Dr Zvi Aviner, 2019

Genesis Vs Evolution:

How did Moses know so much?


Class 2: The CREATOR


Our Universe is 13.7 Billions years oldOur Galaxy –  the Milky Way – is so large that it would take 100.000 years for a  light ray to cross it.  Our Sun and her planets occupies just a small point on the tail of that Galaxy.  Around us, new stars and their planets are born and die every day, and when dying they release light in a spectacular explosion – a Nova.  There are billions and billions of Galaxies in the Universe, but ours is the oldest.   Our Milky Way exists around 13 Billion years, close to the age of the Universe itself.   Since it takes time to evolve an intelligent creature in any Galaxy, the chance for another creature out there older and smarter than Man is quite slim.

So we stand on our tiny planet facing this huge Universe and wonder- are we here by an accident? If not, who created all this? Who took all the pains for so long – billions of years – to put us here? Why did He/She do this? What does He/ She want from us?

So here comes Moses and structured his Genesis as a three part story- the CREATOR, CREATION then Man.  By this he  tells us Who created Man, How , When and Why.   But there is another reason for the structure of Genesis.  Since Moses assumes that one day people would doubt his revelation,  he placed the History of CREATION   in the middle of his story so that once you’ve found it credible by our Science, we would also believe his worlds about the CREATOR on one side, and about Man on the other side.

And since we are the first generation of Mankind that CAN do the match- between Moses’ Genesis and our Science, it is as if Moses is speaking directly to us, through the thousands of years separating us.  I suspect there is a reason for that.  Moses foresaw that our generation would need his help as a guidance into our future.

So in our next three classes: we’ll follow Genesis Chapter One and discuss the topics as Moses present them-

First – the CREATOR as perceived  by Science Vs Moses: Do they concur?

Second – CREATION as told by Science Vs Moses: do they concur?

Third – Man as perceived by Science Vs  Moses: do they concur?            ,  .


We have already started to compare Moses’ Genesis to  our Scientific knowledge about the History of the Universe.  CAN these two narratives be matched? So far we’ve seen that

  •   Moses Genesis resembles Science by presenting a factual story, that  lacks any dramatic clash, or rivalry, jealousy, killing, sexual perversion among gods.
  •   Moses, like Science,  recognizes an order in Nature – some elements and creatures were created first while others followed, in a logical way.
  •   Moses, like Science, attaches a Beginning to the Universe. .
  •  Moses, like science, CAN be seen to agree about the age of the Universe – around 13 b years. You can’t say that with any myth of his time. .

Let’s proceed with our comparison and ask:  Does Science recognize a CREATOR, as Moses does?


The CREATOR Perceived by Science


The Art of Science, as a study of Nature, can’t say  much about a CREATOR – by definition a Supernatural entity. Many scientists deny the existence of any CREATOR. The Evolution, they say, has taken place by chance, governed by the natural laws of selection.  Most prominent scientists, however, from Newton to Einstein to the founders of Quantum Physics and Modern Genetics, have arrived at a conclusion that this Universe was made by some sort of intelligence.  You see the fingertips of that intelligence in the natural laws, and in the way our body is built.  Quantum Physics  teaches that our Universe is based – literally speaking- on Consciousness.

Yet, even those scientists who recognize of a Smart CREATOR, would still reject the notion that this aloof,  Primary Mover, expresses any interest in our human affairs.  Certainly they reject any notion of Prophetic Revelation. They perceive the CREATOR as a builder of a clock who hang it on the wall to run for itself, without his intervention. . .


.Moses, in contrast, describes CREATION side by side with GOD – as he says in the first verse in Genesis-

“In the Beginning (Be-reishit, “the head of the events”) GOD created the Heavens and earth” (Genesis 1;1).

For Moses, CREATION is a testimony for the existence of GOD.

And  GOD is manifested – first of all – as the CREATOR  of the Heavens and the Earth

Moreover,  His Ways are manifested through Nature.

What does it mean?


GOD uses His Wisdom

What are GOD’S ways that are seen through Nature?

