Rabbi Dr Zvi Aviner

Nov 2021


IDOLATRY-6/Creating Adam into the IDOLATRY trial 




new concepts

  • ELHM the Dictator 
  • ELHM the KING Who Consults 
  • End of Days Trial
  • Eternal Sabbath 
  • YHVH
  • Heavenly Court of YHVH ELHM
  • Birth of idolatry 




Today we’ll learn about the creation of  Adam, and the origin of IDOLATRY. How is it possible that IDOLATRY is allowed to exist?



ELHM Judges at the end of each Day 



Last class we’ve learned that for six long Day, ELHM created the world Day by Day, floor after floor of a Six Floors BUILDING called Nature


For 4.5 B years He has led CREATION by a Plan, introducing increasingly more sophisticated animals.

We also saw that Moses story is credible and can be verified by science, something you can’t say about any of the mythical stories of his time.


(For  4.5 B years He led the Earth from  a RED HOT PLANET of the First day, to the WATER WORLD of  the 2nd  Day, to the GRANIT PLANT and DRY LAND of the 3rd Day, to the VEGETATION of the 3rd Day, to the ICE BALL PLANET and fix Rotation of the 4th Day, to the explosion of mobile life in the Ocean of the 5th Day,  to the SWAMPS and its inhabitants of the 5th Day, to our 6th Day.)


And one of the central points in Moses’  story, that is important for our discussion today, is the ideas  that  ELHM , as a  BUILDER and a JUDGE, passed a JUDGMENT on the  Day, at the end of the  Day,  seeing whether or not it was good.  The term ‘good’ here is in the eye of the BUILDER,  in term of efficiency, with no moral connotation of bad and wrong.


Like a BUILDER, He checked the poles and the ceiling of the Floor whether it could support another Floor on top.

The term ‘good’  in His eyes means that the Day is solid, strong, viable, capable of supporting the next Day on top.

That is why the JUDGMENT was always done at the transition of one Day to the next.

Yes,  ELHM judges the world every minute,  whether or not it follow the Natural Laws that He has set up

But once in a Day of CREATION, usually at the end of the DAY, ELHM passed a major Judgment on everything He had created earlier on that Day.

And His Judgment is tough and just, and merciless.

A creature that could support the next Day, the next Floor, ELHM would allow it  to live on and enter the next Day.

A creature that would not support the next Day, ELHM would deem it “not good’ anymore and  would  eliminate it  right there and then, with no mercy, like a scaffold that had no use anymore.

ELHM is Just. He gives life, and therefore take life away in justice.




Thus, for instance, at the end of the 3rd Day, ELHM passed a major judgment on the   Day  and eliminated all the Vegetation on  Dry Land , by an Ice Age that froze Earth.

Apparently, these Vegetation was deemed Not Good Anymore by ELHM.

But the Ice Age left Vegetation in the Sea to thrive in the water.

These Vegetation were deemed good, since they would support the next Mobile Life appearing in the water.



Similarly, at the End of the 5th Day, ELHM passed a major judgment on everything He had created earlier on that Fifth Day.

A huge bubbles of  Gas explosions all over Earth, decimated 95% of  the creatures that would not support the next Day.

They were deemed Not Good anymore.

Yet the Fire left a few creatures that were good in His eyes, since they would support the next Day.  ELHM allowed them to stay  and enter the next, 6th  Day.




ELHM’s Ways


What are ELHM’s Ways?


ELHM’s ways can be deducted by observing Nature.


As we’ve said, ELHM is JUST and kind, but MERCILESS.  

He seeks the Absolute Truth and JUSTICE.    

Under Him, animals are allowed to prey and eat other animals, for  they too would be eaten, in endless cycle of justice.


 ELHM is also Wise,

He built the Six Days by Wisdom and Science, as it is said


“In the Beginning” – in Hebrew it says: “At the Head of the Events” –  “ELHM created the Heavens and the Earth.”

Hence He Built CREATION by the Wisdom and Science  in His Hea



ELHM is meticulous and precise.

He pays attention to details.

Had the electron charge increased just a little bit, it would create another Universe.

Thereforesuch an electron would be eliminated



ELHM is merciless, yet fair.

He is the ultimate PROVIDER.

He Provides every creature the food it needs, and He provides shelter when they need.


As a Provider, He gives every creature the necessary talents to live and  thrive in its habitat.


