Noah’s Tree Of Life/Adam-5/NAAMA, a girl who splits

Noahide Seven Commandments Torah classes

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Noah’s Tree Of Life
These are Noah’s words to his children after the Flood…
A girl that splits
Passions and Desires? What do you know about them, that I do not? As I have said, Enosh speared no effort to help and alleviate Tubals’ excruciating pains. He summoned to his bed the best physicians who commanded all sorts of medications, but in vain. With all the Wisdom and Science that of our society knew, our hands were short. As the days passed by, Tubal’s condition continued to deteriorate. His torn leg and spine began to decay, spreading a rotten stench in his room. His mind drifted away, offering him some transient relief from his agony. Despite my repeated requests, Enosh refused to let me visit Tubal and thank him personally for having saved my life.
One day, however, Enosh needed some medications to be delivered the next day to Tubal. Since Enosh himself would be by Tubal’s bed, I volunteered to bring the medications to him. This time Enosh succumbed to my pressure and agreed to my proposal. “But don’t go there by yourself,” he warned me, “and be there on time, so Tubal won’t suffer.”
The next morning I prepared the herbal mixture with excitement. At noon I put the medication in a bag and asked several members of our household staff to walk over with me to the Children of ELoHiM’s compound in the wood, but when they heard where I was going they refused, giving all sorts of excuses. Finally I had to go by myself.
And what a mistake that was! Though I was familiar with the main road leading to their compound, I soon got lost in the woods. I wandered for hours, my heart sinking with fear. Lions roared nearby and shadows flew above my head. Were they chimpanzees, or was it the infamous Demon seeking male prey? Would the Demon catch me and eat my heart alive as people had said? Then a ferocious dog barked in distance—was it Cain’s lost dog? Would it attack me?
Oh, CREATOR, how scared I was. Then, miraculously, there I stood in front of the compound’s main gate. The giant guards, the so called Nefilim, watched me with apathy and let me in without questioning. My white Seth’s attire did not bother them. I strolled in the compound’s nearly deserted streets, passing by the fortified mentions of their chieftains Aza and Azael, the former pious people who had turned corrupt. Their homes seemed deserted too. I saw warehouses still packed with armors like blades, axes, swords and arrowheads—all evidence of Tubal Cain’s craftsmanship. I saw Tubal’s workshop that had produced these weaponry, by which he inflicted so much terror and death over our population. Now, just a few weeks past his fatal wounding, his gangs had abandoned him and the camps and dispersed. I also passed by a site full of animal skeletons with Tubal’s arrows still stuck in their bones—a grim testimony to their ugly practice of testing their weapon on innocent animals. How could anyone claiming the name of ELoHiM, torture animals and not fear retribution?
Then I asked direction and came in front of Lemech’s house. It set at the outskirt of the compound, closest to the wood. Here Tubal had shot and killed his forefather Cain. The house itself was a one story high, quite hidden in the shadows of the trees. You could not estimate its size because of these shadows. Hesitantly, I knocked at the front door, and it opened slowly. A heavy man holding a thick wooden club peeked out. “Who are you? Go away!” he barked with hoarse voice.
“I am Noah, the grandson of Enosh.” Obviously, I would not mention my father Lemech in this place.
“What do you want?”
“Is my grandfather here? I’ve brought those medications for Tubal Cain,” I said, pointing at the large beg on my shoulder.
“Wait here; she is coming,” the man barked and disappeared into the house. Through the barely open door I glimpsed a hall, faintly lit by a few torches hanging from the ceiling. Heavy, dark curtains covered the walls. Fear struck my heart.
Then ‘she’ came to the door. “Is it you, Noah?”
“Naama!” I called back, quite surprised.
I watched those wide, warm eyes as they lightened up with satisfaction. “Nice to see you again, come in! Are you by yourself?”
“Oh, that was a mistake. I almost lost my way.”
“What brought you here?”
“I prepared these medications for your brother, Tubal Cain.”
“It is so kind of you. You are probably exhausted from the way, hungry and thirsty. But I will first take you to Tubal. Your medication will surely help him. Then we’ll have a meal. Please follow me.”
She went ahead to a corner of the hall, waving at me to follow her. Then she raised a curtain and went behind, expecting me to continue following her. As I drew closer she appeared at the opposite corner of the room holding another curtain. “Noah, where are you going? Come over here with me!”
I rubbed my eyes. How could I lose her, going to the wrong direction? Well, I thought, it’s been a long, rough day and I was tired. So I turned around and walked towards her, grinning apologetically. She waited patiently and when I came closer she called me again, this time from the first side of the room. “Where are you, Noah? I thought you were coming with me!”
