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Genesis Vs Evolution: How Could Moses know all this?


Introduction/The Classes’ List and the Text of Genesis



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Welcome to our class. We’ll  compare Moses’ Genesis to the History of the World as told by Science. As you wIil  see, Moses’  story would amaze you by its truthfulness; by how well it does match our Scientific knowledge.    .

We, compared to all previous generations,  can perform  such a match because we know so much about the History of the Universe We are the first generation ever capable of verifying Moses’ words.    This means that while our predecessors had to reconcile Moses’ Genesis with Science, we no longer necessary for us. As you will see in this class, the more our Scientific knowledge grow, the more we appreciate Moses’ worlds.

If so, how could Moses know all that? Who told him the story of CREATION 3500 years ago?            .


Our class covers four topics  .

Class 1: Is Moses’ Genesis Another Ancient Myth?

Class 2: The CREATOR: The Scientific concept of a CREATOR compared to Moses’ notion of GOD in Genesis

Class 3: CREATION as told by Science, compared to  Mose’s Genesis

Class 4:  ADAM: The Scientific story of Man’s evolution, compared to Man’s birth in Genesis


The Text: Genesis Chapter One


Before we start our discussion, let’s read carefully the first chapter of Genesis, that covers the Six Days of CREATION including the creation of Mankind. The Chapter says-


The First Day

In the Beginning, GOD created the Heavens and the Earth

And the Earth was Chaotic and Formless and Darkness on the face of the Deep

And the Wind (Spirit) of GOD was hovering over the Waters

And GOD said Let there be Light and Light came into existence

And GOD saw that the Light was Good, and GOD divided between the Light and the Darkness

And there was Evening and there was morning One Day

 Day Two

And GOD said Let there be a divider in the water so that it will divide between water and water 

Then GOD made the Divider and He separated between the Water that are Below the Divider

and the Waters that are above the Divider and so it was.

And GOD named the Divider a Sky.  And there was evening and there was morning Day Two

  Day Three

And GOD said Let the Waters under the Sky gather into one place so that the Dry Land will be seen

And it was so.  And GOD named the Dry Land  Continent, and the gathered Water He called Seas

And GOD saw that it was Good.

And GOD said Let the Ground put forth grass, that produces seeds of trees that produces fruits to its kind in which there is seed on the ground, and it was so.And the Ground sent forth grass that produces seeds to its kind and trees that produce fruits in which there are seeds to their kind.  And GOD saw that it was good.

And there was evening and there was morning Day Three

  Day Four

And GOD said let Luminaries be seen in the sky to separate between the days and nights

And so that they will serve as signs for the festivals and the days and years

And so that they illuminate the ground from the sky, and it was so

And GOD made the two large luminaries -the larger one to govern the days and the smaller one to govern the nights and the stars.

And GOD placed them in the sky to illuminate the ground and to govern the days and nights and to separate between light and darkness and GOD saw that it was good.

And it was evening and it was morning, Day Four

Day Five

And GOD said let the water swarm of living creatures, and let Birds fly over the ground over the face of the sky

And GOD created the large Crocodiles and all the living animals to its kind that swarm in the Water

and all the Bird to its kind.  And GOD saw that it was good. And it was evening and it was morning, Day Fifth

Day Six

And GOD said let the ground produce animal souls to their kind, Cattle and Crawling creatures and Beasts to their kind and it was so. And GOD saw that it was Good.

And GOD said Let Us Make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image

And they shall rule over the Fish in the Sea, and over the Birds in the Sky and over the Cattle and Beasts and all that crawls on the Ground. And  GOD made the Adam in His Image, In the Image of GOD He created him. a male and a female He created them . And GOD blessed them saying Be fruitful and multiply and fill the Earth (Ground) and conquer it and rule over the Fish of the Sea and al the beasts that walk on the ground. And GOD said behold I have given you all the grass and seeds that there is on the ground and all the trees in which there are fruits – to you it will be given for consumption

And GOD saw everything that He had done and behold it was Very Good.

And it was evening and it was morning, Day Six.

The Sabbath

And the Heavens and the earth were finished with all their hosts, and GOD finished  on the Seventh Day all the work He had done and He abstained on the Seventh Day from all the work that He had done.

And GOD blessed the Seventh Day and He sanctified it for He had abstained in it from all the work that He had done   to make

The Garden of Eden

And the LORD GOD formed the Adam from the dust of the ground…


So let’s start our classes

So let’s start.