He is Fair, and He would not place Man in a trial, without notifying us the trial terms and how to win it


ELHM, as a BULDER, follows His MASTER PLAN

His goal is to reach the end of the Sixth Day, and enter the Seventh, the Sabbath.

In the Sabbath, ELHM would ABSTAIN for creating more and JUDGING more


At the heart of Nature

ELHM’s name appears 32 in the six Days.  He is at the Heart (Lb=32) of Nature.

He sustains Nature as the heart sustains the body.


His Name also appears 3 more time in the Sabbath Day when He would abstain from ruling.


Who then rules over the Sabbath?

We’ll soon see.



A Dictator


Moses also says that During the Six Days ELHM created the world by giving ORDERS, , like a Mighty Dictator, Gevurah,


No one dared to object Him or rebel His orders.


He said Let there be, and things happened.

He said Let there be grass, and grass was there.

He said let the luminaries be seen regularly in the sky and they were



He ruled the world with the upper hand, awesomely alone, asking no one’s opinion, consulting no one.



Adam, equipped with a Free will,  would not live long under such a Mighty Dictator




 Creating Adam 

ELHM’s Four Concessions towards Adam 



Since Moses words about the Six Days are true,

So must his words about making Adam be true


And Moses says that

When the 6th Day of CREATION dawned, it seemed like any other Day

ELHM continue to create like ever before.


He said let there be Cattle, and the giant Cattle of Pangea came to life.

He said let there be Beasts, and they came, including the giant Dinosaurs

He said let there be social creatures crawling on the ground, like Ants, Bees, even snakes, and they came and ruled the Earth



Then, Moses says, at the Middle of the Sixth Day, while the Day was still in progress, ELHM paused and passed a premature Judgment on the creatures He had just created.


Such a Midday Trial is unusual and it had happened only once before – at the middle of the 3rd Day.  After the separation of Dry Land from the Sea, Earth stood on a crossroad – would it see Life on it, or not?

Luckily for us, ELHM said that it was good, and He seeded life on Earth.


Now again at the Middle of the 6th Day, our Day of CREATION, ELHM paused and passed a pre-mature judgment- would Earth see Man, or not?


Moses says that the decision was tough.

Adam would not be able to live under the harsh Dictatorship of the Gevurah, ELHM.

This should change.





ELHM therefore made a set of concessions towards Ada


  1. First, Moses says, ELHM  said that it was good. Adam would be introduced.

Those  creatures that would support the rest of the Day and live side by side with Adam He deemed good, allowing them to  live on and adapt.

The creatures who would not support the rest of the Day, He eliminated


That Midday Judgment fits well the Meteoric Catastrophe that hit our Planet 70 M years wiping out all the giant creatures of Pangea.


It was a devastating catastrophe, yet it opened the door for the remaining smaller creatures like mammals to survive, proliferate and grow, leading up to Man



( 2)  The Second concession that ELHM made towards Adam was to announce His Plan to make ADAM

Instead of giving an order such as “Let there be an Adam”, He SOFTRENED His tone and announced His Plan to make Adam, using a plural voice, saying


  Let Us Make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image.



His tone was different than ever before.

He sounded as if He consulted someone, before making His decision

 He was a Dictator no more.


The Rabbis said that ELHM descended from His High Pedestal of Supreme JUDGRE, and spoke in plural as   a KING Who Consults His Councilors. Like a Democratic KING.


Henceforth He would tolerate opposition.

He would listen to opinions of others.

Adam, with his Free Will, would be able to live under such a  Democratic KING, without suffering immediate  consequences of his sins.




The Third concession that ELHM made towards Adam, was to make Adam in ELHM’s Image and Form.  Adam would be similar to ELHM.  He would act like ELHM

ELHM has a Free Will, and so would Adam.

ELHM has a Self – Consciousness, and so would Adam.

ELHM is Wise, and so would Adam be

ELHM creates, and so would Adam.

ELHM judges, and so would Adam

ELHM rules by the Art of listening, and so would Adam


Adam would be ELHM’s Partner in this world.

ELHM is a KING Above, and Adam is a king bellow



Adam is elevated here to the highest rank in CREATION

And usually the  commentator hail this verse as an evidence for the capacity of Man.

They say that no other idea has impacted our civilization as this verse,

Recognizing Man in the Image and Form of G-d.

But they forgot the speaker. He is not “G-d” but ELHM the JUDGE.