I took a deep breath. Oh, CREATOR, here was the Demon Naama playing with me! The infamous one, which could fly so fast it occupied two sites in space at the same time! But what a Demon! I would gladly spend my whole life chasing her, or chasing it!
“Oh,” I said, “you are playing with me!”
“Catch me…can you?!” She said smiling. So I left my medication bag on the floor and ran over to her with my hands stretched forwards. She waited, and when I came close she disappeared behind the curtain only to call me immediately from the other corner of the room: “Noah, where are you? Catch me!”
I laughed and turned around and ran as fast as I could towards her, and when I came very close to her she disappeared again and reappeared on the other side of the room, laughing along with me. So did we ran back and forth, I trying to catch her with no success. Finally I set on the floor exhausted, hardly breathing, yet happy. She came in front of me, tall and beautiful, looking at me from above. Naama, I thought, I am completely yours.
She snapped, and soft flute music filed the room as if from nowhere. It was so beautiful, so sweet that it captured my heart readily. She took a drum from the corner and began beating on it, first softly then with more PASSION.
Still playing the drum, she began swirling around me, her gaze locked on mine. Oh CREATOR, she looked prettier by the moment. And then, in front of my eyes, she split into two identical, dancing halves, each holding a drum and playing on it. I mean exactly what I said—she split into two complete, identical girls, each wearing the same long dress, each playing a separate drum in the exact same fashion. At first the girls stood back to back; then they departed from each other while dancing with identical steps, like a mirror images. Then, still dancing, they extended their hands in an invitation to join them.
To join them!
I never even thought to resist. Hesitantly I grasped their hands—oh, CREATOR, they felt so…human! Then the three of us began dancing to the flute music, I struggling to follow their steps. Joy filled my heart, a sweet warm joy. They smiled at me with appreciation, as if I had just passed a talent test and been found qualified. My legs seemed to lift up from the ground as if I too could fly in space from one place to another.
“Noah, will you marry me?” the girl on the right said, while dancing.
“Noah, will you marry me?” the girl on the left echoed.
“No,” I laughed, “I can’t marry two sisters.”
“Why not? We will have so much fun!” The Naama on my left said.
“What’s your name?” I asked her, still dancing.
“Naama,” she bowed her knees majestically.
“And your name?” I turned to the girl on my right.
“Naama,” she bowed her knee too.
“I can’t distinguish between you!” I complained.
“That is good! You can marry either one of us and no one would tell…” the Naama on my left said.
“No sister, he can’t marry the two of us together,” the Naama on my right said.
Despite their look, they are different, I thought. But on the other hands, was the Demon fooling me, trying to catch my attention one way or the other? I should be careful!
“I can’t marry any of you,” I said, “don’t you know that Seth and Cain do not mix well in marriage? All such mixed marriages have produced bad children!”
Still swirling around me, they examined me, assessing me.
“Sister, do you want any children?” The Naama on my left said.
“Yes I do.”
“So he’s mine. I don’t care for having no children,” the Naama on my left said.
They’re already deciding my future, I thought. And yet, my heart was still filled with joy.
“Sister, poor Noah seems tired, so let’s take him to his grandfather,” the Naama on my right said.
With the soft music accompanying us, the three of us danced our way into a corridor, then to another corridor till we arrived at a large door. “Here is Tubal’s room,” they said in one voice. And then, before my dazed eyes, the two parts of the Demon Naama merged into one beautiful girl—the same one I had met at the entrance. Where were the drums? The music too stopped. Pointing at Tubal’s door she vanished up into the ceiling! What a sight!
Beaming, I opened the door and walked in. A strong stench of rotten flesh, urine and feces hit my nostrils. There lay Tubal Cain on a bed, his face twisted in pain. Enosh sat by his bed, with some other people attending. They all gazed at me for long time.
“Well?” Enosh finally said.
“Well what?” I said.
“Why don’t you introduce yourself,” Enosh said. “This is Noah, my grandson,” he told the others apologetically. Then he turned again to me: “You’re very late. We’ve been waiting for you. Where have you been?”
I tried to collect my thoughts. How could I tell him about the barking dog in the woods, and a beautiful Demon named Naama who splits into two halves and dances around me?
“Why are you grinning? Are you…drunk?” Enosh frowned.
“No grandpa, I…I lost my way.”
“Did you come alone, then? I’ve warned you! And where is the medication bag?”
“Oh, the medication bag,” I said. Indeed, where was it? I tried to remember.
“Noah!” Enosh studied my face.