And here Moses concurs with the scientists: GOD created the Heavens and the Earth by  Wisdom.

You can see a hint for this notion in the first verse of Genesis, that says

“in the Beginning (In the head of the events) GOD created the Heavens and the Earth”i

The Hebrew word selected for the Beginning, “Head of events,” suggests that the CREATOR used “His Head”  – or the Wisdom in His Head – and created the Heavens and the Earth (Old Midrash). In fact, we bless GOD several times a day for creating our bodies in Wisdom.      .

For Science, this is all what we may say about the CREATOR- that He is Wise and that His Wisdom fills the Universe.  But for  Moses, this statement is only a Beginning.  He thinks that we need to know more about the CREATOR- by observing the Six Days of CREATION. . .

Let’s elaborate on these words. .

The Holy Names in the Story of Genesis  .


We are all very familiar with two Holy Names for  GOD that appear  throughout the Bible  – GOD and LORD.  They are shown the first timer in Genesis Chapter One – and therefore are defined by it.  As the rule of thumb,  wherever you meet a new concept in the text there you can find its definition. For instance –

If you want to understand the term GOD, look at Genesis Chapter One Verse One.

If you want to understand the term Israel,  look where it appears the first time (in the story of Jacob struggling for justice with the Angel of Esau.

So what is the meaning of the Holy Names GOD and LORD?    .


GOD (EeLoHiM) 

The title GOD is the English translation of the Hebrew term EeLoHiM (in short ELKM, without the vowels) which means “the Mighty JUDGE”.  Even a human judge is referred in the Bible as “elohim”  – like in the verse “EeLoHiM (a judge) do not curse, and a prince of your people do no delay ” (Exodus 22:28). Here the terms  prince and elohim clearly refer to humans.    .

Hence  when Moses says –

“In the Beginning EeLoHiM created the Heavens and the Earth” (Genesis 1:1)

He sends us a message that not only the World has  a CREATOR, who is Wise, but also that He ‘ascended’ – at the Beginning – on His Throne of Judgment when creating the world.

Hence the first  message of the Bible- the world was created by the JUDGE (ELKM) to stand  Judgment.

How can the world stand on judgment? Does it possess a mind or a Free will? The answer is that every creature in Nature- large or small, live or lifeless- is judged within the realm of its existence.  Only the CREATOR knows  the judgment of a volcano or a mosquito or the Sun or the Moon. We may say that ELKM Judges CREATION by the Laws of Nature that He has set up at the Beginning.  In that respect, Man is a part of ELKM’s Universal Judgment and we to must abide by the Natural Laws.  it is also true that for us, Mankind, ELKM has added sets of Moral Lawsfor our judgment and our benefit.

So there is a slight difference between the English term GOD and the Hebrew ELKM.   The first, GOD, expresses a sense of awe and  reverence  for  the All Mighty.  The Hebrew term ELKM is more than that.  It describes also what GOD ‘does’  – His ACTION at a particular time.  ELKM refers not to the Essence of the CREATOR but rather to His  Attribute. In fact, any Name of GOD in the Bible is only an Attribute.   Here Moses is saying that at the Beginning, the CREATION acted as a JUDGE who created the Heavens and the Earth for JUDGMENT,  Later in the story of Genesis as well in the rest of the Bible the CREATOR appears in difference roles and shows different Attributes of Him.

Thus we may know Him only by His Attributes.  His so- called “Essence” evades our human mind.  Any attempt to confine His Essence by naming would fail, since He is Infinite and Nameless.  ELKM is a therefor only a ‘hat’  He wore at the Beginning.  .

Note that since Man is made in the Image of ELKM, the highest achievement of Man is not our I Phones but rather Man’s  ability to find out and implement Justice.  One can build or destroy worlds by Justice or Injustice.

