Rabbi Dr Zvi Aviner


Dec 2021




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IDOLATRY-5/What Is  ‘Good’ in  ELKM’S Eyes?

Know your CREATOR, know yourself and know the difference



In our quest to comprehend ELKM’s Ways,

we come across the tern “good” in His eyes.

During the Six Day, ELKM judged each and every Day besides the 2nd)

Whether it was “good.” Here ‘good ’is in the “BUILDER’s eye.


This criteria ,applies also to us, Mankind,

Since we too are made by ELHM, the BUILDER

But what exactly constitutes good (or not good) i



  1: What Constitutes ‘good’  in ELHM’s eyes 




The Hebrew term for ‘good,’ tov,’

carries several connotations,

all very relevant to the story of Genesis



1  Good’ simply means  ‘feeling good


ELHM, of course, is not human and is beyond human emotions.

So ‘good’ means ‘satisfied,’ in the BUILDER eyes.


Kabala, however, goes deeper saying that “feeling good”

Is the most primordial reason for CREATION.


Inferring, that the real purpose of our being

Is to fulfil that innermost desire of Hashem

To FEEL GOOD, nahat-ruach



  1. Good meant “as planned.


Here ELHM is referred to as a BUILDER Who Has a Plan.

If keeping a Day alive would interfere with the rest of the Plan

ELHM would not hesitate to eliminate it,

As He did to the Dinosaurs and other giant creatures

Of Pangea.



  1.  ‘Good’ means winning the trial.’



Hence the term ‘good’ also means VERDICT.

When it comes to Adam’s trial by ELHM

The term ‘righteous’ means winning the trial

The term ‘wicked’ – rasha- means losing the trial


4:  ‘Good’  means: viable, durable, healthy.


Here we are back to the BUILDER metaphor.

When the BUILDER checks, at the end of each Day,

the passing Day, He checks the ‘poles’ and the ‘ceilings’

whether they would be strong enough to

support the next Day on top


Hence ‘good’ means ‘viable,’ ‘healthy,’ ‘strong’, durable.


   For instance, the daughter of Pharaoh saw baby Moses

“That he was good,” meaning healthy, viable, enduring. (Exodus 2: 2.)


And in the story of Genesis, for instance,

The Dry Land of the Third Day was deemed good

For it could support Vegetation on it.


The Third Day was good since its Vegetation would support

the following Fish and Birds and crocodiles of the next Days


The Fish of the Fifth Day were ‘good’ since they could support Birds

And Birds were good since they would support the Crocodiles



5: ‘Good’ means approved

 to proceed with CREATION,

a good verdict



2: Every creature’s trial

depends on its position the Ladder of CREATION




Since a good verdict infers that  the creature or the Day

could support the following one,

it comes out that each creature’s trial

 depends on its location on the Ladder of CREATION.



 Mankind, born on the Sixth Day,

Would be ‘good’ if we could support the

Seventh Day, the the Eternal Sabbath.

Only that in our case,

We would need to be deemed

Not just good, but Very Good,


As it says – at the end of the Sixth Day –


“And ELKM saw

everything that He had done

 and behold, it was Very Good…”  


How can Adam be Very Good in ELHM’s eyes?

On that we’ll study when we discuss the creation of Adsam.


Now let’s ask,

since ELKM stands for the Absolute Truth,

is the story of Genesis true?  


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