“I…I left it at the entrance,” I recalled.
“You…left the medications at the entrance? Noah!”
“Let me go back and get it.”
“I’ll get it for you,” one of the attendants said.
As he departed, I looked at Tubal, but he ignored me. So I searched the ceiling. Would I see the Demon Naama flying up there?
My grandpa followed my gaze to the ceiling. Then he shook his head as if there would be no remedy for my newly acquired mental illness.
Later, at home, I asked my grandpa: “Will Tubal live?”
“I’m afraid he won’t,” he said.
“But he doesn’t deserve to die!”
“Only ELoHiM can judge that. Tubal did awful things in his short life. He is responsible for so much terror and death.”
“But he gave his life for me…”
“This might help to atone for his crimes in ELoHiM’s eyes,” Enosh said.
“So what might save him, grandpa?”
“Only MERCY,” he replied.


The Forthcoming of MERCY!
The culmination of Cain’s death, the rising water and the rampant killing made everyone aware of ELoHiM’s Judgment. Doesn’t EloHiM use Water as His whip to execute His verdicts, as it says: “And the Spirit of ELoHiM was hovering over the waters…” (Genesis 1: 1) His ‘Spirit’ or ‘Wind’ is His Whip over the waters. Everyone therefore felt that ELoHiM’s present among us is real. Would we also see MERCY for real? Enosh was aware of that hunger for MERCY. On the coming annual anniversary of Adam’s creation holiday, our New Year, he delivered a sermon that would change human history forever.
When he stepped into the Royal Plaza, I behind him, the vast audience went wild. They clapped their hands and cheered in ecitment: “Enosh! Enosh!” Slowly, majestically, he walked among the crowd to the speaker’s podium, me by his side like a small shadow. When he stood on the pulpit to deliver his speech, they hushed. I could feel their adoration. Their eyes fixed on his tall, muscular body that towered over the plaza for everyone to see. His posture radiated everlasting youth, perfect health, exceedingly sharp mind and heavenly wisdom that captured their heart.
He did not speak to the people right away. Instead, he looked at each person’s face, far and near, nodded his head as if to welcome them. His face shined with love. His smile said: We’ve won it, we have made it. We went through a tough year inflicted by flood, vicious attacks by the Children of ELoHiM, and we made it. He raised his hand to Heavens, as if saying: Let’s pray now for another good year. The audience responded with enthusiasm. They raised their own hands and prayed together. He wielded full power on their hearts. When the father of humanity, the grandson of Adam and Eve, the spiritual leader of our generations was speaking, who wouldn’t tremble?
His rich voice began to roar over the plaza. What a voice it was! It sounded as several people were singing in harmony at once, a miracle of nature. He said: “Today we celebrate Adam’s birthday. What a Day is was in the history of CREATION! Heavens celebrated it then, and now. As we celebrate Adam’s birthday here on Earth, Heavens rejoices it above. The Attributes rejoice ‘forming’ Adam in Eden, than ‘making’ him on Earth. And when you celebrate your child’s birthday, you recall the events surrounding his birth. You recall how you and your spouse first met, how you fell in love, and how and when you formed your child. There are precious moments you would never forget. You would recall and remember each step, each progress and each measure you took to bring your child safely into this world.
“You know that I was raised on Adam’s laps. We often conversed and discussed things, especially the things he wrote on the Tree of Life. One day, and it was on his birthday, he told us, his grandchildren, that CREATION had started when YHVH felt a Supreme PASSION and DESIRE, the crowns of all Passions and Desires, to shower MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENSS on a low, real World like ours. But could this be implemented? There is no meaning to MERCY, without harsh JUDGMENT. There is no meaning to COMPASSION, without suffering; nor to FORGIVENSS without Sin and Guilt; or to HOLINESS without the mundane!
“YHVH, as you know, rules the Eternal Sabbath which is a wonderful Day. It is a Day full of warmth and holiness, but bereaved of any judgment, pains, sin or guilt. The Supreme DESIRE and PASSION to shower MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS cannot be implemented there!
“So the Infinite CREATOR who is beyond our conceptions and names revealed Himself as an Attribute of Judgment, ELoHiM. As such He set on the Throne of Absolute Justice and created the World in Six Days. He created it full of calamities, floods, pains, suffering and death; yet it is a just World, ruled by the principle of ‘measure for reassure.’ ELoHiM deemed it good, but he wished it to be Very Good. He wished to bring in YHVH into His world and implement Her Supreme DESIRE to shower on it MERCY, COMPASSION and FOFGIVENSS.
