Noah’s Tree Of Life/ELoHiM-5/Hanoch’s Quest for the truth

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Noah’s Tree Of Life
These are Noah’s words to his children after the Flood…
ELoHiM-5/Hanoch’s Quest to Verify Genesis


ELoHiM’s Ways

The truth about the story of CREATION
Truth is ELoHiM’s nickname, Ensoh said. ELoHiM is also Wise, and He created the world with Wisdom, he said. Are these features of Him that attracted Cain’s children? If so, everyone should admire them, rather than fear and despise them!
What then is the Wisdom behind Nature? What does the Story of Genesis tell us about ELoHiM and His Judgment? I asked Enosh, but he declined to answer me directly. “I know one person who may explain Genesis to you in a convincing way, “ he said, “and that is my old disciple Hanoch, to whom I gave a part of the Tree of Life. Although he is a member of our Seth’s family, he has been walking in ELoHiM’s ways along with Cain. I have not seen him for years. But from what I have heard he cherishes the Truth more than anything else. I shall arrange a visit with him.”

On our way to Hanoch’s home, Enosh told me his story. “I trusted Hanoch so much that I gave him a piece of the Branch, a thing I’ve never done with anyone else. He was the best of my disciples ever. He clung to me and drank my words as a tree seeps water. At first he followed MERCY avidly like us, then he began seeking ELoHiM and associated himself with Cain’s teachers. He sought their company, despite our deep rivalry. Yet he has remained somehow faithful to us too, I should say. In his quest, he first sought to emulate ELoHiM as a JUDGE. So he joined our courts, and I supported him, but soon he fell into troubles. Hanoch figured out that since ELoHiM seeks the Absolute Justice with no concession to MERCY, he, Hanoch, should emulate Him. Judging a case he passionately sought the ABSOLUTE TRUTH only, with no MERCY. The result was that people resented him and his judgments. We had to ban him from our Seth’s Courts, and he left our camp for good.
“Like you, he decided to dedicate his life for seeking the truth about the story of CREATION by studying Nature. He copied Adam’s words from my Branch and inscribed them on the twig I had given him. He was very successful in his endeavor. His findings and thinking have been phenomenal. I think he is the most knowledgeable scholar of Nature in our generation. I do hope, Noah that he would enlighten your mind and enrich your understanding of ELoHiM’s ways.”

Hanoch’s house excelled in simplicity. With its large windows, huge ceilings, straight corridors and specious halls, it was bathed with light. Unlike Enosh’s home, it was barely decorated. From every window you could see a natural garden with wild life roaming between the trees. Like Enosh, Hanoch was quite old, but unlike Ensoh he did look old. His skin was dry and wrinkled, and he walked leaning on a cane. This made me wonder since Hanoch too possessed a twig of the Tree of Life. Why then did he look so aged?
Enosh and Hanoch hugged each other amiably. Despite their schism, they retained the relationship of a master and a disciple. After a few words of greetings Hanoch took us to his study room where he kept his twig of the Tree of Life. Like Enosh’s study room, this one seemed small on the outside but large inside. The wooden chest in the middle of the room was not covered by gold. Hanoch said that we could touch the chest with no fear of fire tongues exiting from it. “Without gold, the chest is accessible to everyone, though no one bothers to come and learn.”
“My dear Hanoch,” Enosh said, “my grandson Noah wishes to hear your way of reading the Story of CREATION. I hope you’d enlighten his mind.”
“Well, young man, what exactly do you want to know?”
“The truth,” I said, “the objective truth about the story of CREATION.”
Hanch’s sharp eyes pierced mine, assessing me.
“You can trust him,” my grandpa said.
“The truth is,” Hanoch said to me, “that I myself did wonder about the truthfulness of the story. I took it upon myself to verify it objectively, as you put it. I was young, energetic, and eager to find the truth no matter how long it takes. I decided to seek the help of the Children of ELoHiM. Why did I, a disciple of Seth, go to them? For they had developed a unique way to find out the truth about everything. Instead of looking into old texts, they OBSERVE facts on the ground, RECORD them meticulously and then ANALYZE them. By this method they had discovered many things that had made them very successful and wealthy. I said to their chieftains, Aza and Azael: ‘Give me several of your people and together we’ll seek the ways ELoHiM had created the world.’ And they agreed.
“For the following many years, Noah, my team searched and collected evidence that helped us to solve the puzzle of CREATION. I had to my disposal the unlimited resources of Cain, since they saw my endeavor as their own sacred mission. My team and I traveled far away, crossed many seas and oceans and climbed on the tallest mountains. We studied the sky above and the waters below. We collected findings from the ground that fertilized our thinking. This was a great time in my life, the greatest thrill I could ever imagine. There is nothing more exciting, Noah, than dedicating your life to search and discover the truth.”
“What exactly did you discover, Hanoch?” Enosh asked.
“I can summarize our findings by reading for you the Story of CREATION as I understand it nowadays. The beauty of my interpretation is that it helps us to better understand our task and place in the world and what the CREATOR really wants form us.”


