good and Evil.”

Think about it: There is nothing ‘wrong’ or shameful in walking naked. All creatures in ELoKiM’s world do this. It is only YHVH perception in your heart that would make you ashamed of nakedness. So before the sin, the humans too were naked and unashamed. In that aspect, the humans matched the serpent, prior to the sin. This is why the Serpent was so attractive in the Woman’s eyes. And this is why she too failed to mention YHVH in her words.

Only after the sin, Adam and his wife ‘opened their eyes’ and became aware of their nakedness, feeling ashamed of it, covering it. The eating from the “Tree of Knowledge Good and Evil” endowed them with full perception of YHVH, therefore with full perception of Evil. Whoever feels YHVH, would also feel Holiness. And whoever feels YHVH’s Holiness, would feel ashamed from nakedness and sexual promiscuity. Why? For YHVBHs stands for pure, holly, love. Yes, even sexual love, as long it is within the realm set up by the ADULTERY Laws.
The Serpent, however, remained a beast forever. It has never acquired the perception of YHVH, and her Holiness. Yes, it continued to walk naked and unashamed of it, proudly cunning and smart, but unaware of its nakedness. It did not know that it became a laughable creature in the human eyes. The Serpent perceived their laughter, and it got envy. It tried hard to comprehend what Adam and Eve had gained by eating the fruit, but it could not grow beyond its skin. ELoKiM had not made its heart CAPABLE of perceiving YHVH. It had a genuine ceiling in its heart. Thus when it was finally thrown into our world, it continued to walk naked and unashamed, indulged in every sexual perversions, feeling no disgust and no shame, but also no holiness.
So don’t cry for the Serpent, and do not try to emulate it. Cling instead to YTHVH. Accept Her in your heart, and abide by the ADULTERY Laws!


A Demon that searches for YHVH?
A soft hum of quiet conversation filled the entrance hall. I was surprised to see that we were not alone. There were in her hut people from all the ranks of the Children of ELoHiM’s society. Among them I noticed animals—sheep, goats, dogs, all trimmed, cleansed, combed and heavily perfumed. “Welcome to my kingdom,” Naama said proudly. “Aren’t my pets beautiful?”
“They’re gorgeous,” I said. With my newly acquired talent I could sense these animals. They were…strangely satisfied.
“These pets are the best of the best. Each has been selected for the task.”
“What task?”
“Come into the main hall, and see for yourself. You can enjoy it,” Naama said.


Nothing had prepared me for what I saw next. And I shall skip its description to avoid you from reading filth of the filth. In short, people there committed the worst and the ugliest sexual perversions. People engaged with other people, and people engaged with pets, and pets engaged unnaturally with other pets. Naama was, I soon learned, their queen. She knew everyone, talked to everyone, asked them what they felt. Then she danced and played a drum, people dancing with her…

Editor: “And the Earth was corrupt before ELoHiM,
and ELoHiM looked upon the Earth and behold,
it was corrupt, for all flesh corrupted its ways on the Earth.” (Gen. 6:12)

‘Corrupt’ means unnatural sexual behavior.


“Believe me,” she said to me when we were alone, “this is hard work. I have to understand all these people and animals, and I have to match them to each other, all that to ensure the best outcome.”
“Best outcome…what do you mean?”
“I ensure their happiness. You see, it takes me long time to train these animals and also train the people to elicit that happiness. And happiness is what we produce here. Noah, I have dedicated my life to arouse and collect people’s happiness, as well as animals’ feelings, and offer them to YHVH.”
“But YHVH hates sexual promiscuity,” I said.
“What you see here is a natural, innocent love,” the Demon Naama said. “YHVH can’t hate this!”
“I’ve never even imagined such behavior possible,” I said.
“Welcome to the real world, young boy. For your information, I’ve set up many similar places all over the land. People come by, try my pets, love them, and ask for more. Yes, even Seth’s people come to my Temples. This way I spread YHVH’S love and compassion on Earth.”
“But this behavior is sheer ADULTERY!”

As it says in the story of Eden —“…they would cling to each other and become one flesh.” (Gen. 2:24) Hence only ‘one flesh’ from the same species, should copulate.

“I don’t care about ELoHiM’s Commandments anymore. As your grandpa Enosh is saying, YHVH is here, and She prevails.”
“Have you too found happiness with these animals?”
“I collect other people’s feelings. I have been waiting for the right person to share my feeling, a person like…you.”
“Why me?”
“Don’t you understand? Hasn’t the Dress said that I’m destined to be your lover, rather than your wife? Noah, I appear in people’s dreams. I dance, sing, play the drum, and excite their desires. I would love to be in your dreams too, to make you happy and content. I know how. I’ll never marry you, don’t wary, but I’ll be your mistress. I, Naama the daughter of Lemech, swear in the name of YHVH that I would love to collect your feeling and offer them to the Heavens…”
She approached me, trying to touch me. But I retracted back. “No! This can’t be!” I cried out and ran towards the exit. I ran over people and animals and I searched for the door. Finally I found myself breathing fresh air, with no perfume. I then continued to run down the hill towards their house. I ran fast, but when I passed by the tree where we originally met, she stood there waiting for me again, holding the same flower in her hand, looking as an innocent schoolgirl on her first date. Oh, CREATOR! She could fly much faster than I could run. Would I ever escape from her grip?
“Hello Noah. Where are you running so fast?” She teased me.

To be continued