Rabbi Dr Zvi Aviner


Jan 2022


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Separating YHVH from ELHM




There are many sorts of IDOLATRY,

but foremost of them is the tendency of Mankind

to separate the Attributes.


When ELHM consulted in plural voice

with “whoever is mentioned in Chapter One,”

He gave Adam precious gifts,

but has also opened up a source for possible IDOLATRY.


So , like a CEO  building a robot,

wishing to plant in it a goal, a direction,

So did ELHM consult YHVH,

giving Adam direction of history

towards the Sabbath.


This was enormously important gift to Adam

enriching Adam’s life, filling him with Joy,


offering him the option to repent, ask forgiveness and start all over again


But it also opened the door for IDOLATORS to THINK

that since ELHM spoke in plural, then

Each Attribute stands alone, and may be

worshipped separately,  thereby breaching




Besides the error of thinking, the consultation

opened up a passion for worship YHVH or ELHM

preferring one over the other.


iIt is as if the consultation itself has rendered each Attribute

a magical power in Adam’s heart and mind,

So that he would be iFOREVER attracted

to worship each  one separately

thereby violating YHVH ELHM Oneness


Examples? Here is one –



1. In Noah time

Humanity Split Along the Attributes. 



In Noah’s time, humanity split into two rival camps

Each camp stood at the throat of the other.



  The Children of ELHM’s Camp

Worshiping ELHM Alone



Half of humanity, the infamous descendants of Cain,

attempting to atone for their forefather’s sin of murdering Abel,

took upon themselves to follow ELHM’s Laws in strict ways

punishing sinners harshly, with no MERCCY


Thus, for instance,

they cut thieves’ hands, and stoned adulterers

in the public arena with no COMPASSION or FORGIVENESS.

In short- they disregarded  the Merciful YHVH altogether

giving them the name “Children of ELHM” (Genesis 6:4)


There is much charm in dedicating your life to ELHM

being perceived righteous and pious,

but in fact, they violated YHVH ELHM’S Oneness.

tantamount  to IDOLATRY.


No wonder that their type of IDOLATRY, sticking only to ELHM’s ways,

rendered them extremely cruel and indifferent to people’s plights.


And when they became rich and powerful,

thanks to Tubal Cain’s military inventions (Genesis 4: 22) o

they corrupted badly, abducting women married or not (Genesis 6: 2) – ADULTERY

murdering people – BLOODSHED (Genesis 4: 23) 0

mugging, and robbing in Sunlight – THEFT (Genesis 6: 10, Rashi) 0




   Enosh’s  Disciples’ Camp

Worshipping MERCY Alone




The other camp in Noah’s generation comprised of Enosh’s disciples.

It is said that Enosh, Adam’s grandson ‘called’ or prayed only

to the Merciful YHVH (Genesis 4: 26) 0

Forgetting about ELHM altogether.


Enosh fiery sermons preached his audience to prepare

for the coming of the Kingdom of the Merciful YHVH, the Eternal Sabbath,

where the Laws of ELHM would be abrogated


Enosh was probably the greatest orator Mankind has ever had or will have.

His words captured the people’s mind and heart

leading them to pray to YHVH with passion and ecstasy,

drawing then to cling to YHVH only.

And when Adam’s grandson spoke, who wouldn’t listen?


It seemed a great, pious movement,

yet soon his disciples allowed themselves to sin,

assuming that they would be forgiven by the Merciful YHVH.

First, they committed small  sins, then they deteriorated

to commit rape, murder and  steal with no fear of ELHM ’s retributions.


Thus the two camps, the worshippers of YHVH and the worshippers of ELHM

each started  seemingly pious, yet violating IDOLATRY

then sliding on the slippery slop to violate all the Commandments

one by one, culminating with the Flood


The two camps also fought each other to the dearth.

So much, that they banned mixed  marriages between them


  Noah came from Enosh’ line, trained to worship YHVH only

His beloved wife, Naama, came from Cain’s line, trained to worship ELHM only

their marriage was forbidden, yet their love overcame the ban

and they marred each other

Implementing “YHVH ELHM Oneness” in their marriage and love,

therefore they were saved



After the Flood, Noah refused to procreate and start civilization again

fearing that the tendency of Mankind to Separate the Attributes

Is deeply inherent in our psyche, since the making of Adam.


If so, he thought in despair, his own children and their descendants

would surely be tempted again to err and separate the Attributes,

which would end up with ADULTERY, BLOODSHED and THEFT,

thereby causing the Heavenly Court of YHVH ELHM to bring

the Flood again. Why then should he procreate? (Midrash)


It was the new Rainbow Covenant

In which G-d promised Noah to be more tolerant,

that influenced Noah to start civilization again.


Noah knew that his descendants would be challenged again

by the  tendency to  split the Attributes,

But he knew that this would take some time.



  In  our day,

We have Already Repeated the Same Error



Today, just a few thousands of years after Noah,

his fears came true.

Our civilization has already been divided between

those who worship Allah (ELHM) only,

following His Harsh Ways avidly, with no MERCY

cutting heads, raping and stealing, in His Name


And those who worship MERCY, saying that ELHM’s Laws

Are abrogated. They too ended with terrible BLOODSHED

The world has never seen before.


And as in Noah’s time, both camps are at each other throat,

threatening to end our civilization, this time

with a Flood of fire, atomic Fire.



And like in Noah time,

Only a small group of Israel and their follower the Noahides

still believe in YHVH ELHM Oneness


Let’s  pray that Noah’s Children would prevail

and the Ocean would stop rising

And the Ferocious Winds we see would stop

And that humanity would proceed forwards

To the Eternal Sabbath peacefully and successfully