These are extracts of Hanoch’s words

Earth is a graveyard of creatures that once ruled here then disappeared by ELoHiM’s merciless judgment. ELoHiM creates but also takes life away as His wishes. My team discovered skeletons of giant creatures that are now obsolete. Some creatures are embedded in ancient rocks and in frozen volcano Lava.

A Day of CREATION can’t be our day. When Adam counts the First Day as ‘One Day’ he defines for us how long is ‘One Day’ of CREATION: The time it took to advance CREATION from its ‘BEGINING’ to have in it a Deep Space, Chaos and Order, Light, Matter and Water; as Adam stipulates. This could have taken many, many of our years. Remember: Day One can’t be or day since the Sun and the Moon were seen on Earth in a regular fashion only later on the Fourth Day. Hence a Day of CREATION is an era, a phase, a stage.

Editor:  Ancient Hebrew Kabala teaches that a Day equals 2.15 Billion human years. Hence the Universe is 13-14 Billion years old, just as science says.


The Earth’s surface is spherical, since the next village is always under your horizon. Many believe it to be a complete, round ball. This ball floats, as Adam says, in the ‘Deep’ meaning a Space that surrounds Earth from all sides. This Space must be full of Light, Matter, Rocks Stars and Water. The Rocks still fall from the sky to the ground, as well as water.


Editor: According to Science (see History Channel’s {HC} series: ‘History of Earth’) Earth existed as a barren Planet 4 Billion years ago. The scientists dub is as the GRANIT PLANET.

For six Days ELoHiM created the World as He wished, by giving commands. He said let it be, and things happened. Like a Builder of a Six Floor Building, He checked at the end of each Day the last Floor whether or not it was ‘good.’ He deemed the Floor ‘good’ if it pleaded Him, if it fit His Plan and if it was viable and strong enough to carry another Floor on top of it. A ‘good’ Floor was allowed to support the next Day. Any creature living in it was allowed to enter and liver the next phase. On the other hand, a Day that He deemed ‘not good’ anymore He eliminated right then and there. ELoHiM’s judgment is harsh but just. He gives life and takes life away with no MERCY.


Thus the waters – and the Light and matter of the First Day set the stage for the drama of the SECOND Day. For then ELoHiM separated the Water Above from the Water Bellow. Earth became covered with water that came from ‘Above,’ from the Space surrounding Earth. Here you see how the Waters born on the First Day were deemed ‘Good’ because they supported the provided the drama of the next Day.
Editor: </font face></font face=Times New Roman>According to the science {HC} the barren Granit Planet was ‘bombarded’ by icy comets for millions of years, so that water accumulated on Earth. The water was frozen and the Glob looked like a white tennis ball traveling in Space The scientists dub it the WHITE PLANET


Then on the THIRD Day, ELoHiM caused the Dry Land to appear above the Water. My men and I have seen such a volcano eruption at the bottom of the Ocean that created a brand new, lifeless island. We believe that such was the way ELoHiM executed His Command. Then ELoHiM passed a judgment on everything He had created earlier and deemed it ‘good.’ The Dry Land set the stage for the next drama: the seeding of Life, in the form of Vegetation on Earth. Could you imagine the grass, shrubs and tree mentioned in the verse without the preceding Light and Water, Oceans and Dry Land hat were created before? Each phase on Earth is deemed ‘good’ only if it provides for the next stage. ELoHiM judgment follows the rule of ‘measure for measure.’ An item in CREATION whose existence depends on other items bellow it, should provide for the existence of items created above it. There is a balance of ‘give and take’ in nature: An item that only takes without giving back is deemed ‘not good’ and therefore eliminated by ELoHiM’s verdict.
Editor: HC says that the first frozen ocean of the WHITE PLANET melted by volcano activity at the geological plates. Earth, now covered by melted oceans, is called the GRAY PLANET after the colorless waters in the absence of atmosphere. The original continent can be mapped by black, lifeless rocks with no fossils that are found along the primordial shores.
The HC also says that life appeared on earth first as mono-cellular algae (stomatocytes) that produced oxygen by photosynthesis. Over the next millions of years the algae produced ‘tons and tons’ of oxygen, beside other crucial gases. The atmosphere appeared and the sea turned blue. From these mono cellular algae the Vegetation evolved: grass, shrubs and trees in that order, as the verse also says. The scientists call Earth at that stage as the GREEN PLANET after the thick forest. Where did the algae come from is still a mystery. 