This is why Israel stands for Justice



The second Name for GOD throughout the Bible is LORD.  It should not interchange with the term GOD.   LORD  is the English translation of the Hebrew word for  “My Master” – AaDoNai.    LORD, in fact, is a respectful substitute for the Holy Name of Four Letters – Y*H*V*H – which cannot and should not be pronounced (It is an Acronym, like CBS.  I am sorry, by we never utter it as Jehovah or Yahwah and the like.  The only way to utter it is “letter by letter,” as you would read any acronym such as CNN, ABC, NBC.)

The Acronym Y*H*V*H (LORD) stands for the Attribute of MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS – things that ELKM-GOD would never show, by definition.

These two Names, GOD-ELKM and LORD-Y*H*V*H, appear differently in the story of Genesis.  The  Name GOD (ELKM) appears  32 times during the Six Days of CREATION.  In contrast, the Name LORD (Y*H*V*H) appears only once, at the end of the Sixth Day before the Sabbath. It appears in the text as an acronym.  Then Y*H*V*H (LORD) appears the first time openly in the text in Eden, in connection to forming Adam from dust, as it says –

And LORD-GOD (YHVH-ELKM) formed the Adam in the Garden of Eden” (Genesis 2: 4)

Here you see the Name Y*H*V*H (LORD) in the text, Side by Side with ELKM (GOD) forming their child Adam.  These two Attributes never again appear so close to each other, throughout  the  entire  Bible!

GOD and LORD each have a different way to relate to the World.    GOD-ELKM Judges us all by the Absolute Justice and Absolute Truth, whereas the LORD- YHVH  showers on us MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS.

Thus the story of Genesis begins with the JUDGE-GOD-ELKM , and ends up before the Sabbath with the Name YHVH-LORD the Merciful Attribute. .

This makes sense,  since MERCY always follows JUDGMENT.

Think about a human court.  The Judge must first finds out the real facts, the absolute truth about the case.  Did the accused person commit what the witnesses have said he/she did? The Judge – sitting as elohim- would then form his verdict according to the dry law. Only then the judge may listen to a merciful voice in his heart and decide whether or not ameliorate the verdict.   The judge’s mercy would override his judgment.  Mercy always prevails.  The judge’s final verdict would comprise f both the law and the mercy that overrides the law.

It should be noted that Mercy can’t be coded in a law, since then it becomes a law rather then mercy. .

It should also be noted that Mercy has no meaning without a previous judgment of the law.  Mercy therefore always comes next.  The court can’t start with Mercy. .

Chapter One follows these principles.  It presents Adam as standing in a theater of the Heavenly Court.  On one side of the Chapter stands GOD -ELKM who uses Absolute Justice and truth, whereas on the other side of the Chapter is YHVH-LORD who adds MERCY and COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS to the final verdict.

Historical change in the Court 

But the words “In the Beginning” suggests that the Heavenly Court changes in the history of the world.

In the Beginning, it was only GOD-ELKM-JUDGE who created the Heavens and the Earth.  No LORD-YHVH-MERCY is mentioned.

Then for Six Long Days – Billion of years- it was  GOD-ELKM-JUDGE who created the Universe Day by Day. He did it with no MERCY around. Thus –

ELKM said let it be light, and light was. (First Day)

ELKM said let the Earth be covered by water and so it was (Second Day)

ELKM said let the Dry Land separate from the water, and so it was.(Third Day)

ELKM said let the Dry Land be seeded with grass, shrubs and trees, and so it was (Third Day)

ELKM said let the luminaries be seen on Earth in a regular fashion and so it was   (Fourth Day).

ELKM said Let the Sea swarm with Fish to its kind, and so it was (Fifth Day)

ELKM said Let the Bird fly in the sky and the Crocodiles crawl on the Dry land and so it was (Fifth Day)

ELKM said Let the Cattle be, and the Beast be, and so they were (Sixth Day)

As you see, during the Six Days ELKM is mentioned 32 times.  He ruled the Universe “Awesomely Alone” without any input from MERCY.

It was only on the Sixth Day of CREATION, before making the Adam, that ELKM said in plural voice  “Let Us Make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image.”   He INVITED and CONSULTED the Attribute of MERCY, YHVH-LORD, to make Adam together. From there on  He  rules the world no longer awesomely alone. He  rules the world, rather, as ‘part’ of the Heavenly Court  of GOD-LORD,  ELKM-YHVH. He listens to MERCY in His verdicts.