And all the gifts that He gave Adam were on contingency,

Adam can become ELHM’s Image if he wins his trial




Everything that ELHM creates is for a trial and a JUDMENT.

Every gift He gives, He ask something in return.

Every talent He gives to Man, it might serve as a base for Man’s trial and judgment.


Adam is lifted up, but he would stand for that on a judgment


What is Adam’s judgment?

Like all the creatures before, Adam’s Judgment would be conducted at the end of our Day, the Sixth Day, more precisely – at the TRANSITION between the Sixth and the Seventh Day


And as all other creatures, If Adam would support the next Day, ELHM would allow him to continue and enter the next Day.  The Sabbath

If Adam would fail to support the next Day, ELHM would deem him ‘not good anymore’ and would wipe him out.


Let’s read Adam’s trial at the end of the Sixth Day.  It is said  


And ELHM saw everything He had done and behold; it was Very Good

And it was morning and it was evening, the Sixth Day (was over)


Then starts the Seventh Day



The verse says that unlike before with all the other Days, this time ELHM would not be satisfied unless He finds the Entire CREATION Very Good.

Everything  He had done – From the Beginning to the End of the Sixth Day


Before making Adam, He was satisfied with just a good verdict.

With the Advent of Adam, He would be satisfied only with Very Good verdict


Obviously, it would be Adam who would make the difference.

Adam should make ELHM feel Very Good about the entire CREATION


If Adam wins, he would see and enter the next Day, the Seventh

If Adam fails, he would be terminated together with the whole world




That is a big task facing Adam, into which he is born.

What should Adam do to be deemed Very Good?

What would he do in this world to support the next Day?



Adam is expected to do what no other creature in nature could do.

To be not just good but rather very good.

What exactly should he do?

Could Adam meet ELHM’s expectations?



(4)  Moses says that ELHM in His Kindness made another, fourth concession towards Adam

In addition of stepping down and become a KING Who Consults,


ELHM also turned to another Attribute of the Infinite CREATOR, to the Attribute of Hessed, Grace, Mercy, called YHVH.

YHVH is an Acronym that stands in Hebrew for “He is He was and He will be.”




Features that are different than ELHM’s


YHVH is the Attribute that controls the Sabbath Day

When ELHM will abstain from creating, YHVH would take over


The advent of YHVH  in the Heavenly Court would sweeten ELHM’s verdicts and offer Adam a  chance to repent and ask forgiveness and start all over again, till he finally wins his trial.




ELHM then turned to YHVH and asked Her- so to speak

Would you come over into my world

And share with me the Heavenly Court?


This was a major concession of  ELHM towards Adam

ELHM relinquished farther more His sole Power,

and decided to share it with another awesome power – another Attribute of the Infinite.



Moses tells us what happened next.


YHVH, he says, entered our world from the Sabbath.


Here she is in the text. 



And ELoHiM made the animals…cattle…and everything creeping
And ELoHiM saw that is was
And ELoHim said let us make Adam

in our form and our image…
And ELoHiM blessed them saying be fruitful and multiply…
And EloHiM said behold, I have given you all the grass…
And ELoHiM saw everything that He had done and behold, it was

Very good (Tov Meod) And it was evening, and it was morning,

Y  om  (Day)
H a Shishi, (Sixth) (Genesis 1:31)

………………………… The Sabbath Day ………………………………………

V  aYechulu (and they ended)
H  aShamyim (the Heaves)And the Earth, VeHaaretz, and all their hosts,

And ELoHiM finished all the work he had done,
 ELoHiM finished on the Seventh Day His work which He had done,
And He abstained on the Seventh Day from all His work which He had done

And ELKM blessed the




This is the famous acronym

We remind ourselves of that event

every Friday evening before the Sabbath


She entered ELHM’s world  like a thin Ray of light, a Shy Dove, or a Beautiful Cherub.


YHVH’s Name lies in the text  like a Bridge over the transition

between the Sixth and the Seventh Day


YHVH name is split into two parts

The Y-H part lies in our Sixth Day,

the V-H is still dwelling in the Sabbath.


The Y-H is preserved in biblical names like Jeremaiah, Isaiah, NethanYah, and so on.

The Y-H is called the Shechinah, which in Hebrew  means The Dweller.


And as She entered our world,

She OBSERVED it like a bride who enters her groom’s home for the first time.

She checks the furniture, the people,

Would She be happy here?

Could She dwell in here?


