Rabbi Dr Zvi Aviner


Dec 2021




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What Is  ‘Good’ in  ELKM’S Eyes?

Know your CREATOR, know yourself, and know the difference



In our quest to comprehend ELKM’s Ways,

we came across the term “good” in His eyes.

Thus, during the Six Day, ELKM judged every Day (besides the 2nd)

to see whether or not it was “good.”  Here “good” is

in the BUILDER’S eye, with no moral connotation.

Since we too are made by ELHM – the BUILDER,

This criteria is applies also to us.  We too stand

under ELKM’s Judgment.  Hence we need to know

what constitutes “good” in ELKM’s eyes?



  1: What Constitutes ‘good’  in ELHM’s eyes 



The Hebrew term for ‘good,’ tov, carries several connotations,

all relevant to the story of Genesis.  Let’s discuss them one by one.



1  Good’ means  ‘feeling good’

ELHM, of course, is not human and is beyond human emotions.

hence ‘good’ means ‘satisfied in the BUILDER eyes.’


Kabbala, however, goes deeper and says that

“feeling good” is “emotional,” and is in fact

the very reason for CREATION, that we are here

to give the CREATOR “nahat-ruach, “good” feeling


2 Good meant “as planned.

ELHM, the  BUILDER,  Has had a  Plan

by which He created – built- the World.

When the BUILDER-JUDGE assesses us,

He checks to see whether or not we fit His Plan.


Whoever fits the Plan, may stay and continue living

Whoever fails to meet the Plan, would be terminated




3.  ‘Good’ meanswinning the trial.’


Hence the term ‘good’  is a VERDICT.


In our case,  when we win, we are called “RIGHTEOUS” – tzadik

when we lose, we are “SINNERS” or “WICKED” – ra-sha,



4:  ‘Good’  means: viable, durable.

For Six Days, ELKM. – the BUILDER- builds a Six Floors BUILDING, Nature.

At the end of each Day of CREATION, each Floor ,the BUILDER

comes and checks the Floor’s polls and “ceiling,” to see whether

r they  are strong enough to carry another Floor, another Day, on top.


If the Floor is viable, strong, capable of supporting the next Floor

it would be deemed “good” by the BUILDER, and would be allowed

to survive His scrutiny.  If His Verdict is  “not good,”  it would be

terminated right away like a scaffold that is no more useful.


For example:  

The Dry Land of the Third Day was deemed “good”

For it could support the next step – Vegetation –  on it.


2: Each Creature’s Trial

Depends on its Position On the Ladder of CREATION



Since a good verdict infers that  the creature, or the Day,

could support the following one, it comes out that

 each creature’s trial depends on its location

 on the Ladder of CREATION.


Thus,  Mankind, born on the Sixth Day,

Would be deemed ‘good,’ if we support the Seventh Day

which is called The Eternal Sabbath.


Now let’s ask: Since ELKM stands for the Absolute Truth,

And His Name appears 32 times in the Six Days,

is the story of Genesis true?  


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