A judge, even a human judge, needs to agree to listen and accept the merciful voice in his heart to make the final verdict. Mercy comes into play only by our invitation, never by force.

A Day will come- the next Day of CREATION, the Eternal Sabbath, when ELKM will  Abstain His work, Abstain from creating and judging,  and allow the Merciful YHVH to take over so that She would reign Gloriously Alone.  .

So when we observe Nature and the Evolution, we should not seek  MERCY out there.  MERCY is absent in Nature.  You wouldn’t see it in the spider, the bee, the snake, the beasts, the parasites, the bacteria, the volcanoes, the tsunamis, the earthquakes, the black holes and exploding Novas.

MERCY has entered our Universe only before making Adam.   In fact Her goal is to Enter and Dwell in Adam’s heart, our hearts. For it is only Adam who is capable of perceiving Her and do Her work in ELKM’s world .

Years ago a biology professor in Harvard made himself a name among the students in the following way. Whenver he spoke about parasites and bacteria he used to pause, raise his hands towards Heavens and cry out- Where is GOD in Nature? Where is Morality in Nature!  His students of course clapped their hands with enthusiasm.  His mistake  was that he did not know the GOD-JUDGE of Genesis.

This should guide us when we compare the Six Days Genesis to our Scientific narrative.  The Universe has evolved Day by Day vert efficiently and with a goal, yet without any input from MERCY

So what are the ways of GOD-ELKM-JUDGE?



Indeed, while GOD-ELKM is manifested in Nature, MERCY can dwell only in Adam’s heart.

Let’s focus now on features of GOD-ELKM-JUDGE  as shown in the Six Days of CREATION. It would help us to match Genesis with the Scientific narrative  of CREATION.


2: GOD’S (EeLoHiM’s)  WAYS

Moses’ goal is to tell us about Adam: Who created us, how, when, and for what purpose.  But he starts with the CREATOR GOD-ELKM . in fact,  we still live under His “Governorship.”

What are the ways that GOD-ELKM judges our world, including us?

We can derive them from observing the Six Days CREATION.

Here are 13 features of GOD-ELKM who still govern Nature and us –


 The 13 attributes of Judgment


1. ELKM  creates and Judges the world every day
The notion of GOD-ELKM as a JUDGE is supported by the text saying that every Day of CREATION, usually at the  end of the Day, GOD-ELKM judged the passing Day and deemed it ‘good.’   (He skipped the Second Day.)  The option of ‘good’  implies the possibility that a Day might be found NOT good in His eyes.

This option of a Day being deemed Not Good anymore in the CREATOR’S eyes would  play a central role in the story of Genesis.  The JUDGE -GOD  lifted up a sword on every Day of CREATION, ready to eliminate it. He still does it in our days as He judges us whether or not we are good in His eyes.

ELKM Judges us  every day and every moment, as ia species and as individuals.  Once a year, at the Annual Anniversary of CREATION (the Rosh Hashanah Holiday)  He ascends back on His Throne of JUDGMENT and judges the entire Six Days (as shown later at the end of the Sixth Day ).  .


2: ELKM pursues the Absolute Justice and Truth
What are the criteria by which GOD-ELoHiM the JUDGE uses is His Judgment?

You see that in Nature itself-He uses Absolute Justice. His JUDGMENT reflects the TRUTH.

He is therefore called the “TRUTHFUL JUDGE.”
His nickname is “TRUTH,” emeth.
His signature is “TRUTH,” emeth.

For instance: when we bury a beloved person we stand up at the cemetery and acknowledge ELKM’s verdict saying: “Blesses is the Truthful JUDGE.”

A human judge can’t see the whole truth.  A human judge should pursue the truth, find out the facts, hear the witnesses, but the whole, deep truth would always evade us.  The Truthful Verdict is only in the hands of GOD-ELKM, the Truthful JUDGE.