No one was there to record their conversation

but their dialogue must have been as follow



YHVH said to ELHM, so to speak –

How can I rule your world, ELHM, where I see no one who  knows me and could do my work? Where I see no place to rest my Wing?

YHVH seeks to REST in our world


Indeed, She was right.

No creature in Nature knows MERCY

There is a sense of compassion of mothers towards their offspring, but  as a limited natural reflex.




ELHM then said to Her –

Let Us Make and Adam in Our Form and Our Image.


I will make him like me

And in his heart

I will carve out a room ready for you to enter and dwell and rest,

if he invites you and let you in.


We need to invite the MERCIFUL YHVH into our heart and keep Her inside





This will be our child Adam’s task. 

ELHM said

I shall inform him that as long he keeps you in his heart, you’d share with me the Heavenly Court.  Your presence would protect him and allow him to proceed towards the next Day.


And I would assure him that keeping You in in his heart, would make him seen as Very Good in my eyes.

For this would allow my world to proceed towards the Sabbath,



And I would warn him that if he has failed,

You would fly away from the Heavenly Court,

leaving him under my sole scrutiny.

I would then deem him Very Bad,

and eliminate him with the entire Building to nothingness.

As I have done to numerous other Universes before





Moses says that YHVH agreed

and the two Attributes, like two cherubs,

flew over CREATION, wing holding Wing,

and together they consolidated the world by their Oneness.

As it is said


On the Day that YHVH ELHM re-created Earth and Heavens


YHVH appears the open side by side with ELHM

Consolidating the world from Earth to Heavens


And the Levite Choir sang every Friday

YHVH has garbed Himself with grandeur…

The World was consolidated,

It would not falter…


We sing it too at the transition

between Friday and the Sabbath






There was one major problem, though.


When the Angles heard the Heavenly dialogue, they ask ELHM –

Our KING, aren’t you afraid that by speaking in plural

you’ve opened the door for idolaters to think

that there are more than One CREATOR?


The idolaters y would think that YHVH and You ELHM

are two separate entities

and they would pray and prefer one Attribute over the other!!!



ELHM said –

I hear you my Angles, but I speak in plural to teach Adam modesty

That he too should aspire to rule by Democracy

rather than by Dictatorship


I risk of IDOLATRY, for teaching Adam modesty is paramount!



We have learned that

By speaking in plural, ELHM opened the door for IDOLATRY to exist.

It became an option only under the rule of ELHM the KING, who tolerates Objection.



There are many sorts of idols,

but foremost of them is

the tendency of Mankind  to separate the Attributes.



In Noah time, humanity split along the attributes. 



Half of humanity, the descendants of Cain, followed only ELHM and forgot the Merciful YHVH.

They punished severely for the smallest sin with no mercy

They were pious, yet cruel,

And they degenerated into ADULTRY and BLOODSHED


The other half, the descendants of Enosh, did the opposite, they followed YHVH and overlooked the Laws of ELHM.

They too degenerated into BLOODSHED,

Since all sins were easily forgiven by the Grace of YHVH

They believed they could do anything with no punishment



The result was that both parties ended up with BLOODSHED.


From IDOLATRY they degenerated into ADULTERY and terrible BLOODSHED.

They also Fought each other to death


Noah saw that and he understood what was happening to humanity,


He and his wife Naama and their three sons, were the only people in that generation

Who kept YHVH ELHM oneness.

Therefore the HC of YHVH ELHM saved them from the Flood.

As it is described in details in the text


After the Flood, Noah refused to procreate and start civilization again

Fearing that his children would fail agsain along the two Attributes

One party worshipping YHVH the other ELHM

And when that would happen, he knew that the Flood would return


ELHM promised Noah that He would be more Patient with Mankind

And He entered with Noah the Rainbow Covenant



Today, the same split




But today, a few thousands of years after Noah,

His fears have come true

Today,  humanity has split again along the same Attributers

one major party follow Allah with rough Laws and merciless executions and retributions

whereas the other half follows MERCY worshipping Love, saying that ELHM Laws are

and like in Noah time

Both camps are at each other throat

Threatening to end our  civilization with a Flood of fire, atomic Fire.

And like in Noah time

Only a small group of Israel and their follower the Noahides

still believe in YHVH ELHM Oneness


Let’s hope and pray that We would prevail

And the Ocean would stop rising

And that the Ferocious Winds we see today would vanish

So  that humanity would proceed towards the Sabbath peacefully and successfully