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Genesis Vs Evolution: How did Moses know all this?


The Classes’ List

Dr. Zvi Aviner 2019



Welcome to our class. We could have made it short – just compare the History of the World as shown on the History Channel Videos to Moses’ Genesis and be impressed how well they match.  But doing so  that would leave you with no permanent impact. I wish to show you how miraculous the Bible is- especially the story of Genesis.  As it turns out it is the only living miracle in our hands.

What do I mean? There are of course many descriptions of miracles in the Bible.  But their impact is usually limited and short lived and its magic quickly evaporates. After a while, a doubt sneaks in.  Maimonides expresses that view and says that Israel has remain faithful to God not because of the miracles – such as the Exodus.  Such miracles can always be challenged later and their validity questioned after the effect. Israel has remained faithful because of one and only miracle – the Torah (Bible)  itself.   Studying it fills you with  a sense of awe and holiness that can’t be reached otherwise.

In that token, the goal of our class is to leave you with that sense of awe- how could Moses know all that, living 3500 years ago? Who told him the story of Genesis?

To reach that goal I have divided the material to four classes – as follows .



Class 1: Is Moses’ account another ancient myth?


Posing the  dilemma

  •  Biblical Fundamentalists Vs Secular Scholars
  •  Why did Moses choose to begin with a controversial story as Genesis?

The stakes are high

  • If the story is untrue, so are the rest of his worlds
  • If the story is true- who told it to him. 3500 years ago?


The ancient myths about CREATION

  • The Egyptian narrative – Rah, Nun, the son’s resurrection
  • The Greek narrative – Gaia, Uranus, The Titans
  • The Indian narrative
  • The Japanese narrative


Moses’ story comarred to ancient myths

  • No sexual perversions, rivalry or power struggle
  • Factual clean story
  • An order seen in CREATION


Moses story compared to Science

How old is the Universe?

  • Science
  • Kabala –


Class 2: The CREATOR


Does Science recognize a CREATOR?

The CREATOR according to Moses

  • The Builder
  • The Judge
  • The Artist


Class 3: The Evolution Vs Genesis

We use the History Channel Videos  on the History of Earth as a base to compare Science to Genesis – CAN they be matched?

The First Day –

Moses:  From the Beginning and Abyss, from Chaos to Light and Matter, Water

Science: Big Bang to Space, Energy and Matter, Gasses and Water, Entropy

The Second Day –

Moses: Water Above and Water Bellow

Science: Watery Comets and Melting Rocks, The Water Planet

The Third Day –

Moses:  Separating Dry Land from the Oceans, Seeding life, Vegetation

Science: The First Granite Supper- Continent, Vegetation


The Fourth Day

Moses: Luminaries seen regularly, days and nights, seasons

Science: Earth Axis stabilizes, seasons, tides

The Fifth Day

Moses: Fish in abundance, Birds, Crocodiles

Science: Fish, Birds, Amphibians

The Sixth Day

Moses: Cattle, Beasts, Crawling creatures, Adam

Science: Cattle-like in swamps, Beasts predators, Huge Snakes, mammals, Adam


Class 4: Adam


Science: each embryo repeats the entire evolution

Moses: “Let Us Make Adam”- He Consulted with –

  • He consulted the Six Days and made Adam
  • He consulted the Wisdom and Science and made Adam
  • He consulted the Passions and Desires and made Adam
  • He consulted MERCY and made Adam

What is the purpose of Adam creation?