3: ELKM pays back “measure for measure” (Midah against  Midah.)
We know that  ELKM follows the Absolute Justice because we see this in Nature- His retributions are ‘measure for measure.’  Under Him, creatures eat other creatures only because they too would be eaten.  Creatures inflict pains on other creatures only because they too would suffer pains in due course- with no escape. .

 Note that using only Absolute Justice implies that ELKM uses no input from MERCY.  In fact, the entire Six Days CREATION lacks any mention to the Attribute of MERCY,  YHVH. She appears in the story only at the junction between the Sixth Day and the Sabbath, in connection to the making of the last creature- Adam.

Since ELKM pays back measure for measure, how does He deal with vegetarians? After ll, they refrain from taking life away.  The answer is that only the CREATOR can place a value on a life of a vegetation compared to the life of an animal.    It should be also noted that the first murderer, Cain, was a vegetarian.


4. ELHM’s judgment is harsh
Another feature of GOD-ELKM the JUDGE that underlies Genesis is that by following the Absolute Justice only, His verdicts are always  harsh and merciless – by definition.  It means that during the Six Days , He led CREATION from Day to Day by the iron fist, using no MERCY.  Anything He deemed ‘not good’ anymore He eliminated right away with no hesitation. Creatures that at one point dominated Earth, He could later eliminate without trace.  He gives life, and He can take life away in Absolute Justice.

 This harsh, Absolute Justice, is shown in some Laws that GOD-ELKM gave to Israel on Mt Sinai.  The verse for instance says that “The Finger of ELKM” wrote  “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” (Exodus 32: 15).  You should always be attentive to who the speaker is.  This classical law expresses the view of ELKM using the Absolute Justice. It means that to implement Justice, the perpetrator should suffer the same pains he/she has inflicted. measure for measure.

This is the Law written by the finger of ELKM.  The so called Oral Law given by the Merciful YHVH says otherwise- that the perpetrator should only incur monetary compensation for his crime.

During the Six Days, however, the world was ruled only by the harsh GOD-ELKM.   Later, before making Adam, ELKM descended from His High Pedestal and was ready to consult and hear the input of another Attribute of the Infinite CREATOR, namely the Attribute of MERCY – YHVH.  Before making us, He became more open to consider  MERCY in His Verdict.

This means that GOD-ELKM changed His rule during the story of Genesis.  At the Beginning He started as a harsh JUDGE whom you see in Nature.  Before making Adam He consulted MERCY . becoming less harsh.

This gradual change in ELKM’s presence continues through the Book of Genesis.  After Noah’s Flood, He entered with Noah the Rainbow Covenant in which He promised Noah not to bring the Flood again so fast as before. He would consider MERCY more than before the Flood.

Then as the Merciful Attribute YHVH continued to enter our world- ELKM recanted His harshness.

At the end of times, MERCY would reign and ELKM would cease to rule and create.

We move in history from the Beginning– where GOD-ELKM-JUDGE ruled “awesomely alone”

to our times -where LORD-GOD (YHVH -ELKM) rule together as the Heavenly Court

to the future- where LORD (YHVH) would rule awaesomely alone . .   .

In our class, though, we will focus on the Six Days where GOD ELKM ruled awesomely alone, using the Absolute Justice with no input yet from MERCY.

So don’t ask what is the moral point of eliminating the Dinosaurs.  ELKM gives life and takes life away.  He did that before and He does it today.

in other words- as we prepare ourselves to read Genesis and compare it to Science we need to realize that is wasn’t a straight journey as a pick-nick.  ELKM employed His Absolute Justice in full with no MERCY  Creatures were born and were eliminated, AT HIS SOLE WILL.  .

5: ELKM Created the World as a Sole Ruler
During the Six Days, ELHM ruled the world “awesomely alone”, as a Dictator.  He gave orders which were readily implemented, with no one objecting or rejecting or raising a brow.

Thus, He said “Let there be Light” And Light happened.

He said “Let there be grass” and grass was there.

