Rabbi Dr Zvi Aviner 2021


IDOLATRY 5a/A Miracle  in our Hands



In our quest to understand the IDOLATRY Commandment, we have arrived at the understanding of the Heavenly Court and the Heavenly Kingdom.

We understand that Moses’ First of the Ten Commandment presents the Speaker – G-d – as a King of the Universe, sayin


  1. I Am  (Essence)
  2. YHVH your ELHM (Attributes)
  • 3 (The King of the Universe)

Who took you out of  Egypt Land (Kingship) 


In the last line, Kingship, the Speaker presents Himself as a King.  He could have elected to say “Who has created the world in six Days.”  This could be a very impressive presentation.  Yet speaking to the former Salves of Egypt, He  elected the title Redeemer that would be more meaningful to them.

We learn from this that  when we enthrone G-d on our self, it is important to see that personally.  It is not enough to recognize G-d as the King of the Universe, but rather as My King.

Because accepting G-d as Our personal King carries serious  implications.  It would subject my life to His Commandments.


So how would I accept G-d as my KING?

For that purpose, Moses wrote Genesis Chapter One.

As it turns out, that chapter is a living , real miracle in our hands.

The story it tells, the story of Creation, is so accurate, so true, that it leaves us with awe.

As it turns out,  the story of Genesis does match, perfectly, the story that science tells about creation.

On that, let’s move to the next class, IDOLATRY 5b