“But YHVH is modest and shy BRIDE, and would not enter her GROOM’s home, ELoHiM’s World, to clash with His ways in the open. Has She built our World, it would have been completely different, with no pains, trial and tribulations! Hesitantly She entered our Sixth Day from the Sabbath as a shy acronym, seen only at the head of the verses. Her acronym reveals hesitation, since part of it still rests in the Sabbath; while the front part lies here in our World. Even now She would not clash directly with ELoHiM’s ways, not in the open.
“But ELoHiM knew that She would like to affect His World. Moreover, He longed to see her doing this. He therefore offered Her to jointly make Adam, so that in his heart She would dwell. Our child Adam, He told Her, would accept you into his heart and build there a shrine for you, from where you would spread your values. He is the one who would fulfill your Supreme PASSION and DESIRE and perform your MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENSS in my World.”
“Enosh! Enosh!” The audience cried out.
“YHVH agreed, but She did not wish Adam to feel the full force of Her clash with ELoHiM’s ways. She knew how difficult it would be for Adam to live in ELoHiM’s World while carrying the values of YHVH in his heart. In Her COMPASSION, She wanted to spare Adam the feeling of that eternal clash of the Attributes. She thereof offered ELoHiM to first form the Adam in a safe place called the Garden of Eden, where there would be no pain, no death and no evil. ‘We will set Adam into a small, easy to win trial,’ She said, ‘and if he wins it, he would live there forever without knowing good and evil. And if he fails his trial, I still could FORGIIVE him with MERCY.’
“ELoHiM agreed, and the two Attributes formed the Garden of Eden. But the modest BRIDE YHVH would not appear yet alone by herself, but only Side by Side with Her GROOM ELoHiM. She would not reveal any clash of values in the open, only a total agreement. And they agreed to make Adam. Hence Adam was formed in Eden under that mood of agreement and Love and total harmony between the two opposing Attributes, of MERCY and JUDGMENT. The text on the Tree of Life shows them uniquely together, as YHVH ELoHiM, the way they would never ever be seen again in any text!
“Eden, then, was our Heavenly Womb. What is ‘eden,’ if not a sensual, delicate sexual pleasure? In Eden YHVH ELoHiM in Oneness blew ‘His’ Kiss into Adam’s nostrils; and Adam became a living, breathing soul. Then the Heavenly PARETNS formed ‘the woman’ from Adam’s side. They became a married couple. They received all the Six Commandments. Yet they walked around naked, unaware of the holiness of YHVH. As you know, the modest YHVH hates nakedness, and sexual promiscuity. In Eden, with no evil around, they lacked the full perception of YHVH. When you are in your mother’s womb, you lack any knowledge of the evil outside. As long as Adam and his wife would stay there, they would be spared of knowing either evil or YHVH.
“But when Adam and his wife ate the forbidden fruit of the “Tree of Knowledge Good and Evil,” they were condemned to be driven out and live on real Earth. On Earth they know evil first hand, intimately. Only on Earth they could perceive YHVH in Her full Glory the first time ever.
“Enosh, we love you!” The audience shouted, while he paced on the podium with increasing excitement:
“Let me tell you something I heard from my grandmother Eve. I knew that she was the first one ever to call YHVH in full Name, without mentioning ELoHiM by Her Side. So I asked her how this had happened, and she said that when she was in labor with Cain, she suffered so much pain that she almost died. Exhausted and depressed as she was, the world looked to her gloomy, unworthy of living in it. Everywhere she looked she saw only sorrow, calamities, pains and death! But when she held her baby Cain the first time in her bosom, she felt a gush of endless warmth, compassion, love that she had never imagine before. You see, in Eden there had been no death, but also no birth. Now, holding new life in her hands, the entire world looked suddenly different. Proudly she said, ‘this is my son! I own him by my labor!’ Then she said to herself, now I appreciate what our Mother in Heavens YHVH feels for us! So she named her baby Cain, which comes from ‘purchased,’ saying: ‘I bought a Man with YHVH.’ (Genesis 4: 1) Unlike in Eden, where She perceived YHVH ELoHiM Side by Side, now she was able to see YHVH alone, without ELoHiM. Eve was the first human to feel YHVH entering her heart. Her husband Adam could not perceive that!”
“Enosh! Enosh! We love you!” Women in the audience shouted with all their hearts. He smiled, and his face lightened up the way I had never observed in him before.
He said: “Eve did something else. She told Cain that he would be the one who would spread YHVH values in the World. This is why she said ‘I have purchased a Man with YHVH.’ Cain would spread MERCY and COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS and HOLINESS in our world. Little did she know how Cain would turn out to be! But her dram is true and valid. We all are called upon to purchase YHVH and do her work. She depends on us!