He said “Let the Luminaries be seen regularly on Earth” and they were.

He said “Let there be Fish in the waters,” and they were.

And so on.  But before making Adam He changed the way He rules and said “Let Us Make Adam in Our Form and Our mage.” He consulted ‘other entities’ – such as the Attribute of MERCY- and made Adam jointly.  Hence, as a preparation for the creation of Adam, He became a tyrant no more.”

Hence today we no longer  live under the Sole JUDGE alone.  We live rather under GOD-LORD Court that  combines JUDGMENT with MERCY.

6: ELKM is a Builder
Genesis Chapter One presents GOD-ELKM also as a BUILDER of a Six Floors Building.  Each Day comprises a Floor.  Each Day provides as base for the next one on top of it.

This implies that GOD had a goal in creating the Six Days.  He wished to build and Adam at the end of the Sixth Day as the world enters the Seventh Day.

You see the function of the BUILDER in the text. At the end of each Day, each Floor, the BUILDER  ELKM came and checked the last Floor He had just built – to see whether or not it was ‘good.’

If the Floor was deemed ‘good’ in His eyes, He would allow it to live on.  Here good in the BUILDER eye means viable, solid, capable of supporting another Floor on top,  or fitting His Master Plan.  Only then the BUILDER would preserve the Floor. .

If the Floor was deemed “not good” anymore in the BUILDER’S eyes He would terminate it or eliminate it altogether and start all over again.  Remember- His Judgment is always true and follows the Absolute Justice with no MERCY. He gives life, and He may take life away.

Over whole, even if He eliminated a Floor, it was ‘good’ for the purpose of the entire BUILDING since ELKM’s goals were to finish the Six Floors Building, place an Adam in it an proceed towards the Sabbath. This truth explains how creatures were eliminated in the Earth history only to allow otherh more sophisticated ones to step in and grow

  7. ELHM is Wise
Though we see no MERCY in Nature yet we do see much Wisdom. We’ve already said that ELKM Built the Six Days by the Wisdom in His Head” as hinted in the verse saying

In the Beginning (head of events) ELKM created the Heavens and the Earth.

ELKM used “His Head” to create the Heavens and the Earth (Kabbala). His Wisdom is shown in the intricate and elegant Laws of Nature.

  8. ELKM is precise
ELKM’s JUDGMENT is precise, following Measure for Measure. He created the World with precision. Our Universe is therefore ‘elegant and precise’ as the scientists have observed. Just change the charge of the electron and you  would get another Universe.

9. ELKM is Kind, the Ultimate Provider
GOD-ELKM is Harsh yet Kind since He is also the Ultimate Provider who cares for His creatures’ needs. Thus,
1. He gave the vegetation of the Third Day the talent to photo synthesize the Sunlight
2. He gave the fish of the Fifth Day the gills to breath and fins to swim and digestive system to thrive on vegetation
3. He gave the birds of the Fifth Day wings to soar up then dive to catch fish
4. He gave the crocodiles of the Fifth Day the talents to escape inland and fool the birds
5. He gave the cattle of the Sixth Day the talent to digest lots of vegetation
6. He gave the beasts of the Sixth Day he talent to prey on the previous cattle
7. He gave the crawling creatures of the Sixth Day the talent to bite and swallow all other creatures
8. He gave the Adam of the Sixth Day the talents and Wisdom to thrive on Earth. He has also informed us our Judgment an how to win it.


10 ELKM ‘fills’ Nature
ELKM appears32 during the Six Days 32 time, the most condensed form in the Bible. The number 32 is written as ‘Lb’ which in Hebrew means a ‘heart.’ Hence ELKM resides at the heart of Nature and sustains it as the heart sustains the body.  His nickname is “The One Who Fills the World.”

We have already mentioned that the numerical value of ‘ELHM’ is 86, the same as Ha-teva, The Nature.


