Noah’s Tree Of Life/Evil-7/A Demon Which Worships YHVH?

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© 2014 by Rabbi Zvi Aviner
Noah’s Tree Of Life
These are Noah’s words to his children after the Flood…
A Demon Which Worships YHVH?

Why did the Demon Naama present me with two opposing dancers?
Was Tubal Cain a demon too?
With these thoughts of mmy mind I studied Eden:

The Serpent’s ways
A serpent does not know its way right away. It first crawls to the right then to the left, checks it out and advance forwards. The very name for snake, ’nahash’ in Hebrew, infers ‘one who guesses.’ In a similar way, the Serpent in Eden could not know how to advance and trap the Woman into sin. So it presented her with two options. It said to her: “Could it be that ELoHiM had said that you should not eat from any of the trees of the garden?” (Genesis 3:1) Its words were carved out carefully. It could be seen as a sympathetic statement, or as an innocent wonder. It could be a lie, or the truth. Then it waited patiently for her to response. It was ready to trap her into sin one way or another.
Lilith too presented Adam with two opposite postures, then watched his response. Then she acted accordingly. This is how she was so successful in her endeavor.



Enosh sought the family’s full consent
Several days after Tzilah’s had requested to terminate Tubal’s life in MERCY, Enosh approached me. “Tubal’s mother has been telling me that you have met his sister, Naama. Does she consent to let us fulfill Tubal’s death wish?”
“Grandpa, she…splits about that, one part of her says yes, one part of her says no.”
“So Naama is torn apart by the moral debate about YHVH,” Enosh said, tears in his eyes. Obviously he was deeply moved. “It seems to me that Naama is a special girl. Her mind has already engaged the core of our morality, the very mystery of YHVH. How old is she?”
“About two years older than me, sixteen.”
“So young and yet so introspective! May I meet her?”
I coughed hard.
“Never mind. Just tell her she is right to be torn apart about YHVH.”
“Grandpa, why is it so difficult to decide what YHVH wants?”
“Because YHVH gives us the freedom to think as we wish. YHVH is forgiving…”
“So how shall we ever decide what to do with Tubal?”
“You are right! We need the consent of the entire family. Naama needs to set up her mind. Talk to her again.”
Then, wrapped in thought he added: “This girl, Naama, is so right. The decision about Tubal is so difficult! The Heavenly Court itself is split about it. ELoHiM would say no, YHVH would say yes. The key is to find out what the ‘One Essence’ of the CREATOR would say.”
Turning to me he said, “In the same token, Naama should tell u her real, final wish. Once you’ve found it, report it to me.”



“The Holy of Holy
And the Filth of Filth
Are separated by only a hair’s width.
So tell me—on which side are you?”

(Enosh, in a fiery sermon)

Perhaps as a result of my experience wearing Adam and Eve’s starry dress, I became more attentive to animals than ever before. Walking through the woods to Tubal’s home became a pleasant task. Even the vegetation around me seemed alive, as if talking to me. I watched the animals with a new interest, since I could feel their desires and needs. In return, they seemed to sense my newly acquired talent, and never attacked or harmed me. Once I faced a hungry lion, which turned around and walked away, his tail tucked between its legs in submission.
There could be only one more person on Earth blessed with this talent—Naama, or one of her split the one who walked with me successfully along the isle. She too must have acquired this remarkable ability to understand and communicate with the animal world.
Proof of this came soon. One morning when I walked through the wood by their compound, Naama appeared to me leaning against a tree, holding a flower to her lips. She looked like a teenage girl waiting for her first date. “Hello, boyfriend,” she smiled. “I see that you enjoy the animals around here. Do you wish to see my pets?”
Was she the one, undivided Naama, or one of her split? I could not tell. I had a way to find out. “Hello, I answered, and I bent over her flower as if to smell it. In fact, I smelled her hand and it was overwhelming perfumed. So she must be one of Naama’s split, the one who had not flown with me over Earth wearing the dress. She was not the one ‘qualified’ to be my wife. I kept my knowledge of her to myself. “I’d love to see your pets,” I said.
She jumped up and down with joy. “Come, you’ll love it.” She led me to the other side of the Children of ELoHiM’s compound, a place I’d never seen before. Up on a hill stood a large pyramid-shaped hut surrounded by flowers and fruit trees. It looked so different from the rest of the compound.
“Here is my Temple,” she said.
“Who is the talented architect that built this piece of art?” I asked. Indeed, the building looked gorgeous.
“My half-brother Yuval built it for me. He is such a gifted architect and a musician. He also excels in making good boats and Arks that never capsize, as well as beautiful huts like this one.”
We climbed the hill, and passed by a citrus tree. Naama cut off a fruit and sat down beneath it. “I am Lilith, and you are Adam,” she laughed, “here is your forbidden fruit. Let’s eat it together…”
Without knowing, she hit right at what was on my mind. I set by her side, shaken. She laughed and tickled my cheeks and nose with the fruit. Her action, I admit, aroused pleasant feelings through my body. Her perfumed hand added to my feeling. On the western sky, a dark cloud moved in our direction. The wind picked up too. A storm was brewing.
“Don’t wary, I’m not Lilith. Worst, I am Naama,” she laughed. Her teeth, I noticed, did not look sharp and ugly as a Demon’s teeth would, but rather perfectly even and white. “I am glad you came with me. You spend so much time by Tubal’s bed. We all appreciate this; I want you to know that.”
“He suffers a lot,” I said.
“Too much, and he wants your blessing.”
“I can’t. You’ve said that you support his wish. Why?”
“I abide by whatever Enosh says. I adore your grandpa,” this Naama said. “And he supports my brother’s death wish.”
“Why do you adore my grandpa?”
“I adore his sermons…everything he says…”
“I remember seeing you there once.”
“Oh, I’ve attended his sermons many times. When I was a little girl, Tubal used to take me to hear him speaking.”
“Tubal too? Why would people from the Children of ELoKiM listen to Enosh?”
“We have open minds.”
“I thought that only YHVH tolerates open minds. What do like about Enosh’s sermons?”
“Your grandfather is so…spiritual, so compassionate and loving. He knows how to lift people’s spirits. I loved to hear him speak about life, love, marriage, forgiveness, mercy…about the coming of YHVH, and the Sabbath. Do you know he made me, a daughter of the Children of ELoHiM, love YHVH rather than ELoHiM?”
“What do you mean?” Was the demon trying to fool me?
“Because of him, I love YHVH and her forgiveness, considering the complexity of the human heart. I don’t appreciate anymore the punitive ELoHiM and His laws — not at all. I’ve never understood why ELoHiM forbids us to do exactly the very things we love the most. And I have found out in my short life that what people want is love, peace and happiness, everything that YHVH stands for. Ever since I heard Enosh, I’ve called upon YHVH in prayer like he does. I call on Her to come and take over our world, to chase away misery, death, disease, suffering, and bring more Love…”
“Is that why you support taking Tubal’s life away?”
“Yes, I hate his suffering. I see no reason to extend it. Noah, we the Children of ELoHiM have seen enough suffering. Even as a young child I saw atrocities beyond description, more than you have ever seen. I think that most of it is caused by the way our people have followed ELoHiM’S harsh laws. So I have learned my lesson, and I love YHVH. Come, let’s go now inside my Temple and see my pets.” She stood up and offered me her hand. Its fragrant aroma made me dizzy. And she spoke so well, saying the right things! So I grabbed her perfumed hand and together we went into her hut. A Demon that loves YHVH! Who could imagine that?

To be continued