“Now let me tell you something more that my grandmother Eve said to me, and I quote: What the Merciful YHVH aspire the most is not only to dwell in our hearts, but to blossom into our physical world, outside our heart! Do you hear that? YHVH aspires to dwell down here in ELoHiM’s world, no different than ELoHiM Himself. She wants us to perceive Her in real time, like She really is. And when I asked my grandmother Eve where would YHVH wish to dwell outside our heart? She said: right here on Mt. Moriah, by Eden’s Gate. And she said: this is why Cain killed Abel. They argued about who would own Mt. Moriah. Each wanted YHVH to blossom in his Place, excluding the other…”
Enosh’s voice calmed down, as he was whispering a secret. Yet he could be heard all over the packed Plaza. He said: “Listen to me, my children. I have a vision. I see it, I feel it, and I know it. MERCY is coming! She is about to bloom into our World and dwell in a physical PLACE outside our heart, first on Mt. Moriah then all over the World. I see that happening. The powerful, sweet, shy and modest YHVH is coming down from the Gate of Eden to dwell among us in our physical World, bringing with her so much holiness and happiness and love that only mothers can feel towards their child. She does not wish to wait anymore for the End of Time. She wants to enter our world in full force right now, in our lifetime, before our very eyes!”
As he spoke, people young and old, men and women, burst in crying. I saw shoulders trembling, shaking, hands lifted up to heavens with the utmost devotion, mouths shouting prayers. And then the crowd lost control over themselves. The podium was besieged and flooded by a mass of fawning, screaming, yelling and crying human beings. “Enosh! Adam’s grandson!” they cried out, fighting with their fists to come close to him, to kiss his hands and feet. Some prostrated on the ground, fainted.
“Noah, don’t leave my hand for a moment! Hang on to me!” He whispered to my ears. He grabbed my hands firmly and we paced slowly towards the exit. But this was impossible. The ecstatic crowd blocked our way from all sides. Women in particular threw themselves at his feet, caressing his body with their outstretched hands, wetting his arms with their tears. Most were from our Seth family, but many were from the other families of Adam’s children. None, I noticed, were from Cain’s Children of ELoHiM.
Editor: As it says about Enosh: “And he (Seth) named him Enosh. It was then that they began calling in the Name of YHVH.” (Genesis 4: 26)
The mirror trial of the Prophet
It was late at night when I woke up and could not sleep anymore. I went downstairs to Enosh’s room but he was not there. I searched the house and found him sitting by a large mirror, starring at his own image. “Grandpa, are you all right?” I asked. He waved at me with his finger, whispering: “Come, can you see ELoHiM in the mirror?”
I startled. I knew that Enosh, as a prophet, could see things that no one else saw. So I looked into the mirror at length. “No grandpa,” I finally said, “Where is He?”
“Behind your image!” he said. So I moved my head back and forth, but all I saw was the my own image starring at me back.
“Do you see Him?”
“No, grandpa, I can’t, my image interferes.”
“But He is there, behind your image and mine!”
What was he trying to tell me? I would have thought that he was kidding me, but I saw tears in his eyes.
“How sad it is, Noah, that our self image interferes with His Image,” he said.
“What do you mean, grandpa?”
He wiped his tears. “When ELoHiM created Adam,” he said softly, “He set by a mirror and saw His Image and Form in it. He liked it, so He made us accordingly, saying ‘Let us make and Adam in our form and our image.’ Ever since then, He sits on His side of the mirror, and we are on our side of it. The mirror separated us. So whenever we attempt to see Him, all we see is our own image being reflected at us from the mirror. We fool ourselves. We think that we see Him, but all we can ever see is our own reflection in the mirror…
“I often wake up at night, seeing visions and hearing voices in my head. And they are so bright, so meaningful, and I am thrilled. I thank Him for revealing His visions and words to me. So excited I become that I decide to let the whole world know what I have just seen and heard. I would change humanity; I would change the course of history. And as I plan my words what to say, I suddenly remember the mirror, and I tremble. Were these visions and words His, or mine? Did I see and hear His message, or my own being reflected back at me from the mirror? And I can’t decide. Noah, it is painful; confusing and agonizing. It is the toughest trial any person can endure…”
“Could anyone see the CREATOR on the other side of the mirror?” I asked.
“Only a modest person with no ‘self image’ could accomplish that. He must have no personal agenda and no trace of selfishness in his bones to be able to peek into the other side of the mirror without interference. Certainly I am not such a person,” he said in tears.


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