11 ELKM’s judgment is like water

Moses says “And the wind (spirit?) of ELoHiM was hovering over the waters…” (Genesis 1:2.) This verse implies that
1. ELHM’s Throne of Judgment is hovering over waters (A theme of Rosh Hashanah)
2. ELHM uses Water as His whip to execute punishment, as in Noah’s Flood
3.ELHM’s Justice is like water, since it penetrates everything.
4. ELHM’s justice is even and equal to all like water’s surface, recognizing no royalty and no privileges.


12 ELKM weights our deeds on His Scale
ELHM weights our deeds on His scale:
Our merits on one side, our sins on the other.
The tilt of the scale determines whether we are –

13: Righteous or wicked 
If the scale has tilted in our favor, we are RIGHTEOUS in His eyes.
If the scale has tilted against us, we are SINNERS or WICKED in His eyes.

Hence the terms “righteous” and “wicked” (Tzadik and Rasha) are His Verdicts. They do not refer to our character.


Now that we know the ways the CREATOR ELKM rules the world, we are better equipped to compare Genesis to Science.  Are the stories compatible? On this we’ll focus next class.





  • He pays measure for measure
  • His rule is Eat and be eaten, inflict pain and suffer pains
  • MERCY appears only later before making Adam

What constitutes ‘good’ in His Eyes?

  • A creature is deemed ‘good’ if it supports the next one or the next Day
  • He builds six floors building
  • He has a goal

What constitutes ‘not good’ in His eyes?

  • A creature is deemed ‘not good’ anymore if it does not support the next Day

What would happen after a ‘good’ verdict?

What would happen after a ‘not good’ verdict?

Every creature is judged according to its position on the ladder of CREATION

Man appears between the Sixth Day and the Seventh



  • Man’s judgment too depends on our position on the ladder


1: The Holy Names in Genesis Chapter One


Throughout the Bible, GOD appears mainly in two Names:


Everyone is familiar with these Names, though not with their precise meaning

In principle, a Holy Name of GOD does not and cannot reflect the Essence of GOD, who is beyond our human mental conception.

We may know Him only by His Actions at a particular point of history in the Bible. This means that we know Him as a Compassionate, Judge, Merciful, Savior, a Creator, a Master, a King etc. The Name always describes Him in a particular context.

In other worlds, any Name pertains only to one of His Infinite numbers of Attributes.


The title GOD – ELKM- is first introduced in Chapter One by the verse

“At the Beginning, GOD (ELKM) created the Heavens and the Earth.”

GOD’S Name, ELKM, appears 32 times during the six Days of CREATION.  ELKM is the CREATOR of Nature.  (The numerical value of The ELKM and Nature are the same,86)

GOD-ELKM-means “The All Mighty JUDGE.”

ELKM is found also in reference to a human judge

The message is: The world was created by the JUDGE to stand JUDGMENT.

All creatures, large or small, stand His JUDGMENT.

What is the basis of His Judgment?

He JUDGES all creatures by Natural Laws.  He JUDGES Mankind by His Moral Laws, that He gave to Mankind in addition tot eh Laws of Nature.


The other title LORD always refers to the Attribute of MERCY, Her Name YHVH.

LORD is a translation of the Hebrew word AaDoNai, My Master. We do not mention YHVH  directly but only by Her substitute LORD.

YHVH stands not only for MERCY but also for COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS.  It does not appear in Chapter One during the Six Days.

In contrast to GOD ELKM, LORD is shown only in Chapter 2 in connection to the forming of Adam in Eden, as it says

“And GOD- LORD (YHVH-ELKM) formed the Adam in the Garden of Eden.”

Thus, while GOD-ELKM fills Nature, His Name appearing 32 times in just a few verses, the Name LORD-YHVH appears only in connection to Adam.  By this, Moses hints that MERCY is not to be found in Nature.  No animal in Nature would comprehend MERCY, be it as sophisticated as it might be.   The Attribute of MERCY is perceived only by us, humans. This is what separates us from the rest of the world.


Let’s focus on the Six Days of CREATION, under the Name of GOD-ELKM.  Our goal is to find out whether or not the story of Genesis is compatible with what Science says about the history of the world.




ELKM’s Ways