At the junction of the THIRD and FOURTH Days ELoHiM passed a judgment on the passing THIRD Day. The tall, thick forest was eliminated or shrunk, and only the part that could support the next Day remained.
Then at the FOURTH Day dawned, ELoHiM stabilized Earth so that the Sun and the Moon were seen in a regular fashion. The clouds dispersed, the seasons were established and the Sunshine reached THE Oceans. ELoHiM then deemed the passing Day as ‘good,’ since it could support the next, FIFTH Day with the first mobile life in it.


We can’t tell the details yet, but the regularity of Sunshine on Earth promoted the first mobile life to appear in the Water. FISH came first, then ELoHiM ordered the BIRD to come from the Fish and feed on it. Our men discovered skeletons of Huge Birds that hovered over the water to catch huge Fish. But the BIRD in turn had to provide for the CROCODILES that came next, invading the inland to feed on both Bird and Fish. ELoHiM then judged the creatures good since they provided to each other. ELoHiM deemed the entire FIFTH Day as ‘good’ because it set the stage for the next, SIXTH Day. At that point He eliminated all the creatures that could not support the next Day.
Editor: Science says (HC) that before the appearance of mobile life in the ocean, Earth entered an icy period where all the Vegetation on the Dry Land perished. The scientists dub it as the ICY PLANET to distinguish it from the earlier White Planet.
Then, HC says, the first mobile life appeared in the Ocean as warms and fish. Next came Birds from those fish that were thrown on the shores by the tide. The Birds fed on the fish. Some of these Fish on shore invade the inland to evolve into amphibians: crocodiles to its kind, as Genesis says.

As the Sixth Day dawned ELoHiM continued to create like on any other Day. He created the Cattle, then the Beasts that feed on the Cattle, then the Crawling Creatures that feed on everything else. Then He paused and deemed the creatures that He had just created. Those who could live by Adam’s side were allowed to remain. Those who were not deemed good anymore he eliminated. A catastrophe hit Earth and wiped them out. We can still find their skeletons.

Adam too was born by ELoHiM to stand a trial. Our trial depends too on the position we hold on the ladder of CREATION. We thrive on everything that is provided for us by the creatures that have been created before us; and in return we are required to provide for everything that comes after us and to support another Day.
What Day comes after us? We live on the Sixth Day. We need to support the rest of the Sixth Day and prepare and provide for the next Day, the Eternal Sabbath. Again: Man is born to sustain this Day and support the coming Eternal Sabbath. What exactly should Man do to earn his living? Enosh can elaborate on that better than me!”

Editor: Science (HC) says that after the ozone layer was established, huge Cattle-like creatures evoleved in the swamps that covered Earth. They had short lags and fat bodies, supported by the waters. Soon came Predator Beasts that could run fast and prey on the Cattle-like. The Dinosaurs were part of that system. Then a catastrophe hit Earth and wiped out the pre-historic creatures, allowing the tiny mammals to proliferate. The last giant creature that survived the catastrophe for a while was a giant snake, big enough to swallow two greyhound busses side by side. These giant Crawling creatures were the last to rule Earth – a notion concurring with Genesis. Indeed, how could Moses know all this? 


I liked the way Hanoch though about CREATION. Every Day depended on the previous Days and provided for the next Day. Only then ELoHiM was satisfied with that Day. We receive, and we are called upon to give, measure for measure. I could understand now the philosophy of the Children of ELoHiM, and I liked it; it made sense to me.
As we departed, I asked Hanoch: “Have you met among the Children of ELoHiM a young person named Tubal Cain and his sister Naama?”
“How in the world have you heard about them?” he asked, obviously alarmed.
“I met Tubal and his sister Naama in Enosh’s sermon.”
Hanoch turned to Enosh in disbelief. “Is this true?”
“Yes, they came to hear me.”
“Why in the world would they do this?” Hanoch wondered. Turning to me he said: “I do not know Tubal Cain or his sister Naama personally, but I’ve heard a lot about them, not such good report I am afraid to say. Tubal Cain is the one who used science to empower the Children of ELoHiM with weapons that made them powerful and wealthy. They revere him like a god. People say he is as evil as a person can get, having so much innocent blood on his young hands. His sister Naama is no different. She is a sex predator who has ruined many people’s lives. ELoHiM will pay them both what they deserve, measure for measure. I am sure about that. Meanwhile, just stay away from them…”

Hanoch did not die
A year later Hanoch disappeared from us, taking with him his twig of the Branch of the Tree of Life. Enosh explained that Hanoch did not die, but was rather ‘taken away by ELoHiM’ to sit by His Throne (Genesis 5:24.) Since he had walked with ELoHiM and had dedicated his life for understanding ELoHiM’s ways, ELoHiM took him to sit by His Throne, forever.
“But why did he age, having the twig of the Tree of Life in his possession?” I asked.
“Because he forgot the Merciful Attribute,” Enosh said, “and without Mercy, a miracle has a limit.”

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